Rick Perry Keynotes GOP Lincoln Day Dinner

PerryThe Republican Party is gearing up for the 2015 and 2016 elections.

That fact was evident throughout the GOP’s Lincoln Day dinner Friday night.

First, though, the attendees were treated from a blast from the very recent past in the form of former Governor Tom Corbett.

“I know some of you are surprised I’m here,” the famously reticent Governor said. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

While admitting that the 2014 outcome “was not exactly what I was anticipating.” Corbett made a point to highlight how important this year’s judicial elections would be.

The commonwealth’s 46th Governor wrapped up by declaring there is no “better duty than being a grandfather or grandmother.”

“Thank you for ten great years!” he concluded.


The 2012 (and likely 2016) presidential candidate and former Texas Governor gave a fiery speech to the assembled Republicans.

An extremely animated performer, Perry spoke without notes, and haltingly at times, yet that didn’t dim the enthusiasm of the audience.

Gov. Perry criticized President Obama on immigration, healthcare and the Keystone Pipeline.

He also seemed to lay out his presidential platform through his remarks on the Constitution.

“I’m real fond of the Second Amendment but I’m also fond of the Tenth Amendment,” Perry said.

Using the Tenth Amendment as a guide, the former Texas Governor expanded on his governing philosophy. He described incentivizing job creators as the most important thing a President can do.

He also cited Justice Brandeis’ quote on states acting as laboratories of democracy (an interesting historical anecdote given that Brandeis is the identical father of the “right to privacy”).


The Senator, who is facing re-election next year, used his time to emphasize how effective the Senate will now be under a Republican majority.

Sen. Toomey praised natural gas, calling it the “biggest thing to happen to Pennsylvania in 100 years”. Additionally, he noted that PA is set to surpass Texas as the No. 1 natural gas producer in 2015.

Finally, he was highly critical of President Obama’s foreign policy, especially concerning Iranian nuclear negotiations. At one point he asserted that the President “consciously and deliberately sought to limit American influence in the world.”

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  1. The blurb on the home page for this story:

    “The event also featured Senator Pat Toomey and recently departed Governor Tom Corbett.”

    I think “defeated” might have been a better choice of word. While Corbett gives all indications of being brain dead, he still has a pulse and hasn’t been declared deceased.

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