Rendell: Trump “Charming, Engaging Guy” (VIDEO)

Ed Rendell, for some reason, is talking about how “charming” the GOP presidential nominee is.

In an MSNBC web extra, the former Governor described what meeting Donald Trump is like.

“Donald is a charming and engaging guy,” Rendell states. “I defy anybody to sit down in private with Donald Trump for thirty minutes and not come away liking a lot about him.”

“You know, you can shake your head and say ‘Why does he do these awful things and say these awful things?’” he continued. “But he’s got an innate charm and an innate ability to almost sell the proverbial ice to the eskimos.”

Last week, Rendell caught some flak for praising Trump’s position on China.  

6 Responses

  1. South Central – that’s what Seth Williams said about Johnny Doc – “Watch your back.”

    But then Seth got tons of $$$ from Dougherty and now they are tight. LOL

    The Feds are coming!!!!

  2. Rendell is charming and engaging in conversation too. Just don’t turn your back to him.

  3. wonder if Rendell is angling for a job with trump too? you can indeed blame a lot on Rendell, and in hindsight Baldwin was one of the dumbest appointments he ever made. her record on the court of commons pleas was mediocre and indecisive.(but she does bring diversity to the bench.) that quality obviously qualifies her for a no brainer appointment to the highest court on a promise she’ll never run for it. then render pushes her into a political plum job babysitting penn state administrators through the Sandusky scandal. how moronic– (but a lot of blame has to fall on the sheep on the Penn state board of trustees, too. )

  4. Stupid Rendell appointed “dumber than a cafeteria worker” Cynthia Baldwin to PA Supreme Court, so no surprise he would think Donald Trump was great.

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