Report: Biden Campaign Considering Dent for Possible Cabinet Position

A former Lehigh Valley Republican is reportedly being considered by former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign to serve in a Biden administration. 

According to a Politico report on Tuesday morning, former Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) is “among the names” of a few Republicans “being floated for possible Biden Cabinet posts.”

Dent was the lone Pennsylvanian mentioned among the potential GOP candidates. 

Dent, who served in Congress from 2005-2018, announced his support for Biden’s bid for the presidency during an interview on CNN in mid-August

While in Congress, Dent was a leader of the moderate GOP Tuesday Group and emerged as a vocal critic of Trump within the party when the president was elected. 

After deciding not to seek reelection in 2018, Dent announced that he’d be taking a role with CNN, where he has been a political commentator since his retirement. Since taking this role, he’s continually voiced his difference of opinion with Trump, penning op-ed’s deriding “Trumpism” as “simply unable and incapable of responding with the kind of leadership this moment demands.”

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  1. What a refreshing change it will be to see bi-partisan government working on behalf of the American people. This is not the first time opposition parties have come together for the good of they people.
    We are living with the consequences of monolithic governing. Moderate Republicans have been sidelined by attacks from Trump. There seems to be no dialog within the Republican party. That will change after Biden is in the Oval.

  2. Biden is smart enough to understand he cannot govern with solely the Democrats. Sooner or later AOC and some of her other progressives are going to want to try to turn USA into a Socialist state and so to balance things out he is going to need some Republican assistance. Dent is a class act. A good choice for any Administration Democrat or Republican.

    1. He has an open view I don’t necessarily agree with all he states but I don’t always agree with democrats! But , I do vote usually independent leaning ether way upon what we as a country needs at the time. At this time totally democrat only

    2. Always a laugh when I hear that progressives want to turn the country into a socialist state. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. If people don’t understand there had to be a balance in government then we’ll be in for another 4 turbulent years of a game show host and con-nan doing what’s best for him.

  3. I love Trump’s style. I hope he wins. I will jump on every zoom call and put on a show to Trump’s inauguration speech in January if he wins reelection.

    Also, I campaign on a website where zero readers are not politically biased and active. I am an idiot.

  4. Trump is such an ass that even a “moderate” Republican would not serve in his corrupt administration of inept clowns.

    1. It’s wise to know your friends and even wiser to know your enemy’s better. Sadly said for we are not enemies but fellow Americans, in dire need to understand all of our people and Dent should be in the cabinet and Biden knows that , so likely will happen and that’s a good thing not bad ! Time to heal and unite , United we stand divided we fall!

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