Report: Clinton Considering Outdoors Stadium for Acceptance Speech

Citizens Bank ParkHillary Clinton was scheduled to accept the Democratic nomination on July 28th in the Wells Fargo Center.

According to a report from Mark Dent of BillyPenn, however, there are discussions about moving the acceptance speech to another venue.

Congressman and Philadelphia Democratic Party leader Bob Brady told Dent there’s been talk of moving Clinton’s speech to Citizens Bank Park or even Lincoln Financial Field.

“It’s a good idea by the way, too,” he said. “It engages people and gets people involved.”

During the 2008 DNC, then-Senator Barack Obama chose to give his acceptance address at Invesco Field, a 76,000+ seat stadium and home of the Denver Broncos. The thought was that the speech would look more impressive in a large outdoor football stadium as compared to a smaller indoor basketball/hockey arena.

In 2012, President Obama planned to do this again but weather forced them back inside. There were rumblings, though, that Democrats were worried about the optics if they couldn’t fill Charlotte’s 72,000 seat stadium.

That might rule out Lincoln Financial Field, although Citizens Bank Park has a more reasonable 43,000+ seat capacity. Ashburn Alley also allows the construction of a stage without blocking out any seats.

The Democratic National Convention Committee, however, denied the report.

“This is absolutely incorrect,” DNCC Deputy Press Secretary Morgan Finkelstein stated. “There is no talk of changing venue. The Convention will take place in the Wells Fargo Arena from Monday through Thursday and any speculation to the contrary is misinformed.”

9 Responses

  1. Franklin Field would be an option, as it’s closer to Center City. It has a 52000 seat capacity. The only potential problem would be parking.

  2. WHO leaves a $90+ a year state job position to take a state party position? State Committee needs to terminate the ED and Deputy at their next meeting.

  3. Fact checks:
    Executive Director Sin and Deputy Executive Director Corey
    both were Wolfpack sign holders.
    Executive Director Sin and Deputy Executive Director Corey were given big state tax payer positions
    Executive Director Sin and Deputy Executive Director Corey did not last 6 months in the Wolfpack administration
    Both were forced out the door and onto State Committee
    Neither attended a State Meeting or knew what state committee was.
    Neither have a clue what they are doing. What is their PAY?
    Mary still controls the office her goal is to destroy both the party and all Democrats that hate wolf.
    half of the state elected Democrats have NOTHING to do with Wolf and his Mary.
    Wolf is a disgrace and cant wait to vote him OUT.
    Spin Mary spin, the budget was shoved up Wolf Ass. All Democrats were coming out to override his veto. BIG bad wolf with his tail between his legs..
    Wolf paid cash for his election, fool me once, never will Pa voters be fooled again.
    FBI check out Mary and her paid position and her other controls of positions. sing little bird sing.

  4. Don’t forget about State Committee. the two top people, Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director have no idea what they are doing. The Delegates will be lucky if they have hotel rooms. Sad day for Pennsylvania Democrats when you have people running the State Party who don’t care about the Party, but themselves. Rumor has it the Big Ed doesn’t want the State Party involved – for once, good idea.

  5. Please Mrs. Clinton, go to the Link. They beat up Santa Claus there, I can’t wait to see what they’ll do to you!

  6. Where do I sign up? I don’t think it would be an issue to fill the stadium. Philadelphia is a large metro area and close enough for people in NYC and DC. The tickets would just have to be weather permitting. With PAs new online voter registration, these extra volunteer hours could really really put up some numbers canvassing with a tablet.

  7. Repubs are funny, how they pretend to be Democrats and say crazy shit here. Anything to avoid thinking about Trump, I guess.

  8. LazAr and Cliff are unknown outside of Pittsburgh. But speaking of corrupt jackals, Alan Kessler sells access to Hillary $1000 per 30 second increments. It’s disgusting. I regret not supporting Bernie.

  9. Yes. Heaven forbid you allow regular Democrats the opportunity to get a ticket by holding this farce in a bigger venue. Unless you’re friends with corrupt jackals like Lazer Palnick and Cliff Levine, or donated through disgusting slob Ed Rendell and his muppet Kevin Washo, Hillary says: eff you.

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