Reschenthaler Launches TV Ad in PA-14 Primary

State Sen. Guy Reschenthaler is launching his first TV ad of the Republican primary in the 14th Congressional district, introducing him to voters in the district.

“I’m from here and I share your values.  It’s why I went to Iraq and prosecuted nearly 100 terrorists.  It’s why I introduced a bill to end the dangerous practice of sanctuary cities,” Reschenthaler says in the ad.

The ad is currently scheduled to run for a week worth about 700 ratings points.  The campaign will likely increase the run time as the primary gets closer.

The ad is similar to parts of the playbook Congressman-elect Lamb used to defeat Reschenthaler’s primary opponent state Rep. Rick Saccone in the special election for the 18th Congressional district.  

Reschenthaler does not mention Saccone in the ad, instead he touts his credentials as a veteran and experience in Harrisburg.  In the 18th district special election, Lamb ran ads touting his ties to the community and his time in the military.

You can view the ad below.  


16 Responses

  1. r s were fools for choosing sack cone over guy. guy would have given lamb a run for the race and it may have had a different result.

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  3. Big deal he got a bill passed where the Republicans have a super majority thanks to Scott Wagner.. But that was a year ago and the House never brought it up for a vote. And even if it passed it is doubtful that Wolf would sign it. So like so many thing in Harrisburg running this bill was all for show and to puff up you ego. On the thinks that matter i.e being a fiscal conservative Guy is just another Swamp Creature.

  4. For all the hoo-haw about Sanctuary Cities, the thing people simply need to keep in mind is that local police should not be required to do the work of federal agencies, or share information that could be harmful to residents of their cities. That’s it folks. We’re paying our local yokels to take care of local problems, not do ICE’s work for it. It’s not some Hunchback of Notre Dame situation, people.

  5. Guy started off with a lie when he said “I’m from here”. He’s a carpetbagger wealthy republican, doing the bidding of republican lobbyists in Harrisburg. He’s the worst type of opportunist carpetbagger!

  6. Guy wasn’t “tough” when he collapsed to pressure from RINO Leadership to pass the $2 billion dollar budget deficit spending bill in PA. The excuse for doing so doesn’t match up to the “tough” talk. The facts…Sacone voted against it!
    Guy wasn’t “tough” when he refused to sign a pledge to not accept the state pension politicians—PA has 253 legislators, 2nd largest in the nation!.
    The facts…..Saccone was the first representative to sign the pledge, only eleven others followed his leadership. We don’t need a big spender in DC. Send Saccone!

  7. This guy (Guy) is a great candidate, probably the guy the r’s should have run in the first place. That said, this commercial is unimaginative and boring. The music sounds like a University of Phoenix ad, and Guy comes off as stiff w/ a plastered on smile. Guy is good looking and has a great resume–would be better if they got a better creative team.

    1. Nail on the head guy (who I assume is not Guy, and just a guy). I really really like Reschenthaler. He’s going to double digit Saccone at the primary, but this ad certainly has bad spots. I bet they had to do 10 takes of him smiling while saying he locked up 100 terrorists. Very odd. Guy, you’re a great candidate but you need to fire the director of this video before he puts out any more crap.

  8. It’s a relief to find one of these guys walking, talking, and basically connecting with people. Clearly, the thing was shot over a couple days — explaining the different clothes. Reschenthaler has a pretty good reputation out here as one of the better GOP members. Should be an interesting primary race.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Guy is a great candidate. What a breath of fresh air from that debacle Saccone and his Viet Cong sideshow.

  9. How many costume changes does it take to get your message across in an intro add? It feels like a tool acting an L.L. Bean add.

  10. Guy has that ridiculous smirk on his face. Rick wasted everyone’s time and money last go ‘round. This is the best we have to put forth?

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