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Rendell Testifies at Kane Senate Hearing

Kane-RendellThere weren’t many people willing to speak up for Kathleen Kane today.

After the AG revealed she wouldn’t be making an appearance, her controversial Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker took her place. Then, former Acting Attorney General Walter Cohen bailed on Kane.

Despite all that, yesterday promised an open microphone and a rapt audience so Governor Ed Rendell was there.

The ex-Gov urged the Senate to give up on their removal process and start impeachment proceedings instead.

“Your complaint with Kathleen Kane isn’t that she has a suspended law license,” he said. “Your complaint is her conduct.”

Rendell noted that if the Senate removes Kane because of her absence of a law license and the State Supreme Court restores it, there would be a crisis. He also asserted that a law license isn’t necessary to the job by citing his own experience as Philadelphia’s DA.

“At least 97 percent” of his job didn’t require a law license, Rendell estimated.

“I know that this is a controversial subject,” Rendell said. “And if you believe that the attorney general’s conduct was egregious, the proper remedy is impeachment. If your main complaint is the way she conducted herself in office, impeach her.”

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Rendell appearance without a parting zinger.

“I’d like to say I miss all of you, but I don’t like to lie,” he concluded.

35 Responses

  1. YOU ARE SEEING THE SMOKESCREEN… Corruption is fighting back. And we know how that will happen.

    The PA Corruption Network’s Playbook

    The similarities between the prosecution of Kathleen Kane and of the PSU 3 reveal the “playbook” of Pennsylvania’s corruption network

    Ray Blehar

    The cases of current Pennsylvania Attorney General (AG) Kathleen Kane and that of former Penn State University (PSU) officials (i.e., the PSU 3) are connected by a common thread.

    A group of the Commonwealth’s attorneys, judges, political operatives, and their media accomplices — hereafter referred to as the “network” — used trumped up charges, purposely misinterpreted laws, and oversold highly dubious evidence to convict these individuals in the court of public opinion.

    After examining the timelines and evidence of these cases, it appears that the network has a well defined playbook for taking out its targets and it works like this:

    1. Individuals within the network fear their own heinous acts may be exposed and publicly accuse their opponents of crimes as a means of deflecting attention away from themselves.

    2. The network next co-opts individuals close to the target(s) —insiders — to assist in setting up the target(s) to be charged with perjury and other crimes.

    3. After the insiders have sufficiently undermined the targets (using various means of deception), the network’s attorneys and/or judges leak damaging information about the targets to the media.

    4. The media arm of the network uses the information in an attempt to compromise the targets or to promote guilt by association in the press.

    5. At the conclusion of this “framing,” that was mislabeled as a criminal investigation, attorneys go public with charging documents that allege crimes based on misinterpretations of the laws and that are chocked full of questionable testimony from unreliable witnesses, completely illogical scenarios, and dubious evidence. Perjury charges are standard in order to publicly smear the defendants as being dishonest individuals while attempting to pump up the veracity of the Commonwealth’s lousy witnesses (who would be eviscerated at an actual trial).

    6. The media accomplices ignore the illegal application of relevant laws, that the charging documents are illogical, the lousy witnesses, and the highly questionable evidence in order to continue treating the allegations as facts and even go as far as to allege the target committed crimes for which he or she has not been charged.

    7. The public falls for the deception and believes the targets are guilty of everything and are corrupt individuals — whether they have been charged with a crime or not. Citizen activists, public officials, and other groups and individuals — who are beneficiaries of the corrupt network — jump on the media bandwagon to publicly condemn the targets.

    8. Witting and/or unwitting employers recommend the targets be relieved of their duties or actually do so through employment actions — before anything is proven and without conducting a legitimate legal review.

    9. When legal proceedings in the cases reveal the false and questionable testimony put forth in the charging documents and the dubious evidence used in the case, the network’s media arm ignores the information and continues to slant the reports so the public continues to assume the targets are guilty.

    10. The legal issues from the misapplications of the laws result in appeals to the network’s judges, who refused to rule on simple matters and keep the trials on permanent hold. If the cases make it to trial, the targets will be convicted of lesser crimes — that the media will treat like crimes of the century.

    The network’s playbook achieves the goal of protecting its corrupt dealings and/or heinous crimes by never legally proving, but publicly scapegoating the targets in a media firestorm that is high in supposition and light on facts.

    To wit: the grand jury and Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman did not find the evidence to charge AG Kane with directly leaking grand grand jury information in the Mondesire case, but you wouldn’t know that if you just read the news headlines.

    Instead, they charged her with perjury (part of the playbook), lesser crimes, and for orchestrating the leaks, the latter of which Ferman and others know can’t be proven.

    Then again, the network’s playbook doesn’t include actually prosecuting the case.

    In the following weeks, the dubious evidence used in Kane’s case will be exposed, as will the details showing how the network of attorney, judges, and media worked together in an attempt to prevent AG Kathleen Kane from breaking PA’s chain of corruption.

  2. Look at all the FOXtards attacking Rendell now. It is a sad and pathetic America that they live in. Their own party doesn’t even look out for them. They just throw them bones on their ridiculous social issues and then laugh at them from their gated communities. Poor FOXtards!!

  3. Rest assured that the PA Disciplinary board has convicted felon- lawyer Chuck McCullough on its radar screen. its radar screen takes quite a while despite chuck’s having recently been convicted of spending a client’s money to bolster his failing political career by making %0K of donations to local republicans. Wie patricia then a mere official of the Catholic Charities benefited by getting large amounts of the client’s money for her fundraising efforts. ( how she later got elected to Commonwealth Court while Chuck was under criminal investigation still confounds me. ). but then again it did take 5 years for his case to come to trial in Allegheny county- no judge wanted to touch it. perhaps his wife Patricia Mc Cullough being on Commonwealth court would be an intimidation for any lower court judge who convicted chuck. just politics as usual…

  4. My favorite part of Eddie’s appearance…Telling the Senate that Kane should be impeached & then telling reporters that she should take a leave of absence. With friends like Eddie who needs enemies!

