Report: Cortes Forced Out as Secretary of State

Pedro CortesAccording to newly released emails, former Secretary of State Pedro Cortes was forced out of his role, though the emails did not specify why he was forced out.  Cortes abruptly resigned in early October.

“I have done a great deal of soul searching in the last 24 hours. I remain at a lost to understand why you would dispense with my services without sharing with me concerns you had about my professional performance or personal life. Wished I had that opportunity,” Cortes wrote in an email obtained by the Associated Press dated October 11th.  

Cortes’ resignation was announced that same day.  His sudden resignation raised many questions around the Capitol, drawing comparisons to other top level officials who were pushed out by Governor Wolf.  

The Associated Press also obtained a letter from Wolf’s chief of staff Mike Brunelle stating that Cortes informed Brunelle on October 10th of his intention to resign and detailing Cortes’ steps for returning his state vehicle, retirement benefits, and other items.  

The email and letter continue to raise questions about what happened in the lead up to Cortes’ resignation.

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8 thoughts on “Report: Cortes Forced Out as Secretary of State”

  1. maryanne992 says:

    Maybe he wanted to let the public know the names of all the people Wolf put on the secret committee who got the lucrative contracts to grow marijuana. That should be public info anyway.
    May be a good campaign issue.

  2. Banana Republic says:

    Could team Wolf be any more incompetent???

    1. Isaac L. says:

      Maybe if they were more like Team Corbett.

  3. Same Old Same Old says:

    I have no idea what happened but something clearly did and it seems to have not been favorable to Sec of State Cortes. Life goes on and though it is big news to a few the rest of the state is not focused on it. Bottom line: time to move on.

  4. David Diano says:

    I’m not sure who was responsible, but about two weeks before the election, the state’s election dept was down and inaccessible for a week. Their phone system was down and apparently their email as well. Voicemail and email not returned.

    When I finally got a hold of someone a week later, I was told that they had just switched over phone and computer systems.

    What kind of incompetent f*ck schedules a switchover during a critical time like that?

    I don’t know if Cortes made this decision or someone else (like his replacement), but it certainly qualifies as a firing offense.

    If anyone knows more about why the switchover was so badly scheduled, I’d love to know.

  5. Steve says:

    Very poor way to fire someone. Wolf should have personally spoken with him. Poor leadership. And shows true weakness by Wolf not to man up.

    1. David Diano says:

      Wolf is not the alpha of the pack

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    The Wolf Admin sure does have a lot of drama…

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