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Rep. Thompson Endorses Rohrer

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Sam Rohrer took the lead in the endorsement race in the Republican Senate primary Wednesday, including the first congressional endorsement of the race. GT Thompson, who represents much of central and northwestern Pennsylvania, threw his weight behind Rohrer Wednesday evening.

“The time has come to find a conservative candidate to win the United States Senate seat in 2012,” Thompson said in a statement. “My choice is Sam Rohrer. I am proud to support Sam for U.S. Senate. He is proven and consistent on the principles that made this country strong. Sam’s leadership will protect hardworking American taxpayers! For the sake of America’s future generations I am encouraging all voters to support Rohrer for Senate.”

Rohrer, who spent 18 years in the state House representing part of Berks County, also picked up the support of 15 of his former colleagues:

Kerry Benninghoff, 171st District, Centre County
Jim Cox, 129th District, Berks County
Tom Creighton, 37th District, Lancaster County
Gordon Denlinger, 99th District, Lancaster County
Mark Gillen, 128th District, Berks County
Fred Keller, 85th District, Snyder/Union Counties
Jerry Knowles, 124th District, Schuykill/Berks County
Dave Maloney, 130th District, Berks County
Dan Moul, 91st District, Adams/Franklin Counties
Kathy Rapp, 65th District, Forest/McKean/Warren Counties
Todd Rock, 90th District, Franklin County
Curt Schroder,  155th District, Chester County
Jerry Stern, 80th District, Blair County
Rosemarie Swanger, 102nd District, Lebanon County
Will Tallman, 193rd District, Adams/York Counties

11 Responses

  1. If Corbett was able to trounce Rohrer why wouldn’t Robert Casy trash him too? Corbett’s mailing told the whole story. I voted for him in the primary, but I did not do a write in for Sam. Sam did nothing to stop that write in against Corbett. I liked Sam. Great Guy , good family man, sounds great. But he voted for his pay raise. He did not show leadership to try to dissuade the write in against Corbett. Rohrer is not a team player. Although I will vote for him over Casey, surely we have a more electable candidate to run against Casey. We should learn from our past. Corbett made mince meat out of poor sam. Sad. but that is reality.

  2. Thank you Mr. Thompson for not falling into the party line and endorsing the “endorsed” candidate. There is still hope for the average PA citizen. This is another reason why we need term limits.

  3. Representative Thompson,
    Thank you for endorsing Sam Rohrer. Now, if only Mike Kelly will do so.
    I am starting to think (again) that i would like you to our districts Rep. 😉

  4. Is there a write in line during the general election in November ? I forget. If there is and Sam does not win the primary then i write him in when i vote in November.

  5. I two have made the choice to draw the line in the sand and never again vote for a rino republican or a candidate that thinks they know what is best for me & my family !!!

  6. When Corbett endorsed Welch, I thought that, perhaps, we elected Frank Drebin as governor. When he bullied the PAGOP, I realized that it was Rahm Emanuel. Under no circumstances will I vote for Welch. If he wins the primary, I will leave US Senate blank on the general ballot. I will not again sell my soul to the party by holding my nose to vote Arlen Specter 2.0 into office.

  7. Thank you Rep. Thompson for endorsing Sam Rohrer. You are totally accurate in stating that we need Conservatives in office and the Senate for sure. And to the State Committee, as usual, you people are so dim that you can’t see the forest for the trees.
    What part of the primary process do you not get?
    We want to elect who we want to represent us, not let a bunch of self-serving individuals that think they know better than the people, endorsing their idea of a Candidate.
    You are the reasons why the TEA Parties are going to continue to grow and eventually take over the GOP or start our own Republican Party.
    United we stand and your divisiveness will make you fall!
    Don Tucci

  8. Well here are 16 elected officials who are not buying into PA GOP’s strong arm tactics. Watching the antics on PCN was utterly reviling.

    This is really good news for breaking the stranglehold on the endorsement process no matter whom you support for US Senate.

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