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Report: Kane Potentially Facing FBI Investigation

Kane-sadIs Attorney General Kathleen Kane facing more than one investigation?

According to a report from The Legal Intelligencer, it appears she is.

The paper asserts that these possible investigations are separate from the grand jury investigation in which Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman recently charged Kane with eight counts.

“Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there appears to be an active FBI investigation asking questions about Kane as well as a Philadelphia grand jury looking into her and her office,” the Intelligencer wrote.

“According to one knowledgeable source, at least one former employee of the Attorney General’s Office has been interviewed by FBI agents in recent weeks,” they continue. “The source said one of the agents was from the anti-corruption unit.”

The Philly grand jury is apparently the one dealing with the sting case. Kane decided to pass on prosecuting anyone involved and the leak of that news to the Inquirer in March 2014 started this whole mess.

Chuck Ardo, Kane’s spokesman, and Gerald L. Shargel, her attorney, both denied any knowledge of these investigations.

“I cannot comment on any current, past or ongoing or previous grand jury matters,” said Philadelphia DA spokesman Cameron Kline.

Philly DA Seth Williams, along with his employee Frank Fina, are Kane’s biggest political and personal enemies.

The Intelligencer believes the additional investigations may be connected to the cases involving Rob McCord and Mike Fleck.

If that is indeed the case, two incredibly complex dramas may become intertwined.

55 Responses

  1. The FBI should be looking into the entire OAG and how they operate the hokey hearings on gun law appeals. With everybody scheduled for the same time, you get herded into a large room and must sit there through numerous hearings with no list of when they get to you. But first the hearing officer gives the instructions and rules of the hearing en mass, with numerous questionable statements (such as it is up to you to disprove the reason that you were denied, when the law says the State must prove its reason) and none of this is transcribed or made part of the record of your “hearing”. The hearing officer is so chummy with the State Police attorney on first name basis. Maybe they were sharing porn videos last night. PA State Police admit no evidence of the reason they used to deny you and stipulate State law sections do not apply, but continue to argue for denial on some unknown new section that you never heard of before, with no evidence of that either. But the hearing officer, after more months of delay, upholds the denial on the basis that PA State Police stipulated did not apply. When you ask for the hearing record to appeal, OAG first refuses to give it to you, but allows you can have it, demanding payment first.
    The Brief of the PA State Police denied the truth of admitting there was no evidence and that it so stipulated at hearing, and generally mischaracterizes the facts. Not to be out done, the Commonwealth Court does so even worse, rambling among indecipherable notions for several pages, then hangs its affirmation of the denial on an “intent of Congress” that is nowhere in the law and is nowhere stated as a basis for denial. Of course, no judge puts his/her name on this atrocious Per Curiam opinion. Appeal to the PA Supreme Court is a bigger joke, as they decline to take the case in another Per Curiam. So the end result is a complete denial of Constitutional right and almost every statutory time limit in the law by a corrupt and nameless system. The FBI should be investigating this corruption and probably the entire OAG and PA State Police gun permit system, as well as all the appellate courts handling of this case.

  2. Larry, funny name on you Frank, the emails were sent and shared with judges. Who thoses judges were is unknown … Once Sandusky’s defense attorneys find out that the judge overseeing the Sandusky Grand Jury and the Judge that conducted the trial had ex parte communication with the prosecutors (Fina) they will file appeals at state and federal level. These unethical and unlawful emails are certainly enough to get the attention of a real judge. Larry/frank you will have that blood on your hands … Unprofessional, disgusting, racist, anti women behavior of this nature has real collateral consequences.

  3. It only takes a spark
    to get a fire going
    And soon all those around
    can warm up in its glowing.
    That’s how it is with God’s love
    Once you’ve experienced it.
    You spread His love to everyone;
    You want to pass it on.

  4. Larry – How is it that you know Frank Fina? And is it really fair to dismiss porn-gate as “some e-mails?” You sorta lose credibility when you do that.

    And in response to your last post: It would not be “ludicrous” at all to suggest that Courts could overturn convictions won by Fina in front of Judges he was tight enough with to send porn e-mails to. I have no idea if the Judge in the Sandusky case was one of those Judges. But – if he/she was – there would be an appeal issue on those grounds.

    Fina already jeopardized the Penns State 3 case by going on TV to talk about the strength of the case and by allowing a witness to testify unrepresented by an attorney. Both are ethical violations. Where there is smoke, there is fire ….

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