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Rendell: Kane Should Take a Leave from AG Job

Kane-RendellFormer Governor Ed Rendell is weighing in again on Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Back in May, the ex-Gov talked to Robert Huber for his exceptional profile piece on the AG for Philadelphia Magazine.

Huber wrote that Rendell tried to advise Kane to ignore her critics.

“It isn’t necessary to kill your enemies. You win by doing your job. You really win by getting reelected,” Rendell tried to convince Kane.

“She just hasn’t been able to handle the pressure,” the former Governor concluded to Huber. “Her emotions got the best of her.”

In June he used an interview with PennLive to once again try and reach the Attorney General.

“Do your job,” he stated. “Just don’t get involved in charges and countercharges, attacks and counter-attacks. Do your job and let the chips fall where they may.”

“Revenge has no place in an elected official’s pantheon. It can only get you in trouble.”

Now, Rendell is taking to social media. In a string of tweets that included thoughts on Gov. Wolf and the budget impasse, liquor privatization, the 2016 presidential race and Rolling Stones lyrics, the former Governor also managed to talk about Kane’s predicament.

Kane has maintained that she won’t resign although the PA Supreme Court Disciplinary Board is seeking to suspending her law license.

17 Responses

  1. Sparky – Rendell is still a powerful D figure. He probably has concluded that Kane does the Ds more damage in Office. So ….

    The truth is that Kane may better off fighting the charges while on leave. That way, she can return to the OAG triumphant and vindicated. Nothing about taking a leave would prevent her from defending herself and making sure we know the truth about the culture of racism and misogyny amongst the PA “Repervlicans.”

    And it would silence the legal puritans who constantly yell about the “damage” she is doing by staying in Office.

  2. Brad – You hit the nail on the head. There have been a lot of moving parts – but the fact remains that two men, bent on saving themselves, set out on a mission to smear the Attorney General of PA. They used the Press. They used the Courts. And they mis-used a Grand Jury.

    I have not read one word about a Special Prosecutor being appointed to look into the leaks from the Kane Grand Jury. Why do you think that is?

    The INKY conveniently leave out of today’s Editorial the fact that two of their staffers helped ti illegally leak TONS of grand jury material harmful to Kane. Why do you think that is?

    Fina and the GOP shills come here and other places everyday to call racist material “porn” and to call misogynistic material “porn.” No one is calling them on it. Why do you think that is?

    The NAACP is silent!! Why do you think that is?

  3. I don’t like the way due process is practiced in PA.

    If the money and corruption are being discovered blame the messenger for leaking information, leak some your own from the system to shortrcut the due process!

    Hang em first and then apologize later. Much later when the real culprits retire and the damage is done to the messenger.

    This AG vs DA vs Secret multiple Grand Jury leaks to the press by everyone is a travesty and a good fiction writer would never dare take this plot to a publisher.

  4. We don’t know whether General Kane leaked information or not! Both of these gentlemen have lied before, why not lie again? They were expecting a male Republicans to be their boss – oh no, a woman Democrat! What will we do? Lie and do all they can to make her look bad. They did not realize that the Attorney General has friends who know her and know she would not do anything to jeopardize her job.

  5. Philly’s Fast Edie should stick to Philadelphia. He has something to say about everyone else. Why doesn’t he talk about himself while he was in Office. He can talk about the women he chased and hit on !! Or maybe he’d rather talk about the ones he “scored” with…..Give us a break Fast Ed !!

    Maybe he can comment on the Porn Kings in Philly who are racist, misogynist Law Enforcement Officers in the Philadelphia DA’s office in a city that is made up of 44% percent African Americans, less than 1% lower than Caucasians and a total of which 53% are female !

    Maybe Ed’s views on Race and Women are more in tune with that of Freaky Frankie Fina and Markie Marc Costanzo’s !!

    Really Fast Ed give us a break !!!!

  6. Peggy – Your unconditional support for the AG is heart-warming, but … give it a rest. I agree that Fina and Costanzo have no business being in law enforcement jobs, but neither does Kane if she illegally leaked secret material to get revenge on someone. That is not good judgment.

    We don’t want an AG that does that stuff. Just like we don’t want an A.D.A., Frank Fina, who does this stuff:

    Part of an email from Fina to two colleagues depicts a topless woman on her back, giving oral sex to a man in a dress shirt. It is captioned in the style of a motivational poster: “WILLINGNESS: Bend over backwards to do an exceptional job”

    Another of Fina’s images shows a woman giving oral sex to her male “boss” with the caption: “DEVOTION: Making your boss happy is your only job.”

  7. The issue regarding Attorney General Kathleen Kane is not whether she is guilty or not – the issue is that a bunch of lawyers operating in secrecy are trying to remove her from office with backroom tactics. They are trying to remove her law license, so that she cannot remain in office, because the perpetrators of the despicable 4000 emails she is gradually releasing, do not want to take a chance that a jury of citizens will not convict her. If she remains in office, than she has standing to arrest some of the people who are trying to take her license- who may be involved in the emails and other legal violations.. Over 3 million people voted her into office- and these lawyers decided they can just throw out all of your votes – they are that powerful. If this bothers you- that they can ignore the democratic process – then please sign this petition.

