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Republicans Look To Divide Democrats on Single Payer in PA-6

Chrissy HoulihanIn a trend that will likely be seen across the country, Republicans are looking to get Democrats on the record on single payer healthcare.  

In a blog post, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) called on Democratic Congressional candidate Chrissy Houlahan, who is running in the PA-6, to take a position on the issue.  

From the blog post:

According to her website, “Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right … Such access can only come from an insurance system in which we all participate, sharing coverage, risks, and costs.”

Sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders’ single-payer plan that would cost taxpayers $32 trillion over ten years…

But let’s make this easy: Will Chrissy Houlahan ever tell 6th district voters where she stands on her party’s proposed healthcare legislation? 

Houlahan responded to the blog post by going on the offensive against Congressman Ryan Costello (R-Chester).

“The Republican repeal bill that Rep. Costello voted for in committee—without even waiting for a CBO score—will increase premiums, gut protections for pre-existing conditions and impose economic hardships on Pennsylvania families. That is the wrong answer and I strongly oppose this harmful bill,” Houlahan said in an email.  

Houlahan did not take a position on single payer, instead she left the door open to either side of the issue.  

“I believe access to healthcare is a fundamental human right and that we should work to expand access. How we get there is open for debate, but the discussion should be bipartisan and should include key stakeholders and our constituents.”  

The move to try to sow the seeds of division early in the Democratic primary could help spur more Democrats to enter the race, and provide the NRCC and Costello’s campaign with dirt on Houlahan should she make it to the general election.  This push will likely be seen increasingly often nationally as Republicans see single payer healthcare as an issue that Democrats will struggle with in 2018.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to Democrat Bob Dettore, who declared his candidacy for the 6th district, for comment on this story.

32 Responses

  1. The only thing that matters is getting as many people covered and cared for as possible. What is unacceptable is the GOP alternatives of shell games, pickign winners and losers, and praising so-called “skinny” insurance policies that provide insurance that covers nothing, and just allows you to say you have insurance. Whether it is single payer or market-based initiatives, lets just provide for meaningful healthcare coverage for people that makes care for all people’s health the goal and first priority. Let’s stop talking about reasons we cant do it and just do it. It is beyond comprehensible that the wealthiest nation on the face of the earth does not provide healthcare to its citizens as a basic human right. And for Democrats, that needs to be the message…not single payer vs something else. Everyone, Democrat or Republic should be pushing for the ultimate goal of meaningful healthcare for all no matter what your ecomomic status or ability to pay.

  2. Wow!! You mean GOP will lie and try to smear Dem candidates. I thought they let the Russians do that for them.

    1. Says the guy whose handle starts with the word gulag. Sounds good bud. You stay out there in Pittsburgh, maybe we can annex you to Ohio.

  3. How dare a politician keep an open mind to solutions to pressing issues.

    1. Agreed (with your sarcasm). It is a good thing to keep an open mind, always, about everyone and everything! I think this is about the fact that she has come out in the past at events and said that she is for single payer system (only solution to health care problem) and now she seems to be turning up her nose to the idea! I think some conservative/moderate strategist must be getting to her. SPEAK YOUR MIND CHRISSY!

  4. One thing you can count on is Republicans will go Willie Horton anytime they can.

  5. Wait, didn’t she already announce that she was single payer? I don’t understand.

  6. Single Payer wouldn’t cost $32 trillion over 10 years. So, this is a transparent attempt to tie support to a reasonable plan to false costs and fear-mongering about taxes.

    The single payer concept saves about $150 billion in paperwork alone. It would also have less overhead costs (Medicare runs at about 3% overhead, compared to private insurance companies and their profits which are well over 10%.)

    Also, the costs depend on what’s covered, and the size of the pool.

    But, if the premiums are paid through taxes instead of through the insurance companies, it’s not really a tax increase, because the insurance premium money is just being shifted to a different form of payment. So, even the over-inflated hyperbolic “$32 trillion in taxes” would be “$32 trillion in insurance savings”.

    1. Thank you for the clarity of your statement. As a healthcare provider and a small business owner. I am on both sides of the insurance issue. I buy insurance for my employees and I would love to face each upcoming year without a cost increase in health insurance. I also get paid by insurance companies. They fix the payments for my services and the crazy thing is that no 2 insurance payers have the same identical rates. Additionally, a single payer works well for the US military. There is nothing scary about it.

