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Report: Dougherty Also Being Investigated by AG’s Office

DoughertyWith all the attention surrounding the Friday FBI/IRS raid of John Dougherty’s home, business, sister and political ally it can be easier to forget that this isn’t his first brush with the law this year.

In February, Dougherty was involved in a physical altercation that allegedly included him punching a man in the face. Philly DA Seth Williams passed the case on to the Attorney General’s office, where it has sat ever since.

According to Craig R. McCoy, Mark Fazlollah and Dylan Purcell of the Inquirer, however, that investigation has widened.

Now the AG’s office is looking into multiple cases of supposed intimidation by labor officials from Dougherty’s IBEW 98.

Dougherty’s former and once-again spokesman Frank Keel denied any such incidents.

“Any allegations that the union engaged in threats or intimidation are utter fabrications,” Keel stated.

20 Responses

  1. I appreciate what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back yet I would expect by every one of the remarks this is working for you too. His Secret Obsession

  2. Ko Li: I think Castor is already running the show and has been for six months. If the AG is investigating Dougherty as Seth Williams says, Castor is the one doing it. And he’ll have enough time to arrest Johnny Doc and anyone else he wants to. Do you know Castor is the only person in the AG’s Office with the power to conduct wiretaps, according to the paper back in March? Why do you think that is? Wiretaps, like grand juries, are secret. And you can call Castor every name in the book, and it is funny, but you cannot name a time when a case he investigated did not result in a conviction. Plus the AG’s Office seems from the outside anyway to have stabilized since he took charge.

  3. Hi Bruce. What if I do work for Dougherty? Maybe I work for McCafferty. What difference does it make?

  4. Corruption and incompetence in prosecutors and courts in PA? Naw, couldn’t be. They are all so clean and upstanding. Never a mob influence or political motive. And Donald Trump is a genius and stable guy. How could it be otherwise?

  5. Johnny Doc has been increasingly becoming a public figure. In the newspapers constantly. Mixing Union business with politics. Spending millions of union dollars on political campaigns including his brother Kevin’s Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Campaign. Johnny Doc then threw his support behind Zappala for Pennsylvania AG race. Zappala lost. Johnny Doc used to winning regional political races got stuffed in the Zappala race. People like Johnny Doc do there best work in the shadows. Operating in the daylight exposes some of their tools of their trade intimidation and extortion. Johnny Doc sought the spotlight and wanted to be a power broker. FBI, State Police, and AG’s office are going to give Johnny Doc a full measure of the spotlight and a full measure of justice.

  6. Not even the arrogant and hapless Feds send out five fishing boats at once without good bait and a fish finder. So…what are they using to catch Johnny Docs? It has to be rats! The Zappala crime family has opened up another bait shop for the F.BI. Fishing boats and cousin Chuckie Porter, jr. Is their salesman. The union didn’t perform well for Sonny Corleone in the A.G. Race so somebody now gotta sleep with the fishes.

  7. A lot of people got upset when they saw Doc using over $1,000,000.00 of the Union’s money to get his brother, Kevin, elected to Supreme Court.

    Kevin was caught up in Porngate – the scandal uncovered by Kathlefn Kane. And now, Doc’s guys are key witnesses against Kane. Hmmm.

  8. Sinclair – It is said that Dougherty is/was one of the most powerful people in local politics. Does that mean he is “making it?”

  9. Ko Ali: Slimy corrupt jerkoffs are the ones who do well in politics, or have you not noticed? Good capable people either don’t go into politics or don’t make it too long.

  10. Hello “Ko Li.” Never seen you here before. Do you work for Doughertu? Anything to say about the FBI or the USAO investigating Dougherty? Are they “slimy” too?

  11. John Dougherty is a good man. His local ibew 98 is doing very well. High employment. Great wages, benefits. .johnny doc will clear his name.. god bless him..

  12. The fact that Bruce Castor is involved in any of this scares me. He wasn’t elected to that office, he’ll likely never be elected to public office with his reputation. He really is a man with nothing to lose, so he is going around the state hooking corrupt rich people up to line his pockets. Look at Curley, Spanier, Shultz, Stacy Parks Miller, Cosby, let’s see what else has he done as AG? Oh yeah, Hershey. Everything Caster touches is going to be broken. And while I agree the unions need to be investigated, Caster’s job is not to make waves right now. Caster’s job is to sit up and make sure that office doesn’t submerge. He waited till she was out of office and now he is having a field day with it. Watch him do some effed up sh#t next. The bad thing about taking Kane out office (really the ONLY drawback) is that Caster will potentially become AG. In which case hold on to your hats pa, because corruption will be taken to a whole different level. Castor is a total tool who needs to be investigated by the bar. What he is doing in Centre County with Stacy Parks Miller is dispicable. Bruce Castor is a bottomfeeding classless no good slimy has been. He will never make it in private practice, just like he never made it in politics because he is a slimy no good corrupt jerkoff.

  13. Castor is going to get him. That’s for sure. But there is NO EXCUSE for what Seth Williams did. He chose more Johnny Doc $$$ over doing the right thing.

  14. Make book that it is Bruce Castor going after Dougherty. It has nothing to do with Kane. Zero. He’s the head of the agency and he has not said a word publicly about it. That’s how you know it is him.

  15. LOL @ Littlefinger reference.

    Surprised no one is asking why AG’s Office can handle this but Philly DA’s Office cannot.

    I mean – Kane took Local98 money and her Office is going after Dougherty aggressively. Why is Seth Williams scared to do so?

    Could it be that Seth has no friends and no money? And he was banking on Dougherty to hook him up again? Looks like that ain’t gonna happen now.

    Williams is a flat-out dumpster fire. He goes after Black politicians he has known since he was a child. And then he turns a blind-eye toward the crooked Dougherty.

    I can see why the Democratic Party in Philadelphia is agreed overly looking to replace Williams. That’s his own party. Things must be pretty bad.

  16. People finally getting suspicious of PA’s Littlefinger. Well, then again, he bought the entire PA Supreme Court back in November, mainly on behalf of his brother, while the other two rode off of their coattails.

  17. Keel then added… “..and I’ll punch anyone whose says different in the face”.


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