Report: Trump to Visit Philadelphia Tomorrow

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is coming to the City of Brotherly Love.

Dave Davies of WHYY is reporting that the GOP presidential nominee will be visiting Philadelphia tomorrow.

“Second Congressional District candidate James Jones, a Philadelphia Republican, said Trump is planning a roundtable discussion with African-American leaders at the Greater Exodus Baptist Church on Broad Street at Fairmount,” Davies writes. “The Rev. Herb Lusk is pastor of the church.”

Jones told Davies that PA-1 GOP candidate Debbie Williams will also attend the event.

Trump is aiming to appeal to black voters, a demographic that doesn’t hold him in high esteem. Today’s PPP poll found just 3% of American-American Pennsylvanians support Trump.

18 Responses

  1. When you use the idiotic nickname that Trump thinks it cute, just stop talking. Bye racist, moronic bigot

  2. The black leaders will learn today how much Trump will do for them and how little the criminal queen will do.
    This is who the liberal fools want to elect for liar in chief. The great American Zero.
    Lyin’ crooked HillBilly should have selected lyin’ Brian Williams for her VP choice. They both lied about being shot at in a war zone. Two clueless lyin’ “combat survivors”
    Both are delusional. Both are idiots with poor judgement.
    A perfect pair for the democratic fools that listen to her lies. She is unfit to be President. SS Bernie (stupid socialist) Sanders knew this all along.

  3. He also is not actually trying to appeal to black voters. He’s trying to convince white people that he’s not racist. Even though we all know he is. It’s pretty obvious when his whole campaign is based on white neo Nazi nationalism

  4. Trump has a ZERO % favorability rating among African Americans and 97% view him unfavorably So no, he does not appeal to African Americans in even the slightest. Nice try though. And he would do nothing to help them. Democrats have helped African Americans. More African Americans have medical insurance than ever before.

  5. Trump has a ZERO % favorable rating among African Americans and 97% view him unfavorably So no, he does not appeal to African Americans in even the slightest. And he would do nothing to help them.

  6. Donald Trump does appeal to black voters who have seen that the Democratic party has done little for them. How much better off are black citizens after 7 1/2 years of the first black president and, in Philadelphia,after Mayors Wilson Goode, John Street and Michael Nutter.

    Black voters who want productive jobs and safe streets may be willing to think:”What have I got to lose?”

    Of course, the agitprop of the dishonest media tells us that, of course, if you support Donald Trump, then, as the night follows the day, you are a heartless, mindless, greedy, hate-filled, racist, sexist, nativist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, nationalistic, isolationist, white bigot who oppresses and exploits the poor, the vulnerable, the weak and the powerless and black people.

  7. Disgusted: “BLM thugs”

    Can you provide any evidence of these mythical beings of Philadelphia? Do we have unicorns too? It’s probably easier to find black Trump supporters.

  8. This is a joke, right??? Trump is at 1% with African-American voters. No, what Trump is doing is trying to appeal to moderate white voters turned off by his nationalist and quasi-racist message. Way too little, way too late.

  9. And the BLM thugs are planning a protest…..what else is new….see what trouble they start. Maybe the Philly PD can send the tatooed cop….

  10. Why would any black leader meet with him? Who would give this guy any credibility – and I mean “give”: Theirs will be taken away for appearing with this racist and Trumps will be enhanced.

    What could make that worthwhile?

  11. “Trump is aiming to appeal to black voters”

    Trump isn’t trying to appeal to black voters, which is hopeless (rightfully). He’s trying to appeal to white voters who won’t vote for a racist (which he is), by appearing to be inclusive.

    Maybe they’ll all forget the white nationalist tweets, the refusal to rent to blacks, the Central Park Five, etc. etc. etc.

    Well they will forget if the Clinton and the Democrats sit on the sidelines, intimidated, as usual. Someone has to remind the public; it’s an advocacy-based system.

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