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Report: Seth Williams Subject to Federal Probe

Seth WilliamsThe man who has made his name prosecuting lawmakers is now under investigation himself.

According to Chris Brennan of the Inquirer, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams is the subject of a federal probe into his campaign spending.

“There is a grand jury investigation underway,” a source told Brennan. “That is an established fact.”

“Subpoenas were served as recently as two weeks ago to Friends of Seth Williams, his political action committee,” Brennan wrote. “[His source] described the investigation as a joint effort of the FBI and IRS, with a grand jury impaneled at least two months ago.”

Williams’ PAC is being subpoenaed to see if any of its funds was misspent for personal uses.

This development could have a number of political consequences.

First of all, the DA’s profile was raised when he prosecuted several officials involved in the infamous sting operation that Attorney General Kathleen Kane passed on.

This fueled the Attorney General’s feud with the Philadelphia DA, which began after Williams added Kane’s chief enemy, Frank Fina, to his staff after Kane’s election.

The 42-page presentment detailed Kane’s feelings towards Fina and Williams.

“I will not allow them to discredit me or my office,” Kane wrote in an email. “This is war.”

In another message, the AG wrote that she would “make Seth pay.”

Seth Williams was also considering seeking higher office.

He was rumored to be thinking about a Senate run and is a top contender for the Attorney General contest next year.

UPDATE: The Friends of Seth Williams PAC released the following statement, accusing Kathleen Kane of leaking the story:

“Two weeks ago, the affidavit of probable cause issued by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office revealed that Attorney General Kathleen Kane vowed to go after District Attorney Seth Williams, explicitly ‘to make Seth pay.’ Attorney General Kane ordered political operatives to gather negative information regarding District Attorney Williams, and said ‘this is war.’”

“Today, on the eve of the preliminary hearing on the charges against her, an article was published by the same reporter to whom Kane provided secret grand jury information in an apparent effort to smear other prosecutors. The article relies on anonymous “sources” to raise allegations against District Attorney Williams related to his campaign finances.”

“District Attorney Williams denies these allegations. His campaign finance records are a matter of public record, and he will cooperate with any authorities who may wish to review them.”

Earlier today, Kane’s office denied any involvement.

“Neither the attorney general nor this office would have any way of knowing whether or not there is a federal investigation of the district attorney, and certainly had no role in exposing it to the media,” said the Attorney General’s spokesman Chuck Ardo.

62 Responses

  1. Williams was never “hot to actually prosecute that legislative sting case. He called it a “Press Play” and it worked. The press bought into the Kane-Williams feud. They pretended that the prosecutions were real. When – in reality – the DA’s Office knew the cases were flawed … knew that the investigation had been mishandled … knew that the case could not be won in court …

    I’m surprised they didn’t agree to name streets after the legislates to get them to enter their pleas … the ones that resulted in no punishment and keeping their pensions.

  2. Given that the gym membership is pretty obvious personal expense, and already on the record… is the FBI investigating expenses or contributions not on the record?

    It would be interesting if Williams had received “gifts” like the legislators in the sting operation he was so hot to prosecute.

  3. CandyCane … did you mean to tour KandyKane???

    Get your act together, shill-boy … LOL … are you kanesdriver with yet another screen name.

  4. Hahaha fina is still not sorry he put one of your pals in prison.most likely a bonusgate criminal.

  5. “District Attorney Williams denies these allegations. His campaign finance records are a matter of public record..” and clearly show that he used campaign money for person expenses, like a gym membership.

    I think the strategy here is to give jurors head injuries from slapping their palms against their foreheads.

  6. Whistleblower

    A lot is happening. Just curious, have we met or know each other from political events?

    If so, please introduce yourself.

  7. ALAS!!! They are making progress. When it all comes out you’ll see Seamus via Johnny Doc hack reporter Chris Brennan tried to pressure her and she wasn’t having it!!! General Kane and Seth Williams are collateral damage of Johnny Doc and his intimidation tactics!!!! Word!! This bozos still trying to get Danny McCaffery elected to DA. The only question is how long after this comment is posted will John call Larry and have it removed before it effects Kevin’s campaign. 3….2…1

  8. Truth

    He might not go to the gym, but he sure filed a campaign report listing payment for membership.


    Rumor has it that he might be in trouble for sleeping with people (more literally and less metaphorically than with Fina), and not the kind that would enhance his standing as DA.

  9. “No one really cares much about that.”

    Maybe no one you know. The people who care the most are the women Bill abused and the Clintons destroyed. Bill had to give up his law license, I think that’s proof enough that he’s not fit for office. We’ll have to agree to disagree that these are important issues and standards to hold our public leaders to.

  10. I don’t believe Seth Williams used campaign money for a gym membership … He don’t look like he has ever stepped in a gym … He is in the PA National Guard weight control program for being a fat ass!

  11. IMO – Williams made a huge mistake getting into bed with Fina and his pals. He needs to fix that soon – before it costs him his political career.

