Rendell Says “Pressure” Got to Kane

Kane-RendellFormer Governor Ed Rendell is offering his own explanation for Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s troubles.

It was all too much for the political novice.

In Philadelphia Magazine’s must-read cover story by Robert Huber, Gov. Rendell describes how he tried to steer Kane away from a feud with Fina.

“She couldn’t let her obsession with Fina go — couldn’t conquer her desire to somehow do him in,” Huber writes. “Kane’s political confidants were worried. Ed Rendell, for one, was warning her in regular pep talks: It isn’t necessary to kill your enemies. You win by doing your job. You really win by getting reelected.

Even after the Inquirer story on the abandoned sting case, Rendell was one of many people urging her not to get mad or even.

“You don’t have to crush your enemies. You win by doing your job, and getting reelected,” is how Huber summarizes Rendell’s advice.

The ex-Gov finally provided a tough but honest assessment of what went wrong.

“She just hasn’t been able to handle the pressure,” Rendell said. “Her emotions got the best of her.”

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14 thoughts on “Rendell Says “Pressure” Got to Kane”

  1. BARD says:

    I suppose that’s the only thing she’s done right then. Your girl is losing her job.

  2. Montco PA Dem says:

    I’d say that once you pass the Clinton/witch/prison threshold with hysterical wingnuts, you’ve earned a bye on any missteps thus far. Anybody who stirs up the teabags like that is doing something right.

  3. Amy Altimus says:

    Is this article’s purpose to make the public feel sorry for that witch?….Are you kidding me?…This is one wicked woman along with her mentor (Hillary Clinton) that should be put in Federal Prison…take away the key and never allow these monsters back in public….!!!!

  4. Barricks Einwohner says:

    The image says quite a bit, are they at a funeral?

  5. Jessie Bloom says:

    There is no better politician than our former Governor!!! His experience can be very valuable to Kane!!

  6. BARD says:

    more discussion of everything but the multiple instances of wrongdoing by the Kane admin. Just “look over there! perverts and white men! look guys, i swear!”

    This strategy has failed and youre an idiot for continuing to use it Observer.

  7. jmarshak says:

    Did Rob McCord’s emotions get the best of him too? How about Joan Orie Melvin?

  8. Unsanctioned R says:

    Yes Rendell is a womanizer and yes he’s a hypocrite, but he’s also a winner and he’s right about how Kane should have fought.

    You guys who want to write him off will get another nice big dose of his power with Hillary Clinton’s ascension (or should I say descention) on PA.

    What’s shocking is to see the need for Rendell to play Brutus, except this knife goes straight through her back. Not only does it shore up the question of motive in the minds of many, it reveals the depths the padems have to go to give her the hook.

  9. KSDF says:

    Really puts a hole in that whole “The Old White Guys Are Out to Get Me” schtick.

  10. Observer says:

    And of course, Fast Eddie is an old lech whose womanizing is well documented and the cause of Midge divorcing him. It’s no surprise that he would tell Kane to let the Boy’s Club keep playing. Those hysterical wimmins!
    Don’t they know Mens has to have their porn and their side ladies? Sheesh – what’s WRONG with her?? Amirite?

  11. BARD says:

    Rendell isn’t in office and has the luxury of objectivity on the matter. Night night.

  12. Larry says:

    The Philly Mag story is devastating and completely accurate. Kane demonstrates that horrible combination of inexperience and wild vindictiveness.

  13. Observer says:

    Fast Eddie desperately trying to remain relevant in a world that is tired of him…

    I love the sexist dig: her “emotions” got the better of her?? Does he think we forget the many times he buried his enemies in Philly? And called news conferences to do so, on the 6 o’clock news? Maybe he’s gone senile…

  14. ABCDEF says:

    Is there really a need for EGR to do a post mortem while this is still playing out. “There is no need to turn on your friends to get publicity. There’s plenty of time for that later.”

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