Report: Judicial Conduct Board Should Decide Eakin’s Fate

EakinToday, the Special Counsel hired by the State Supreme Court to look into Justice Michael Eakin’s emails issued a 25-page report.

According to Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, the report recommended that any disciplinary action against Eakin be handled by the Judicial Conduct Board.

The Court hired the Pittsburgh law firm of Joseph A. Del Sole to look into the matter.

“We consider some of the materials that Justice Eakin sent, and many that he received, to be of serious concern,” they wrote. “However . . . we do not believe that they give rise to the type of extraordinary circumstances warranting immediate intervention of the Court.”

The Del Sole report, though, did not address the Board’s 2014 investigation of Eakin or the Board’s allegations that Kane withheld emails during their investigation.

Justices Debra Todd and Correale Stevens both issued statements calling for the Board to once again review Eakin’s case.

“I am disappointed and offended, both personally and professionally, by much of the content,” Justice Todd wrote. “It should be abundantly clear that all of our Commonwealth’s judges are expected to conduct themselves, in both their personal and public lives, in a manner that promotes the public’s trust and confidence in the judiciary. Our citizens deserve nothing less.”

UPDATE: The Attorney General released the following statement in response:

“I am pleased that the review of emails conducted by Joseph Del Sole on behalf of the Supreme Court agrees that they are ‘detrimental to the judicial system’ and ‘could cause a reasonable person to question the impartiality of a judge and the judicial system.’

To those who view them, they ‘offend,’ as Justice Todd wrote in her concurring opinion, by ‘trivializing physical and sexual assault’; they offend ‘by the derogatory stereotyping and mocking of racial, ethnic, and religious groups, as well as gays and lesbians.’

I agree that some of the emails raise ‘serious concern’ and I await the findings of the Judicial Conduct Board.”

20 Responses

  1. Shame on you corrupt creep pigs!!!

    Turns out that the guy who “cleared” Eakin is also a friend of Eakin’s who worked on Eakin’s 2011 judicial campaign. Corruption personified. Damn straight he isn’t going to “get into procedures” … because the procedure is: hook up you pals ,,,

    “I’m not going to get into specific procedures,” Graci said Monday, adding that the board’s investigations typically remain confidential unless it decides to take action against a judge.

    Graci said last month that Kane had failed last year to provide the board with all the Eakin emails that were found on her office’s servers.

    Bruce Green, who directs the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics at Fordham Law School, said Graci’s work for Eakin in the retention election is a potential conflict – last year and now.

    “There’s at least a risk that his judgment is going to be influenced by his past professional [relationship], and whatever his current relationship is with the judge,” Green said.

    Lynn Marks, executive director of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, said Graci’s ties to Eakin could also undermine the board’s rulings.

    “The public has to have confidence in institutions like this, whose role it is to investigate and make sure judges are properly and ethically performing their duties,” Marks said.

    Read the whole article …

  2. Eakin emailed five white male buddies about a woman who complains to her doctor that her husband “beats [her] to a pulp” when he comes home drunk. The doctor advises her to swish sweet tea in her mouth and not to swallow until her husband is asleep. The punchline from the doctor: “You see how much keeping your mouth shut helps?”

    There you have it — one of the two remaining Republicans on the PA Supreme Court. Yikes.

  3. Whistleblower – when you make up those signs, remember it’s “You’re” not “Your” in the phrase “You’re a Disgrace!!”

  4. Perhaps after Eakin resigns, he can join Castille at the AG’s Office!!

    Yes – Castille wants to be AG. He wants AG Kane’s job. Perhaps that explains why he authorized the witch hunt/smear campaign. Perhaps that explains why he leaked grand jury material up in NY … or why he made anti-Kane statements to the Press while he was still on the Bench.

    Can’t make this stuff up …

  5. So Joe punted…. He was a good judge at one time, but I guess he did what he was paid to do. Soften the narrative and gradually this will all fade away over time and end with retirement or a naughty boy note. They still need Eakin around to vote against Kane, who is to blame in their minds for starting all this porn email mess.

  6. If “Justice” Eakin wasn’t so addicted to his government paycheck, he would have resigned by now. It just goes to show what little integrity the man has left. My opinion-sorry if I offend you Eaking supporters. Just 2 bad, I know those comments hurt bad.

  7. aaron – are you schizophrenic? One minute you sound reasonable (calling for Eakin to resign) and the next you are spewing nonsense about Kane.

    Let’s see how much Kane “flailing” has helped the Repervlicans running for Supreme Court. Popcorn is ready!!

  8. But I hope Kathleen Kane doesn’t resign. Keep flailing through the 2016 election cycle, Kathleen! The Republicans need you!

  9. Marie, you need to adjust your tinfoil hat. It’s too tight and cutting off circulation of blood to your brain.

  10. What happened to Ray Gricar, the DA in Centre County that has never been found? Is this a case of shutting someone up that knew too much about Sandusky? Where do we place the blame – perhaps the Attorney General who supposedly investigated Sandusky. Why wasn’t the Second Mile investigated?

  11. It has been reported that Frank Fina used the FOIA to get all his vile disgusting e-mails – and then proceeded to introduce them into evidence in a grand jury proceeding so that they would be “protected” and Fina could continue to hide the truth.
    Add “devious” and “corrupt” to the list of adjectives for Fina. “Racist” would have to be another.

    Anyone care to comment on why there has been no investigation of the MANY leaks from the Kane investigation? It’s strange … just like all of Fina’s other “big” cases, there were TONS OF LEAKS from the Kane Grand Jury. Yet no one is doing anything about it. Wonder why ….

  12. Verde/Observer/Marie: Great points. The one thing we have learned from this whole fiasco is that the system is broken.

    Law enforcement and the Courts in this State need an overhaul. We need a new AG and we need Judges who are above the fray. And we need prosecutors who do not bend/break the rules … and who are not woman-hating, racist pig creeps.

  13. What a sad situation! The Attorney General is getting blasted from all sides – yes even her own party and Eakin will probably have his hands slapped. Now, do you believe me that because Kathleen Kane is a female she is held in a different standard then Eakin? I hope, that if in fact, the Attorney General leaves, she takes all of them with her. This is a dirty shame the hell you people have put the Attorney General through, but when it’s a male, oh boys will be boys. Well I am offended by all of this, especially the porn and racial jokes. This is 2015 not the 50’s or 60’s. I truly believe that in the end the Attorney General will have the last laugh at the expense of Judges and Attorney’s. I back the Attorney General 100%.

  14. I’m sorry but this is beyond ridiculous. Why is the Governor quiet on this? Can you fracking protesters take a break for a few days and hold your signs in front of the Supreme Court for a spell. We could use your help. EAKIN YOUR A DISGRACE. Judicial Conduct Board you’ve sold your souls.

  15. Lololol… So the Supremes could suspend Seamus sua sponte, but all of a suddne become impotent when it comes to a Republican hack? Lolol… Down the gutter they go…

  16. So the guy hired by the Supreme Court is recommending that the JCB-which is appointed by the Supreme Court handle this matter? Hahahahaha

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