Report: Rivera Being Considered for U.S. Education Secretary

Source: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

A former Pennsylvania secretary of education and member of Joe Biden’s transition team is reportedly being considered to serve in a Biden administration. 

According to NBC News, Pedro Rivera, former Pennsylvania secretary of education, was listed as a possible candidate for U.S. Education Secretary. 

Rivera was the lone Pennsylvanian mentioned in the article, titled, “Who are the Latinos who could be in Biden’s Cabinet?”.

Rivera, a Philadelphia native, served as Pennsylvania’s Education Secretary from 2015 until 2020, when he became the 10th president of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster. Prior to serving statewide in Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration, Rivera was the superintendent of the School District of Lancaster.

Shortly after Biden was declared the winner for president, Rivera was named as one of 23 individuals to serve on the Biden transition team to assist with education

Although Rivera has not publicly commented on being mentioned as a candidate, former Lt. Gov. Mark Singel lauded Rivera as someone who has “all of the credentials necessary” to assist a president on education matters, according to ABC27

When Rivera was selected to serve on the Biden transition team, Wolf praised him as an “excellent secretary of education for Pennsylvania,” and as a “tremendous choice” to serve on the transition team.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Rivera Being Considered for U.S. Education Secretary”

  1. Paul Heyman says:

    You have to be kidding me? He was awful as Secretary of Ed. Ask anyone who worked there, he left it a complete mess. Then, to make matters worse, when public schools needed his leadership the most during the COVID crisis, he runs away and takes another job.

    This is the prime example of what “failing upwards” is.

  2. Alex Trebek says:

    Ha what a joke, we all know the only choice for Education Secretary is Jim Schultz, ESQ. Jim knows everyone, and everyone knows jim is a douche bag. An excellent choice.

  3. Tannenbaum says:

    Stop the hype. Talk to staffers in Dept. of Ed. He left it a total mess.

  4. Sgt Seatbelt says:

    What a windbag!

  5. Huh says:

    Wow. Breaking news… that everyone knew about a week ago.

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