Rep. Marino’s Press Secretary Arrested

GunOne of Congressman Marino’s staffers found himself in hot water today.

At 9:15 this morning, Ryan Shucard was arrested for attempting to carry a 9mm handgun and magazine into the Cannon House Office Building.

Shucard has been Rep. Tom Marino’s press secretary since May 2014.

Capitol Police discovered the gun and magazine during the routine search required to enter any government office building. Citizens, even those with government badges, must pass through metal detectors and place their bags on an x-ray belt.

Shucard was charged with the felony of carrying a pistol without a license.

In recent years, prosecutors have occasionally dropped high profile gun-possession cases in government buildings. Phillip Thompson, an aide to then Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) was arrested in 2007 for bringing a loaded gun into the Russell Senate Office building. Thompson was never convicted.

Marino’s Chief of Staff Bill Tighe commented that Shucard has immediately been placed on unpaid leave.

“That will last until we know more about the situation,” stated Tighe.

Shucard attended Columbine High School, George Washington University, and the University of Northern Colorado. In 2011, he worked as a staff assistant for Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT).

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  4. Marino is a corrupt sleezeball who never should have won that election. One of the dumbest things the voters of the 10th ever did was booting Carney for that hack.

  5. The post below (David Diano on July 19, 2014 at 1:13 pm) is a fake post.

    As for what I know about guns:
    1) bring one to a knife fight. (don’t bring knife to gun fight)
    2) don’t bring one into a government office building
    3) if you are thinking of having a knife-fight in a government building, try picking a different location.

  6. Um….. WHY was Ryan Shucard trying to bring a gun into the building?

    1) Was he planning on shooting or threatening someone?
    2) Was he planning to kill himself?
    3) Was he planning to sell the gun to someone?
    4) Was he going to/from a shooting range and didn’t want to leave the gun in the car?
    5) Was it intended to serve as an illustrative aid or to be used as an example of a specific class of firearm for pending legislation?
    6) Did he have it in his bag from home and forgot it was there?

    All six cases I listed have clearly different intents or motivations, some criminal some foolish.

    I hope PoliticsPA will follow up with Ryan Shucard’s excuse. I hope it’s interesting.

  7. Marino – no stranger to scandal

    In 2007, Tom Marino resigned from his position as US Attorney in Pennsylvania after a corruption scandal clouded his career and raised questions about his honesty. Marino had used his official title as US Attorney to provide a reference in 2005 to his “close friend,” convicted felon Louis DeNaples, who was trying to win the state gaming commission’s approval to open slot machines at a resort he owned. When his office began an investigation into DeNaples for lying about his ties to organized crime, Marino’s assistants uncovered his reference and notified the Justice Department, which transferred the investigation out of Marino’s office. But questions about Marino’s ties to DeNaples remained.

    Defending his actions, Marino said on a local radio show that the Department of Justice gave him permission to be a reference for DeNaples. But the Justice Department says there is “no record of Marino having received the permission” to serve as a reference for DeNaples and that Marino never informed the General Counsel office. Although Marino stands by his claim that he received written permission, he failed to produce any letter from the Department.

    When the Justice Department launched an investigation into Marino’s actions, he resigned and promptly took a $250,000-a-year job as “DeNaples’ in-house lawyer.” Marino later under-reported his income on his financial disclosure forms, reporting that he only received $25,000 from DeNaples. Even Zack Oldham of the conservative blog RedState said of Marino’s actions: “The reality is just as bad as–if not worse than–the optics of this scandal.”
    – See more at:

  8. | Phillip Thompson, an aide to then Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) was arrested in 2007 for bringing a loaded gun into the Russell Senate Office building. Webb was never convicted.

    Why would Senator Webb have been convicted for something his aide did?

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