  5. So Harry – You figure the Republican controlled Senate will not cote to remove AG Kane, then?

  6. The republicans want here in as long as possible because they want to get the most damage to the democratic party as she can give. She has been doing a great job at it. Especially for Hillary.

  7. Jessica Myers-

    rsklaroff was the one claiming to be in-synch with you. You don’t need to suffer that kind of crazy. Seek help before he draws you into his web.

  8. Because Ed Rendell knows of what for he was doing because he knows the law very well.

  9. @ Chris Martinez:

    I missed your sage input because, although I consistently disagree with it, you make far more sense than does d2.

  10. This is the part where we see that the Clown Car Shill Trolls are racist ayyy-holes just like the Repervlican creeps who’s bidding they do here (and in other comments). Pathetic.

    Meanwhile – January 2016 will be over soon and AG Kane is still standing. She continues to say: Prove it at a trial or shut the fuck up !!

  11. I lives neer genral attoney Katelyn kane and I says she aint gonna hafta go nowear she done good job and aint gone hafta quit job as genral attney,

  12. Also, what isn’t captured in this piece was the fact that Duecker’s testimony appeared to be interminable; the Q&A punctured the filibuster, however, yielding sharp [revealing] exchanges.

  13. Senator Rutherford, which judge? Of the three female judges on that court, I am not aware of any of their husbands having such a conviction.

  14. Jessica Myers-

    Watch out. You are sharing perceptions with rsklaroff.

    You should check all your medicines to make sure they are the proper dose and not expired.

  15. Rendell is right. This is the wrong constitutional provision. Impeachment is the correct procedure.

    Someone still has to explain why the Supremes took away her law license while a convicted and sentenced spouse of a Republican Commonwealth Court Judge still has his after being found guilty of stealing client money and giving it to Republican campaigns. And the same person now faces perjury charges (same as Kane) on another matter and still has a license.

  16. Max Skyler

    Be careful that your tin foil hat doesn’t come loose, or the Clinton’s will use their alien friends from Area 51 to read your mind.

  17. Lol @ “Justice” ; perhaps you should have testified if you have something to add ; and, if you know so much about Beemer, explain his Memo where he found that the legislative sting case “improperly” targeted African Americans.

  18. Hopefully the Panel realized that if it were not for Kane, Beemer would have fired Duecker for his previous conduct. Something for them to think about when deciding how credible Duecker’s testimony was.

  19. The end IS near, though. It’s a matter of fact. The Senate will be voting within the next three weeks.

  20. Diano: Whoa…your friend’s YouTube video now has over 1,000 views. Apparently there is considerable interest in the story she shared with you years ago. Wonder why…

  21. Rendell, as much as I hate him, is correct. This is a BS political move designed to avoid giving Kane a trial. I think we all know why they don’t want the truth coming out (which always happens at a trial). The charges are trumped up.

    Jesdica Myers – we have read people like you saying the “end is near” many many times – and for a long long time. Sorry, but I will believe it when I see it.

  22. Rendell’s testimony was lifeless and unpersusive. It fell completely flat.

    Duecker’s tetsimoney was vintage Duecker: loads of hackneyed cop-talk platitudes. He must have used the word “strategic” three dozen times.

    No matter your take, the end is very near. The Senate will have the votes and Wolf will move.

  23. The Gov missed an opportunity: he should have said “I’d like to say I miss all of you, but I’m under oath.”

  24. The Senate Hearing should continue their fact finding…Period…They then should should OUST her, IMMEDIATELY…I do NOT believe the PA Supreme Court will give her a license back, until all of the proceedings have been brought upon the Public…And, I do believe she will be OUSTED by the Senate Hearing, etc…This will then give the PA Supreme Court ample ground to take her law license away from forever…The PA Board should have NEVER given her law license in the first place…She did not even have any of her old professors, classmates, etc to support her…This in my mind just shows that she was a Clinton Media Sensation to get her elected as PA Attorney General to do the Clintons dirty work here in Pennsylvania…And, I believe it has to do with Consolidated Coal, Exxon, etc coming in to take the resources here in Pennsylvania, without paying a penny of taxes, etc…Kathleen Kane was strategically placed in the AG position so that she could do the Clinton’s Dirty Work for them…And, I also believe this is where Kathleen and Hillary got their money over night…They need to be investigated thoroughly…I, also, believe this is why Kathleen Kane took her visit to Haiti last April was to take the money out of the US and send it through the Haiti Bank Accounts to other offshore accounts that Hillary has had her nose in previously…

  25. Ed Rendell… keeping it classy like Ron Burgundy.

    Given that Kane has not been convicted, and no trial date set, Kane’s license could be restored through acquittal or failure to bring a timely trial. How long will the Supreme Court tolerate Kane left in limbo?

  26. Eddie’s pretty much right when he says the real problem is Kane’s conduct rather than her lack of a license. And he agrees that she has been a disaster. So he showed up to say that this constitutional provision is poorly written and shouldn’t be used against a Democrat because it’s a bad precedent. Meanwhile, Kane asked former AG Walter Cohen to testify and he said “no thanks” and backed out. But, on whatever planet she inhabits, Kane thinks she’ll run for re-election! She must have HaHaHa/Pat Unger as her campaign advisor.

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