Republicans Criticize Obama Over Anemic June Jobs Report

Tom Smith, left, and Bob Casey

Almost every Republican official and candidate reacted to today’s jobs numbers – a mere 80,000 added in June and unemployment unchanged at 8.2 percent – with criticism of President Obama. In case you don’t have time to read them all, we’ve blended them into one super-response.

“Like all Americans, I am deeply concerned about the anemic job growth rate this summer. Under President Obama’s economic and regulatory policies, the unemployment remains over 8 percent. Obamacare’s devastating tax burden, the soon to expire tax cuts, and increasing federal regulatory overreach will only continue to hurt job creation. Real change is coming, and on November 6 voters in [my district] and across the country will have the opportunity to reinvigorate the American economy by rejecting the Obama-[my opponent] agenda and electing new (Republican) leaders,” said literally almost every Republican.

Tom Smith’s campaign highlighted this Politico interview with his opponent, Sen. Bob Casey, conducted just before the numbers were released.

“If we have a report that is similar to last month’s, that would be a cause of great concern,” Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, who’s up for reelection and will campaign with Obama in Pittsburgh on Friday, told POLITICO in a phone interview. In May, the unemployment rate was 8.2 percent, up from 8.1 percent a month earlier, and the economy added a measly 69,000 jobs.

“Sometimes the debate in Washington gets too focused on one month’s reports,” he added, “but if there is a trend or even a perception of a trend, that can be pretty damaging.”

“Today’s disappointing jobs report reinforces the growing frustration the hardworking American people have with career politicians in Washington,” said Smith. “For more than 40 consecutive months, the Obama-Casey agenda has left the economy mired in unemployment higher than 8%.

Casey issued his own statement, reiterating that recovery is happening, but not fast enough.

“We still have more work to do to recover from our losses during the Great Recession. Washington must continue to do everything possible to strengthen the economy and help unemployed Americans get back to work,” he said.

Aside Casey and one other candidate, here’s an amalgamation of Democratic responses to the June numbers:

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  1. If you’re looking for someone to being jobs into this economy, you better check into what Smith did to his own employees when he sold his business last year. Many employees questioned Tom about the rumors of the sale for months and he denied them every time. Then with little notice, the sale was done. Sure some were lucky to go to Rosebud ( who bought the business) but many were left devastated. I will never forget what an acquaintance of mine told me. After almost twenty years as his employee, he informed her she was out of a job. As she and others were literally crying over the news, Tom got up and as he walked out of the doorway said ” well its been fun.”. Do you think he’s going to care about the people that voted for him if he gets elected any more than the employees that made him a wealthy man? The talk is he made $220 million selling that business and he still screwed over his employees!

    Once Tom’s wife retired from the Armstrong School District and assured her very hefty pension, Tom began speaking out against his very own community’s local school. The school and an elementary were closed abruptly last week with kids from his area being split up into other schools on long bus rides. That closure cost over thirty jobs! He knew it would. But again, his wife was safe so that’s all that counts.

    The only job Tom created this year was buying his daughter a job in the Armstrong County Courthouse. Do some research on Tom Smith and David Battaglia. The treasurer of the Armstrong GOP even resigned because he was outraged over it! Battaglia is currently under investigation for not revealing all donors of his campaign. Wonder who he’s hiding?

    Take heart. Smith has six more kids he could employ so I guess it’s not that bad after all!

  2. Bob Casey bamboozled Pennsylvania in 2006 claiming to be something he was not, combined with people thinking he was his father. That was the year of the Democratic takeover of Congress. The economy has gone to hell in a hand basket since, with BHO in both the Senate and then the White House..

    They own the economy. Drain the swamp? The flooded it and flooded our dollars value with worthless paper and unprecedented debt.

    It’s the economy ……..

  3. Casey is clearly not his father. He just votes yes on whatever Obama tells him to. He is a typical lawyer with zero fiscal literacy. The lawyers (he and Obama) have had enough time to make more laws, it is time for some businessmen to get in there to make the jobs everyone needs and keep our country from ending up like Scranton. Even if Smith did vote for Obama at least he has come to see the error this. I think there are many people who feel like he does. Obama and his crew is creating a whole new generation of Reagan Democrats. Come on over, we look forward to having you.

  4. Tom Smith can’t run on his own (lack of) merits so he connects Casey to every anti- Obama comment possible. Funny, seeing as Smith was a democrat less than a year ago, he probably voted for Obama. I guess he could tell us… Oh wait, he can’t remember who he voted for president last time!

  5. Isn’t about time you stopped your anti Obama tilt.Every report you make is pro Republican and anti Democrats.As a professed journalist you should at least have a pretense of fairness.,Instead of blaming the President the Republicans should show some leadfership and implement programs that aid in the economic recovery. After all they do control the House of Representatives and profess that the business community is the solution to the economic problems.They should direct their millionaires to begin developement now rather than wasting megabucs on politics.

  6. This Casey is not Gov Casey. Pure big government progressive. Stimulus, Cash for clunkers, increasing debt limit, NDAA, killling coal, killing fracking, job killers and high energy bills for us all. I can’t wait to get rid of Casey. Smith all the way.

  7. Tom Smith is my choice as well. His business experience is exactly what we need. Casey’s vote against coal is a vote against jobs as well as a vote for higher energy costs. Neither of those will do anything positive for the economy.

  8. Tom Smith is my choice for Senate! Tom knows business and energy. Jobs, jobs and more jobs. Casey has signed job killing bills and has voted with the President 98% of the time. It’s not working! No pun intended.

  9. Tom Smith-

    It’s alot harder to climb up a mountain than it is to fall down in the ditch, which is exactly where the republicans put us. I wouldn’t let them run a 3rd grade picnic let alone vote for them to take over.

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