RNC Launches Digital Ad Campaign Against Casey

RNC Casey Ad

The Republican National Committee is targeting Senator Bob Casey with digital ads pushing him to support an up or down vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.  

“The Voters Have Demanded An Up or Down Vote In The Full Senate,” the video says on screen.

The video uses only words on the screen to communicate its message, only having music play in the background.  

The ads will run on as Facebook videos across the entire state, rather than being targeted to specific geographic regions.  According to the RNC, Casey will be a top target for them throughout the election cycle.  

These sorts of ad buys sometimes have a decent amount of money behind them to ensure they get to supporters and help shore up the base, but are used to generate earned media that can put more pressure candidates or officials.

The ad is part of a national effort pushing three parts of Trump’s agenda, Gorsuch’s confirmation, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and the passage of the American Health Care Act.  

“The RNC is committed to using all our resources to promote these policies and reforms which will benefit all Americans. As we continue to work hand-in-hand with a unified Republican government, I look forward to more opportunities to reach out directly to voters to communicate President Trump’s message,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.  

Casey’s campaign declined to comment on this story.  

Casey released a statement after his meeting with Gorsuch in early February.  

“I will continue to review Judge Gorsuch’s record and closely follow his answers to questions during his hearing before the Judiciary Committee in March and in his written responses to questions submitted afterward,” Casey said. 

In order for Gorsuch to have the up or down vote, a cloture vote must be taken, which requires 60 votes to pass.  The cloture vote would require eight Democrats to vote to bring the nomination to an up or down vote.  After a cloture vote, the he can be confirmed with a party line vote, since the Republicans hold a majority.  The Senate could also invoke the ‘nuclear option’ which would end debate with the simple majority of 51 votes.  

You can view the ad below.

11 Responses

  1. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for maglie calcio poco prezzo
    maglie calcio a poco prezzo

  2. Neil Gorsuch is eminently qualified to be an associate justice on the Supreme Court. It would be a travesty for Senator Casey not to vote YES on Mr. Gorsuch confirmation.

  3. Those same Republican legislators should have
    “done their jobs” when President Obama nominated his
    Supreme Court candidate. Weren’t they playing politics?
    I’m with Senator Casey!

  4. -Joe Bloomsburg I like your post even though we probably disagree on abortion. I think you will get what you want once we get into the general election campaign. Right now he needs to grab a hold of these grassroots groups, and make sure he has their support. independents and centrists probably won’t make up their mind until there is another candidate in the race at least.

  5. If Casey were more like his dad, he’d be great. He needs to find the courage to be like Gov Casey im his unapologetically pro-life stand back in ’92….. Maybe if the Dems would moderate their pro-abortion platform just a bit, we wouldn’t have sociopaths like Trump and Peter King and Lou Barletta and Steve Bannon in the government!!

    We’re in for a real headache if we get stuck with a Trumpublican as GOP Senate candidate and an unmoderated Casey who doesn’t reach back to his dad’s great across the board compassion- including for the poor, the lost, and the unborn too.

    Bob needs to step up if the Trump GOP continues stepping down.

  6. Shameful that now even picking a US Supreme Court justice becomes a political election. They must think this is PA where we still elect our crooked judges.

  7. The RNC is telling other people not to play politics with this Supreme Court vacancy?

    How does anyone even make that ad with a straight face?

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