      1. David, I agree that the $32 trillion is probably a little bit of an exaggeration but do you really think that the American people want some crazy 65% tax? I agree that the GOP health care plan does NOT look good. But I think single payer goes wayyyy too far. Especially in this district.

      2. Blue Nose-

        The poor and middle class will never have a 65% tax rate. The ultra-millionaires should have a high rate (like in the time that Republicans think America was great).

        The people in bottom 50% of the country have only a percent or two of the wealth. A few hundred (or maybe only a few dozen) of the richest, have more money than the bottom 50% combined.

        Restoring the higher tax rates to the rich will pay for A LOT, and not even make a dent in their rich lifestyle. They have excessive wealth (much inherited and too little taxed, due to the rich paying off politicians to change the tax code to their unfair advantage).

        1. A strong and winning argument in one of the wealthiest districts in America. Vote for me, so I can really, really stick it to you. She’ll do great following this line.

  7. Wow! The Paid Koch Shills are out in force! Welcome to PoliticsPA, newcomers! Just know that PelosiPelosiPelosiSorosSorosSoros garbage gets laughed at here. You can take that stupidity to the One America News boards…

  8. No thanks. I want market-based solution such as increasing competition by allowing the sale of such policies across state lines. I don’t care that she’s a woman any of the identity politics stuff, give me which side of the fence you’re on about any given issue. And be prepared to tell us where you are with your party’s leadership, too. If you plan to braid hair and sing kumbaya with the likes of Pelosi and Schumer you don’t have the four votes in our household.

    1. And you don’t think that Costello doesn’t take his marching orders from Ryan, et al ?

    2. Yeah, absurd. As if your little ‘household’ doesn’t already ALWAYS vote Republikkkan.

      1. Listen you can disagree on policy all you want. Don’t come in here riding on your righteous prius cloud from the heavens and act like every Republican is a racist. You think that a socialist health care system is best? Great..explain why. But your hateful, assuming rhetoric is EXACTLY THE PROBLEM IN THIS POLITICAL CLIMATE. First you accuse someone of being in the KKK, next a reader sees it and takes inappropriate action into their own hands. GROW UP.

  9. And the wheels start falling off the wagon! A leader is someone who takes a stance and blazes a trail, the only thing I see going up in a blaze is this woman’s chances of grabbing a Congressional seat. She has constantly refused to take a stand on ANYTHING. HOW CAN YOU BE SCARED OF YOUR OWN PLATFORM?!?!?

  10. What is so wrong with single payer healthcare?! We need it! Who cares about what it costs? As she has said over and over again, health care is a basic human right and $32 trillion over 10 years is nothing. Although, I do not understand why this candidate won’t come out and support what her statements in the past have hinted at, she will have to make a decision soon if she wants my vote!

    1. You’re kidding right? You and Chrissy can join together and tax us all to death.

      1. BORROW and spend is the way to go, first the Feds and now the State.

        1. Really? we are 20 trillion in debt propping up our dysfunctional healthcare system. Talk about inefficiency. Much better to be able to control health care costs with single payer than pay extortionist drug and hospital prices.

  11. This is exactly what I’ve been talking about. Seems like your typical Dem candidate now-a-days. Seriously, how can someone get away with being asked a question, not answering it, and then attacking a sitting Congressman on a health care bill that he ended up voting no against anyway? This woman had a chance to do something in the 6th, after this? She has exposed herself as just another pawn by the Democratic Party.

    1. Agree. Also, you’d think Dem candidates would get by now that Republicans don’t vote for Democrats. So why try to get them?

      1. Republicans candidates can’t win either with just Republican votes.

        1. Sure they can, because Republicans are fantastic at turning out their voters. Dems are not.

  12. Ugh. Typical wishy-washy non-committal answer by a “centrist” Democrat. I get that she feels she has to woo moderate Republicans considering the makeup of that district, but she just comes across as someone not well versed in policy, who if elected would just take orders from Nancy Pelosi (who also, by the way, doesnt support single payer). Not a good look.

  13. Single-payer is not a winning issue for the Democrats in PA-6, but it is primary the way to win a Democratic primary electorate, who has a tendency to nominate candidates more fitting of a D+10 seat instead of a R+1 seat.

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