Rendell: Hillary Likely to Run for President

Whether she wants to be president or not, Ed Rendell is already casting his support for Hillary Clinton 2016. The former Guv thinks she won’t be able to resist a run.

In Rendell’s new book “A Nation of Wusses” the former PA governor says he thinks Clinton will run in 2016, but not in 2012. Wrote Rendell:

She is bone-tired — the job of secretary of state is far more grueling than that of the president, with the nonstop traveling, the constant jet lag, and the odd-hours phone calls to accommodate foreign officials’ schedules. Still I believe that when she gets some rest and has a chance to reflect on what she wants, the challenges facing the country will be too great for her to resist and she will change her mind.

Clinton has said she will step down as Secretary of State after the 2012 election, regardless of its outcome.

When it comes to campaigning, Rendell is not the least bit bone-tired. He was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008 where his enthusiastic campaigning included organizing rallies, creating ads, and mobilizing Pennsylvania mayors, and he’s ready to do it again: Rendell has already offered to be Clinton’s campaign manager for free.

In one story, Rendell recalls pushing Hillary Clinton to go for presidency. Rendell asked Clinton if she thought he had the stamina to run for president himself, and when she said yes, he replied, “Well, I’m exactly the age you will be in 2016!” Rendell says Clinton laughed.

Why is Rendell so fond of Clinton? For one thing, she’s no wuss. Rendell’s “A Nation of Wusses’ calls light to politicians tendency to make decisions that will increase their job security, not the public good. But unlike many politicians, Rendell says, Hillary Clinton is a “non-wuss”.

No doubt thanks to Rendell’s energetic support (and a few bitter clingers), Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama in Pennsylvania’s 2008 primary 54 percent to 45 percent.

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  1. Hillary would make a fantastic president! She had my vote in 2008 and will have it again in 2016 when she decides to run. And a special thanks to Ed Rendell for having the smarts to recognize talent when he sees it.

  2. I like Hillary Clinton. I wish Ed Rendell would just go away and enjoy his retirement and shut up.

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