Rep. Barletta’s 100th Day in Office

Today marks PA Rep. Lou Barletta’s 100th day in office. The congressman has spent his time actively supporting efforts to cut federal spending to help alleviate the national debt. The Standard Speaker reports:

“My goal is to change the culture of Washington,” Barletta, R-Hazleton, said. “I believe we’ve accomplished that already in the fact that we are now arguing over how much to cut spending. That’s a complete reversal from what has happened here over the past few years.”

Barletta expressed his support for a budget proposal set forth by Rep Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, as well as weening American dependency off foreign oil and instead utilizing Marcellus shale.

“We can turn natural gas …into liquid fuel for our cars and produce it cheaper to lower the cost of gas. There’s more natural gas under our feet in Pennsylvania than oil in Saudi Arabia. So, I’ve been on a mission to tell anyone who will hear me here in Washington.”

Democrats have a different view.

“Representative Barletta has shown his out-of-touch priorities by trying to balance the budget on the backs of Pennsylvania families and seniors,” said Josh Schwerin, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) regional press secretary. “He’s voted to cut funding for local police and border security, and now Representative Barletta is supporting a radical plan to end Medicare and increase health care costs for seniors while protecting subsidies for big oil.”

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Barletta’s 100th Day in Office”

  1. Enzo from Hazleton says:

    Louis only out for himself. People in Hazleton have no work, why don’t he support the cargo airport?

  2. Lord Ashcroft says:

    Shut up Bruce stay in Bucks County. Lou will get reelected especially with Scranton getting taken out of this district.

  3. Bruce from Bucks says:

    . . . so that leaves only 631 days for him to do his damage. The quicker his agenda is exposed, the sooner his constituents will realize what a mistake they made.

    Funny that he wants to cut funding for border security, since curbing illegal immigration was a hot button of his campaign. Funny but smart like a fox. If we fix the problem at the BORDER, where it should be fixed, there will be only LEGAL immigrants in his District. That deprives him of a major rotten plank for his campaign NEXT TIME. No illegals, no Barletta.

    And he’ll have INFORMED Seniors hunting for his scalp, too.

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