  8. The Attorney General is not guilty! My plea to her is “don’t step down “. That’s what the previous Governor and Company wants. If anybody should step down it should be Fina and Costanza! Love you Margaret Motheral you speak the truth and the truth shall set you free!

  9. Perhaps Kane should take a leave of absence. She does not need to be AG to fight the charges and demand a trial.

    Did Rendell mention what Frank Fina ought to do? He was the one who distributed this:

    A photograph captioned “Bravery at it’s Finest” … showing two deranged looking black men attacking a white man who is holding fried chicken.

  10. Pennsylvania has a terrible track record – it has been filled with corruption for the last several decades. Those pornographic and racist emails show a culture of men in office that felt they were invincible. The Judicial Branch is the root of this problem – as they have built a wall around themselves by incrementally changing procedural laws to block all avenues of stopping crimes that they have been committing. The Kids for Cash scandal was just the tip of the iceberg. Racketeering is pervasive through the civil court system. The rules committees continue to tweak the process to maximize theft through intentional complication of cases to increase attorney hourly billing The judges have all been recipients of millions of dollars in campaign funding are pay the debt back by facilitating theft in this manner. It is especially pervasive in the family court system, where financial transparency is mandatory. People come to the court with a solvent financial base, and are held prisoner their for years – often over a decade. The statistics on this were requested and refused by the courts- claiming they do not have them. The only reason they would not have them- when they have statistics on the length of other types of cases- is because it would incriminate them. Thanks to the internet it has all been exposed, and I have faith that eventually these criminals acting under color of law, will be brought to justice – and their assets taken in repayment to those they have victimized.

  11. Kiddie Porn is a crime. Why aren’t those guys being arrested? Why did you ignore the environmental crimes and injury and retaliation campaign of Philadelphia City Council and City Planning and Seth Williams against adjacent neighbor to townhouse project on contaminated land and multiple violations – which put her in hospital numerous times? Why did you allow the officials in Philly , including James Kenny and Cindy Bass and Alan Greenburg to commit intentional deprive negligence, lie, and you commit intentional depraved negligence and deliberately allow and perpetuate crimes against a woman who was simply living her own home and correctly reporting demolition and environmental and corruption crimes. That is criminal retaliation and it is what PA does because they are not smart enough to solve problems or brave enough to root out the corruption. Why do you ignore serious crimes that led up to the deaths at Market street to allow decades of favor toward connected developers, to cut corners and harm innocent lives and even cause death. Remarking that Kane should step aside so you guys can get someone in there who will continue the PA tradition of allowing cronyism to get away with crimes is very WUSS. I know what you and your buddies did to me and you left me to die and stripped me of all rights and caused severe permanent injury to me. You all work together to hurt people. The people LIKE KANE because she takes the job of busting up real crime that harms the people seriously. You don’t want her to do that. PA officials always want an AG or OIG or DA office that will ignore their crimes against the people of the PA. If anyone is a political threat to this gangster mentality , you find flimsy reasons to get rid of them and start your attacks in the press and media to distract the public from the real crimes. The people see this very clearly. But you guys have been so dismissive of the people and so self involved in your own little dramas that you are totally in the dark about how we, the people, see right though you. As I told Homeland Security which you and Greenburg had call me (was that to scare and terrorize me more? )- Yes I am writing a book about what you all did to me and other innocent citizens in Philly and PA. I have very right to write a book. You wrote a book. A lot of people write books. 1st amendment rights. I don’t appreciate, the threat of the repeat question from Homeland Security that they did not want me to come back to Philly. I have friends there that I love. I loved Philly, but the political corruption made a threat to my life and the same people who committed al those crimes toward me and toward the people of Philly and PA and still going at it. We, the people are really fed up and it isn’t Kane we want to see in jail. It is the rest of you. Cindy Bass flat out lied when pretended to NOT know much about the history of demolition in Philly. Mayor Nutter lied that Philly did not know much about demolition. I have all kinds of demo regs from Philly that Alan Greenburg and everyone had access one. The people want the buck to stop where it belongs and that is with the top level politicians. How dare you allow these men get away with the felony of kiddie porn and rag flimsy charges on Kane. How dare you threaten me and deny my civil rights and safety for the sake of politically connected developers in the NW? How dare you all rig your elections so Derek Green who is central to the crimes against me and the people the Philly is gonna get elected as Council at Large. How are James Kenny pretend is a friend of the people when he committed intentional deprived negligence and colluded with felonies and retaliation against me when I was getting ill and poisoned by a connected construction project that continuously broke safety and other laws for years and years. Why are Alan Green burg and Public Interest Law Center hiding in the shadows and finding scapegoats and blaming the victim when they have held stacks of demolition regs and info on safe and unsafe construction for years and deliberately allowed the harm toward me. There is more reason to put them in jail than the demo rig driver who was trying his best to tell his superiors he thought the job should be done differently. Oh, everyone points to the pain pills. How many politicians are on psyche drugs and alcohol. Quiet a few. They have to numb out and be in denial about the crimes and harm they do to mass of people. Why aren’t all the lawyer/ politicians and developer/ politicians who have actually put people in hospital and killed them and destroyed so many lives losing their law license?

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