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Rendell Tells House GOP They Won’t Get DNC Money Back

EdRendell1DNC Host Committee Chair Ed Rendell responded to a letter from the state House GOP leadership with a letter of his own telling them Pennsylvania will not get the surplus from the DNC Host Committee.  

Rendell sent the letter to state House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) and Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) taking on each of the main issues the leaders took in their letter.  

“I am writing to respond to your letter from May 18, 2017. I regret that you sent this letter to me without first contacting me because I could have given you information that would have corrected many of the misstatements and inaccuracies in the letter,” Rendell opened the letter saying.  

Rendell immediately pushed against the statement that the Committee’s surplus was $4 million dollars.  He says that by the time the distributions of the surplus occurred the the surplus was actually $2.1 million dollars.  

He also points out that the money from the state was spent in accordance with the contract between the state and the Committee.  

“The Commonwealth got exactly what it contracted. In fact, in January of this year, we received a letter from the Compliance Monitoring Division of DCED which stated, ‘Congratulations to you and others involved in this project for the successful use of funds provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,’” Rendell wrote.  

Rendell finishes the letter taking on the current budget situation, and the issues the legislature is having balancing the budget.  Rendell gave Governor Tom Wolf and Democrats some ammo in their push for new revenues for the budget.  

“As for revenue, I would suggest that it is time for Pennsylvania to join every other shale state in The Union and enact a severance tax. Estimates are that this could produce as much as $500 million which would certainly be helpful in dealing with your deficit.”

9 Responses

  1. So insulting to taxpayers and voters. I would think plenty of his fan followers are aghast at his actions. But look how he balanced the budget-by stealing from taxpayer funded allotments.

    1. He also took money from Blue Cross and used it to fill the shortfall of the “Adult Basic” health plan that was supposed to be paid for by the Tobacco Settlement. The Blue Cross money was from premiums paid by policy holders. Both Blue Cross and Rendell had no right to make a deal using Blue Cross’ customers money.

  2. Taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund political organization’s events. Let them raise their own money.

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  4. Rendell legacy leaves a lot to be desired. Far cry from respected senior statesman.

  5. “I am writing to respond to your letter from May 18, 2017. I regret that you sent this letter to me without first contacting me..”

    Umm, Eddie.. They were first contacting you, IN WRITING, so there would be a record of it.

    Or, they didn’t feel like meeting you at some strip club.

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