Report: Trump Delegates Armed and Ready for Cleveland Convention

Trump-GunA handful of Pennsylvania delegates to the Republican National Convention plan to show up in Cleveland with their firearms by their side.

That’s according to WHYY’s Dave Davies, who found four Trump delegates who are planning to bring guns to the event.

Firearms are banned from the Quicken Loans Arena, but some are worried about potential violence outside the convention.

York County delegate Matt Jensen justified carrying a gun into any number of public places around the city that are sure to be holding events.

“They’re still Americans in there, and Americans still have a Second Amendment right to defend themselves anytime, anywhere,” Jansen said. “Should people be allowed to carry in a bank, in a school, in a night club? My answer to that would be ‘yes’.”

Some of these men were frightened by the massacre in Orlando and are apparently taking cues from Trump. The GOP nominee said that it would’ve been “a beautiful sight” if someone returned fire and lamented that there were “no guns on the other side” (in fact there was an armed, uniformed officer guarding the club who exchanged fire with the gunman).

Since a gun-carry permit from Pennsylvania is recognized in Ohio it is legal for all these men to carry their firearms around the city.

11 Responses

  1. In a bank? Sure. In a school? No. In a bar? You really want to be in a bar at 2 a.m. with a bunch of shit-faced drunks, all packing heat? Not I.

  2. Hey Steve Todd, Islam is a political movement disguised as a religion. What do you say about that you Muslim sympathizer? Go over to Syria and join ISIS traitor boy!

  3. This is news? Seriously? Where’s the article on the DNC and delegates bringing guns into our own state? Pathetic, unprofessional, and sleazy. This used to be a good site but now it is a joke. Nothing but cheap attacks. Trying to be the next Gawker.

  4. Citing Matt Jansen? THIS same Matt Jansen (who is also a Trump delegate from York County)?

    Oh brother. Yeah, he’s exactly who OH needs as their well-regulated militia. They can keep him.

    “In the 50-second phone call posted on the Daily Record’s SoundCloud account, Jansen calls Islam a “godless” and “pagan” religion, and says posting the sign [at a church saying Happy Ramadan] was “despicable.””

  5. Donald Trump should really be fighting harder for delegates’ Second Amendment rights. His quick capitulation to the Secret Service was a weak attempt at cover. All the photos in the world of Trump holding a firearm aren’t going to change the fact that he’s no defender of gun rights.

  6. There’s got to be a few hundred villages missing their idiots…

    Starting with Trump, let’s send them back.

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