Rep. Critz Throws First Punch In Fundraising E-mail

By: Geoffrey Middleberg, Assistant Editor

Rep. Mark Critz criticized Rep. Jason Altmire in a fundraising e-mail today by saying that Rep. Altmire is too conservative to represent the district.

Rep. Critz’s e-mail said, “While I don’t always vote with the Democratic leadership, I am a proud Democrat and I am not afraid to say it. Jason Altmire voted with the Republican leadership 53% of the time in 2011 and never misses an opportunity to go on Fox News to bash the Democratic Party. I have never been on Fox News and I never will.”

Consider this the first of many criticisms that will be lobbed between Rep. Critz and Rep. Altmire between now and April.

Jason Altmire’s campaign manager, Angela Rusmander said, “Not every vote they have ever cast shows 82% to 80%. Not only is Critz playing with numbers by only using 2011, now he is not even using every vote of 2011, leaving out more than 200 votes that were cast in 2011 because they hurt his argument.”

Mark Critz specifically criticizes Altmire for his vote in favor of the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Critz alleges that Altmire was whipping the Democrats to pass the amendment.

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Critz Throws First Punch In Fundraising E-mail”

  1. STEELBLITZ1 says:

    Then you are a STONE LOSER like in Westmoreland county for starters. That’s where the rubber hits the road.

  2. the_new_liberal_lion says:

    Conservative Democrats have sold out the Party. That’s why the country is in the shambles it is in for the past thirty years. Nuff said.

  3. STEELBLITZ1 says:

    They are both conservative democrats. If you are not up there in that district YOU LOSE.

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