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Reschenthaler to Chair SRCC

Guy ReschenthalerSenate Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati announced Monday that Senator Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny) will lead the Senate Republican Campaign Committee for the 2017-2018 cycle.  

“The Senate Republicans just came off a very successful Election Cycle bringing with it a historic veto-proof majority.  I look forward to working to continue to maintain and grow our majority over the next two years,” Reschenthaler said of his appointment.  

“I am confident that Senator Reschenthaler will help to provide strong leadership to the SRCC. His dynamic personality, work ethic and innovative ideas will lead our caucus through another successful Election Cycle,” Scarnati said in the statement naming Reschenthaler.  

The SRCC is coming off a big cycle with Senator Scott Wagner at the helm. Republicans flipped three Democratic held seats and earned a veto proof majority in the State Senate.  

The SRCC’s principal task this cycle will be defense. Just 7 of 25 seats up this cycle are held by Democrats, including three seats in Philadelphia, one in Pittsburgh, two in northeast PA and one in the Lehigh Valley.

Two races came within single digits in 2014: the 26th District, held by Sen. Thomas McGarrigle (R-Delaware), and the 46th District, held by Sen. Camera Bartolotta (R-Washington).  

Reschenthaler won his seat first in a special election in 2015, then won his first full term in November.  

Reschenthaler is a former Judge Advocate General attorney, who served in Iraq, and is a former Magisterial District Judge for Pleasant Hills, Jefferson Hills and South Park.

7 Responses

  1. Guy is a real weasel. Willing to do whatever it takes to kiss O&G industry ass! No bidding is too low or or task too shameless for this stooge.

  2. What the heck does “two districts came within single digits” mean? McGarrigle won by 4% (52-48) and nearly 4,000 votes; Bartolotta won by 6% (53-47) and over 5,000 votes. For southeast PA with a new guy running under an unpopular Governor, 4 points is good. Bartolotta took on and defeated an incumbent.

  3. What about Lyin Langerholc? The Tea Baggers up here in central Pee Yeah are really peed off that he double crossed CAP and the Sith Lord Leo Knepper. Grover Norquist put out an APB for Lyin Langerholc too.

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