    It may be too late for him if he can’t talk the Feds out of indicting him. But, he will not win another Office if he continues to employ people (Fina and Cosstanzo,) who, while at work, where they had female colleagues, viewed images of female employees performing oral sex on their male “bosses.” These guys are creeps. They may be perverts. Their sting case has been exposed as a fraud. And Kane is going to go down swinging.

    That “sting” case was flawed. The oAG and USAO made the right decisions. You don’t drop all charges against an informant. You don’t let him keep the $400,000.00 he stole. You don’t give that informant $90,000.00 of taxpayer money for his “slush” account. Williams decided to try to embarrass a fellow D and it is backfiring. No matter hiw many times reporters try to spin it — the politicians didn’t go to jail and got to keep their pensions. The case was a joke. They had to hand out sweetheart deals – where no one received any punishment – because they could never win the case in Court.

    Kane is going to have to sleep in the bed that she made. Williams still has a chance to kick those creeps out of his “bed” and do things the right way.

  12. Back to Seth Williams for a second. Today, he blamed Kane for his use of campaign funds on The Sporting Club dues. Strange.

    At least Kane has a leg to stand on when she blames Fina for her current woes in Montgomery County. Fina made the complaint about her. Fina had motive to “smear: her. Fina was behind the “steaming pile of dung” sting case that cost the taxpayers a fortune, cost a non-profit $400,000.00 and got ZERO jail time on the doers. Fina and his pals have been illegally leaking stuff to the INKY forever now. Fina used his work computer to distribute sexual images of children. Fina and his pals put criminal convictions in jeopardy by sharing bestiality porn with Judges they had cases with … cases that were OAG cases.

    Oh yeah – Fina works for Seth Williams and draws a salary from the public. Shameful.

  13. Unsanctioned R – you sound like a DD Groupie. Get a life.

    President Clinton lied under oath. No one really cares much about that. His wife is going to be the next POTUS. Kane may have lied under oath too. We’ll see. If the case is he said-she said nonsense, it will have been a big joke. In fact – it kinda already is.

    It’s been said a million times – but Kane was investigated by a grand jury for illegal leaks from a grand jury. The people investigating Kane for illegal leaks ILLEGALLY LEAKED stuff. Most people with a brain (and without a dog in the race) realize the idiocy of all this. Kane may be a political hack …. she may be dumb …. and she may be a criminal if she spent our money on her vacation w her boyfriend. but – the Fina/Castille/Carpenter led nonsense in MontCo was a witch hunt from the start. Ad it appears that it was motivated by her promises to uncover the truth.

    Speaking of that – doesn’t AG Kane deserve credit for releasing the report which found that the reasons for the delays in arresting Sandusky WERE NOT political? Doesn’t that prove that she is willing to be honest even if she thought something the opposite was true?

    Citizens of PA need to look at the creeps that are attacking Kane. Prosecutors should NEVER behave the way they did. Fina shills here have said that he was justified in “attacking” the AG after she campaigned on a promise to look into his Sandusky investigation. That is preposterous. He is bad news. Where there is smoke – there is fire.

    If Kane is dirty – I hope she goes to jail. But we know Fina is dirty. Let’s make sure he is held accountable too.

  14. David’s comment at 10:15pm is really all the context you need for all of his comments.

  15. CandyCane-

    More into good food than old bald men.

    Found a GREAT place for ribs in King of Prussia recently, right by the movie theater.

  16. SpongeBob

    I’m not a shill, and I have wicked sense of humor.

    You mistake my dislike of the republicans for being a shill.

    The GOP has the wrong policies for govt. They are against:
    health care, living minimum wage, proper taxes for the rich, the environment, racial and sexual equality, public education, science over religion, voter rights, etc.

    So, I’ll take anyone over them having power. Once the right policies are secure, then I’m happy to start cleaning out the graft and corruption.

    But, Kane’s abrasive management style doesn’t even make the priority list.

    She’s right on the issues, and against those who are wrong on them. I couldn’t give two f*cks if she lied under oath or released every grand jury record in the database, if it exposed the graft, corruption, favoritism and politics that goes on behind the scenes in the legal system.

  17. Ok I hope you are not being serious. I thought the posts were comical and was just trying to return the favor. I was not aware a democratic shill was allowed to have a sense of humor.

  18. SpongeBob-

    You guys are very sensitive today. Very odd, considering the photo of you I posted, and how dismissive you’ve all been about Fina and porn emails.

    But, I make a little joke about you and Fina, and you get all upset? Wonder why?

    You usually act like your IT tech support bubble protects you, but now you seem nervous.

    Even after the extra effort I went through to blur part of your driver’s license photo.

  19. David it started off funny and now you are dropping the creepy vibe…I mean for someone so IT stupid you seemed fixated on me. How much time did you spend watching another dude with no pants on…I think if you reread your comment you will see how Fina like it is. Maybe you and Frankie are closer than everyone knows.

