Rendell Questions Elizabeth Warren’s Qualifications to Be VP

EdRendellAfter winning the Democratic Presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton is now faced with deciding who her running mate should be.

Not surprisingly, former Governor Ed Rendell has some thoughts.

On Wednesday, Rendell spoke with 1210 WPHT Philadelphia Radio about his predictions for Clinton’s pick for running-mate. Rendell said he did not know who Clinton would eventually pick, but that she should steer clear of Sen. Elizabeth Warren who is “a wonderful, bright, passionate person, but has no experience in foreign affairs and not in any way, shape, or form ready to be commander-in-chief.”

Rendell later that day called the show back because he “didn’t want to leave it hanging out there about Elizabeth Warren.” Rendell clarified that “Warren’s problem would be the same problem I’d have. I mean…I have no experience militarily, no experience in foreign affairs… if anything happened in week one and I became President, I would be lost.”

Rendell, who is the current chairman of the Philadelphia Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention, also offered advice to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, according to Christopher Massie of Buzzfeed News. He advised Sanders to avoid embittering his supporters by “fighting until the bitter end,” rather than guiding them toward Clinton.

17 Responses

  1. Great now i will push for her more. Rendell you are a total disappointment and a classic insider.

  2. She comes from a long line of native negotiators and warriors. Rendell should know, she doesn’t need experience for the job…it’s in her blood kindof.

  3. Only Rendell could make create sympathy for E. Warren—Hilary the magnificent would never share prime time with her. Still- hope she gets it- might actually give Trump a chance– but given his arrogance even Anthony Weiner would win with Hiliary. What a choice Trump or two liars??

  4. Rendell also just testified for Fattah. He went after the Federal Prosecutor.

  5. Can someone please get Ed to just shut up? Please! The only reason the press continues to seek him out for quotes is because they know he will give them gold in the form of a stupid opinion about something.

  6. She’s a liberal hypocrite scold who used affirmative action to improve her own lot in life and then criticize others from on high. Who’s is the poor aspiring professor that she took the job from? I bet he’s not buying her baloney!

  7. I think Rendell is wrong. I think Elizabeth Warren would do just fine, but we need her in the Senate. Besides, I don’t think the country is ready for two women running for President and Vice President at the same time on the same ticket. We would be “getting two for one.” But what man would want to be second fiddle to Hillary and from what part of the country to balance the ticket? Too bad Russell Feingold is running to get his old Senate seat back. He would be an excellent choice for both Foreign and Domestic Affairs, plus he has been in the Senate and knows how to work the hill.

  8. Well, at least he called back to admit he’s a clueless f*ck. So, that’s progress.

  9. Rendell is stupid. He appointed stupid Cynthia Baldwin to PA Supreme Court. How could he even fantasize he would be VP?

  10. Fat Ediie has his head so far up David Cohen’s butt that he thinks brown clouds are blue sky. Who would listen to anything he says, when we know it is all scripted by Brian Roberts?

  11. Warren is charismatic and well liked by the left of the Democratic Party. I think it is more a question of whether Hillary Clinton could share the stage with her.

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