RMU Poll: Hillary and Christie are Early 2016 Front-Runners

Hillary-ClintonWith all the excitement of the midterms, it’s easy to forget the next presidential election will be beginning soon.

OK, it’s not easy to forget, much more attention has been paid to 2016 than 2014, but still.

On that note, we examine the latest Robert Morris University Poll (powered by Trib Total Media) which found Pennsylvanians favoring Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations respectively.

Democratic Primary

Hillary’s support has reached a high of 70.9% of likely Democratic voters. Meanwhile, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has eclipsed Vice President Joe Biden for second place. Warren stands at 22.5% while Biden received 21.4%.

Warren has continually insisted she is not going to run while Biden has left the door open.

Rounding out the Democratic field were: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (15.9%); New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (9.9%); Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (6.0%); Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (4.4%); Virginia Senator Mark Warner (4.4%); Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (3.8%).

Republican Primary

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie regained his lead in the RMU poll with 37.0% of likely Republican voters choosing him. Florida Senator Marco Rubio finished second with 22.5% while Wisconsin Rep. (and 2012 VP nominee) Paul Ryan and former PA Senator Rick Santorum tied for third at 21.0%.

Rounding out the Republican field were: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (20.3%); former Arkansas Governor (20.3%); Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (18.1%); Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (18.1%); Texas Senator Ted Cruz (17.4%); Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (16.7%); Former UN Ambassador John Bolton (5.8%); Indiana Governor Mike Pence (2.9%); Ohio Governor John Kasich (2.2%); Ohio Senator Rob Portman (2.2%); New York Rep. Peter King (2.2%).

This poll sampled 500 Pennsylvanians by online survey. It was conducted from August 18 to 22 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5%.

6 Responses

  1. Casey did you just use New Jersey as a barometer for a Presidential election? Also, would you like to see this bridge I have for sale?

  2. @jmarshak
    Benghazi? Please. That’s a dog whistle for people that would never vote for her anyway.

  3. @Dave

    1) Carpetbagged to NY just to run for the seat and use it as a springboard for a Presidential campaign, did nothing noteworthy as a Senator other than vote for the Iraq war.

    2) Benghazi. Enough said.

    3) Cares so much about women that she called every one who was sexually assaulted by her husband a bimbo and a liar.

  4. jmarshak-

    1) Senator with extensive legal/policy knowledge.
    2) Diplomatic skills and deep knowledge of other world leaders and international political dynamics
    3) Has helped fight for women’s rights around the world.

    There’s more, but you only asked for 3.

  5. All you Democrats who love Hillary- can you name 3 things she’s accomplished that qualify her to be President?

  6. Christie can’t even carry NJ over Hillary. Even *I* know how stupid it is to nominate someone who can’t win their home state.

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