Rendell Quashes Commerce Sec Rumors

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

With all of the new jobs held by Ed Rendell, perhaps it’s easy to see why yesterday’s buzz that the former Gov might be President Obama’s next pick for Commerce Secretary caught on so quickly.

But there’s nothing to it, Rendell’s spokeswoman told PoliticsPA

“We have no idea how those rumors began,” Kirstin Snow told PoliticsPA. “The Governor has not had any conversations about the topic, nor does he have interest in the position.”

Rendell would certainly liven up an otherwise unspectacular cabinet department (quick, name the current Secretary of Commerce), but sources who have talked career decisions with the Governor say it contradicts what they’ve heard from him.

“He wants to make money, so I’d be shocked,” said one source when asked about the rumors.

Rendell rejoined his old law firm Ballard-Spahr and is a senior adviser to investment bank Greenhill & Co.

He also makes headlines as a contributor to NBC news, and today as part of his regular contributions to the Philly Daily News, he wrote a rebuttal to GQ Magazine’s indictment of Philly sports fans.

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2 thoughts on “Rendell Quashes Commerce Sec Rumors”

  1. paul deon says:

    New Spokesperson for Governor Rendell?

  2. Kathleen says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rendell and Jim Matthews enjoined and spread the rumor. Both men have an insatiable desire for attention. Unfortunately, these two egomaniacs usually end up getting media attention for all the wrong reasons.

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