  20. SpongeBob-

    BTW, it took days to capture a picture of you in front of your computer with your pants on. This was the first one I could post.

    I was thinking of sending the rest of them to Fina.

  21. SpongeBob-

    WiFi isn’t that secure.

    Unfortunately for Seth, neither is his publicly posted campaign finance report. LOL 🙂

  22. SpongeBob-

    Your IT skills are beyond weak. While you were bragging about them the other day, I tracked, attacked and hacked you. Computer, webcam, phone.

    I got your picture, here:

    And ran it through DMV and got your license, here:

    You are so pwnd!

  23. DD, I see. No idea.

    Unsanctioned R, there’s no grand jury here. Just some federal agents asking questions. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

  24. How about I get paid tons of money in the world of IT to deal with you know real issues. What do I care about Seth Williams? It’s simple, I could care less about Williams, Fina and the like. What I care about is that Kane is a lightweight in Politics and is an embarrassment to an office that had operated in the past with pride. I mean whats the newsflash here? ANOTHER PA demo getting investigating….that’s like saying tomorrow there will be weather…

  25. Larry-

    Considering all their claimed insider connections regarding Kane, the sting case, Fina, and other shoes/juries about to drop, they seem to have missed this one. Did they get caught with their pants down, and under scrutiny at work and can’t post?

  26. I want the head of whoever leaked this grand jury information! Only Kane can be leaked on!

  27. Observer with a brain – What makes you think Fina has turned on his new boss – Seth Williams?

    I know that Fina is tight with Joe McSomething – who used to work for Seth but was run out on a rail … the same guy that Fina brought in to try the Sandusky case for him … what’s his name…. Is this he and Fina settling the score?

  28. Diano, why do you bring up kanesdriver or Sponge Bob? Do you think this story about Williams in any way helps Kathleen Kane? It seems as completely irrelevant as the porn emails to Kane’s future.

  29. Did anybody notice that we haven’t heard a peep from kanesdriver or SpongeBob since this story broke?

  30. The moral of this story: don’t hire Freakie Frank Fina. He will turn on you like the snake he is. Who do you think tipped the feds off?

  31. I bet the DNC continues to remain thrilled that they picked Philly and Pennsylvania for the 2016 Convention.

    Fattah, Williams, Kane, various Philly legislators and judges, McCord, Pawlowski, Spencer, etc., etc., etc.

    That will look just awesome when the national media comes to town next year.

  32. KSDF-

    If you are referring to the Delco courthouse, the stories range from:

    1) having to pay/contribute to get you case on the docket or being asked to change your party registration

    2) courthouse employees expected to contribute to candidates, with fundraising requests taking place in the office

    3) job hiring based on political registration, with prospective employees asked to change their registration to get hired

    4) contract selection and kickbacks to party insiders and/or elected officials, with rampant nepotism to businesses of relatives or in which they have an interest

    Basically, it’s all the sh*t that goes on in Philly and happened in Allentown

  33. KSDF-

    What the f*ck are you talking about? I’m glad to see Seth Williams get in trouble.

  34. Once again, DD launches vague accusations of improper conduct without pointing to a single person or offense in a failed attempt to excuse the illegal conduct of his Democrat heroes.

  35. Larry-

    An investigation into the Delco county courthouse would reveal plenty of Republicans engaged in abuses.

  36. smarter –

    That was not the way subpoenas were described when they were being served on Kane’s OAG ….

    Also – you must acknowledge that using campaign funds for your gym membership is illegal, right? Because it is. The only question now is will the Feds indict. They certainly don’t have to, but …

  37. Everyone needs to realize that subpoenas are not evidence of guilt; they are simply a legal method for gathering information which the prosecutors will examine. He may never have any charges filed against him, or he may, we just don’t know right now.

  38. Diano, do you have any original thoughts with examples of how that might be true? Crookedness with money seems of late to be a decidedly Democratic characteristic.

  39. Larry-

    I was reading a critique of Williams not too long ago that said: he ran as black democrat but acted like a white republican once he got elected

  40. It has been said that Frank Fina is a Democrat too.

    So – add him to your list. His misdeeds may be the most salacious. If you can believe the press accounts, Fina and Co. – while at work – used their work computers to view and distribute porn that included pictures/images of:

    – graphic violence against women

    – bestiality

    – sexual images of children

    – a man putting a newly opened bottle of champaign in a woman’s vagina

    – a 100 year-old woman engaged in intercourse

    – a woman having “sex” with a snake

    For some reason, Seth Williams hired Fina and others involved in this conduct. He needs to explain that. Or fix it …

  41. PA Treasurer McCord. Allentown Mayor Pawlowski. Reading Mayor Spencer. Attorney General Kane. Congressman Fattah. Philadelphia DA Williams. And the worst is definitely yet to come for the PA Democratic Party.

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