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RMU Poll: Pennsylvanians Unsure About Kane

kane-sad2As much as it may distress dedicated political observers like us, most people don’t pay close attention to the news.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that a new Robert Morris University poll showed half of respondents didn’t know enough to say whether or not Attorney General Kathleen Kane should resign.

A similar survey from PPP earlier this week backs this claim up. A plurality of PPP respondents were unsure how they felt about Kane or whether she should resign.

In the RMU poll, though, out of the fifty-one percent that had an opinion 33.5% think Kane should resign. Just 17% believe she should stay in office.

Kane’s greatest detractors were Republicans and seniors while women were most likely to defer judgment on the AG.

“Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s support has evaporated,” said Philip Harold, an RMU political science professor who analyzed the data. “This suggests that the more the public is informed about the scandals, the more they favor Kathleen Kane’s resignation.”

The poll sampled opinions of 529 adult Pennsylvania residents statewide. The survey was conducted from May 8th to 16th, 2015. All surveys were conducted using an online survey instrument. The poll has a +/- 4.5 percentage point margin of error at a 95 percent confidence level on a composite basis.

14 Responses

  1. Good point, Peggy. Most rational observers agree with you. It would seem that DA Ferman also doesn’t trust the people who have been smearing/attacking AG Kane.

  2. “She has had plenty of chances to explain her side of the story?”

    Not with Fina getting a gag order that she can’t talk about him.

  3. “has not had a chance to tell her side of the story”

    This sentence is so stupid it has cost everyone that read it a few brain cells. She has had plenty of chances to explain her side of the story. Too bad she gave them to Richard Sprague and Lanny Davis. Sounds like you don’t care much for the fact that shes hiding, Peggy.

  4. Easy to pick on Attorney General Kane and ignore the other corruption going on in Harrisburg. She should finish her term and let the voters decide if she deserves another term.

  5. Peggy, I’m sure she will get at least one court date to tell her side. Until now, every time she “tells her side of the story,” she has to retract it because it turns out to be demonstrably false.

  6. I promised myself I would not respond to anything on Politics PA, because honestly, I don’t trust the people who hate the Attorney General and it concerns me the smut that is printed about her – who will be next? What really concerns me is she has not been given a chance to tell her side. I sincerely hope this is all resolved in court where everyone will have their day and yes even those who have porn on their computers.

  7. If she does her job as AG she will be re-elected. The working men and women will put all this media excitement aside. Do not count her out, she knows how to campaign. And next year will be a huge turnout year.

  8. Maybe you can figure that out right after you figure out how to use apostrophes correctly, Bungy.

  9. Hey Observer,
    Was Fina responsible for firing Jim Barker in spite of a clear protective order? Nope, that was Kane.

    Was Fina responsible for Kane claiming (only to retract the next day) the claim that there were additional Sandusky victims during the investigation? Nope, Kane.

    Was Fina responsible for Kane claiming that she had an affidavit pertaining to racism in the Philly sting case, only to find out that she did not have one at all and the supposed author of the memo adamantly denies racism (’cause he’s, you know, black himself and suing Kane)? No, that was all lying Kane.

    Help me out here — how did Fina convince Kane’s closest hand-picked inner-circle staff to testify against her in a grand jury proceeding?

  10. The more they “informed?” He meant to say, “misinformed” – since our lapdog media, including PolicitcsPA has dutifully repeated every smear and slander, without bothering to look at the sources of said smears. It appears from the actual numbers – and not the soothsayer interpretations – that most voters are waiting for the whole story to come out. They’re not fooled by the political mud being slung so far.

  11. Larry: “Hang her.”
    Unsanctioned R: “Boil her in oil.”
    Bungy:”I like porn.”

    There. NOW you don’t have to read the comments.

  12. Observer: “B-b-but, dirty emails!”
    Peggy: “Poll was engineered by a white male conspiracy.”
    Elroy Hirsch: “I will die for Kathleen Kane!”

    There, you don’t have to read the comments.

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