Revolt in the Attorney General’s Office?

Kane-sadThere has been tension in the Attorney General’s office for a long time now. It might finally be reaching its boiling point.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, First Deputy Attorney General Bruce Beemer wrote an office-wide memo contemning Kane for releasing the emails of Judge Feudale.

Kane asserts that her actions were legal.

“That statement is wrong,” Beemer contends in the memorandum.

“The Office of Attorney General is bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct, various statutes and other legal privileges to keep all communications with clients and co-counsel, related to grand jury matters, and even communications with opposing counsel, confidential,” he writes. “Communications involving victims, witnesses and criminal justice agencies similarly are not public, and their disclosure could compromise prosecutions. The Office of Attorney General, its support staff and its investigators must maintain their confidentiality obligations.”

“Personal communications about private protected matters are private and not subject to disclosure to the public,” Beemer concludes.

Beemer’s message is signed by Executive Deputy Attorneys General James A. Donahue III, Robert A. Mulle and Lawrence Cherba.

Meanwhile, Kane maintains that because Judge Feudale’s messages were accidentally sent to Frank Fina’s old work email account, they are under the OAG’s purview.

“Any email sent to an email account in the Office of Attorney General, whether from a private or public email account, is not considered a private communication once it is captured by an OAG (Office of Attorney General) server,” Kane responded.

Feudale’s lawyer, Sam Stretton is claiming Kane broke the law.

“Her conduct is illegal, going back and searching for a grand jury judge’s emails,” Stretton told Bumsted. “She just needs to be stopped now. She is destroying our system of justice.”

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  1. Hey!! Look everyone … The mental patient was up at 4:35AM posting his hyper-links …

    Wonder if he will post a hyper-link to the bestiality videos Fina & The Corbett pervs sent around … using their State computers … while at work … on the taxpayers’ dime.

    Meantime – the knife-brandishing Judge (and pal of Fina’s) is on the war-path. Crazily writing and releasing letters. It is fun to watch these creeps scurry!!

    Popcorn bowl is almost empty.

  2. aaron – Please do not feed the mental patient troll.

    He is a TEA-slurping loon. His Jello takes a back-seat only to the kids on his lawn that he has to yell at.

    He is also afraid to show his face on the “Front Page” today – where his beloved Repervlicans took a BEATING. He’s a coward.

  3. @ “aaron”:

    “today’s big story” [electoral returns] is mutually exclusive of the bipartisan desire to rid the Commonwealth of AG-Kane…ASAP!

  4. *** URGENT WARNING ***

    The mental patient now appears to be coming unglued. But he has met Ted Cruz three time. 3 TIMES !!! BENGHAZI !!! !!! !!!

  5. @ Ha3:

    Paradoxically, noting that your input is devoid of data [as usual], it’s easier for me to feel that there is nothing that need be corrected; thus, until/unless that necessity arises, I would advise that you issue your warnings only when appropriate, for their indiscriminate use only serves to impugn their source [rather than their target].

  6. *** WARNING ****

    Read below at your own risk. It is the rambling of a mental patient.

    Though this comment is kinda funny …. The mental patient is having delusions of grandeur now …

  7. Another person @ the polls suggested that I shouldn’t bother dealing with people who are far less intelligent, but I replied that I’m directing my comments less @ people such as d2 and Ha3…and more @ those who are reading this statewide site.

    Think of Edward Deming’s concept of “moving the quality curve”and you will appreciate my goal; note, for example, how the “discussion” has moved from perceiving AG-Kane’s removal from office as an off-the-wall suggestion…to a viewpoint that is perceivable as mainstream.

    I cannot reasonably claim total responsibility for having nudged people towards acting against her, but I can suggest that my having nixed all contrary arguments may have helped to empower others to encourage politicians to find ways to get rid of her…and all the disruption she has created throughout the Commonwealth’s legal-enforcement infrastructure.

  8. A senior in-the-know lawyer appeared to corroborate my predictions, citing increasing support among Dems for AG-Kane’s departure ASAP; this was an oral communication that encompassed both legal and political considerations.

  9. Another Supreme Court Justice weighs in:

    Justice Correale F. Stevens, in his statement on the report, said that the fact that the emails originally came from Kane should not overshadow their content: “The content of the emails and the impact of that content on the Court, lawyers and the public must be explored. It is irrelevant how and when the emails in question recently became public. The fact is that the emails exist, are being questioned, and must be addressed.” He adds that a person “could reasonably conclude the [Judicial Conduct Board] did not fully investigate this matter a year ago when it had the opportunity to do so.”

    Indeed, Justice Stevens is correct. It was not fully investigates a year ago. That’s because Castille is a good buddy of Eakin’s.

    This whole thing reeks. These racist creeps, disgusting perverts, and woman-hating pigs have no business being employed on the taxpayers’ dime … let alone holding positions of public trust (prosecutors and judges).

    Eakin must go. Fina & The Rest of The Corbett Pervs must go too.

  10. Wolf must have made a deal with the Repervlicans. He is “trading” Kane’s head for some concessions.

    Either that or Wolf has some buddies/contributors who have a lot to lose in “Porn-gate” and/or the corruption allegations.

  11. Today’s Incremental Update:

    Wolf defers to Senate panel’s probe of Kane’s ability to run AG’s office

    Gov. Tom Wolf is deferring to the state Senate when it comes to reviewing Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s ability to continue serving in the elective executive branch post now that her law license has been suspended.

    “We’re all watching the state Senate commission the president pro tem set up. He’s looking to see what powers they have so I’m deferring to them,” Wolf said following a Monday news conference at Hamilton Health Center in Harrisburg on an unrelated topic.

    The Senate committee has begun the process of determining whether Pennsylvania’s embattled attorney general should be subject to a removal vote.

    Wolf reminded that earlier he called for her to resign after criminal charges were filed against her for leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it.

    “I don’t see how she can continue to defend herself as she should do and occupy the post of top law enforcement officer in Pennsylvania,” Wolf said. “I don’t see how you can both things.”

  12. I agree with these people:

    Valerie Kean Staab LINESVILLE, PA
    She is being railroaded by the good ol’ boys. Let the case play itself out. Innocent until proven guilty. What if she is found innocent!! You can’t give her life back. Let it go.

    peter osmolia TAYLOR, PA 2
    politics is a filthy game and i think she is being set up because she blew the whistle on a few scumbags.

    Laurie Weller LAKE ARIEL, PA
    I believe she is being treated unfairly and attacked for her uncovering illicit emails passed around by the “good ole boys”!

  13. oh no … not “corroborative hyperlinks” again … i must e-mail Sy to get this loon banned

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