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Rohrer Wins PoliticsPA Reader Poll

Former state Rep. Sam Rohrer of Berks County won the PoliticsPA readers poll of the U.S. Senate primary. Here are the full results.

Sam Rohrer: 651 (37 percent)
David Christian: 364 (21 percent)
Steve Welch: 324 (19 percent)
Tom Smith: 313 (18 percent)
Marc Scaringi: 77 (5 percent)

Note: Bedford pharmacist John Kensinger was initially listed in this poll, but removed when he did not make the ballot. He garnered 12 votes.

15 Responses

  1. Money is an issue in the primary for sure; but, it won’t be in the general election. Money will pour in because PA will likely be seen as one of the states where the senate seat could switch. Our candidate, no matter who, will be well funded and get assistance from plenty of PACs. Rohrer can win Democrats and Independents the same way Toomey did; plus he will excite the conservative grassroots volunteers which is a must for victory.

  2. Anyone but Welch! HE VOTED FOR OBAMA. HE GAVE MONEY TO SESTAK. What else do you need to know?

    Guys, we need someone who can actually win against Bob Casey. Sam Rohrer is a nice guy and a conservative, but he’s probably a little out there to win a general election. Good luck staying on message when you’re instead busy defending how you equated Drivers’ Licenses with Slavery. Those outside of the tin-foil hat set may have trouble with this line of thinking.

    I haven’t decided on my horse yet but I’m looking at the following:

    David Christian: American War Hero and an actual Republican.

    Tom Smith: Successful Businessman who DIDNT vote for Obama.

    Mark Scaringi: Well spoken conservative who comes off as less of a politician than Sam Rohrer.

  3. Anyone of the above, instead of “Casey the Commie”. I like Sam, Marc is a bulldog and won’t avoid the fight. Smith is solid but not very verbose. All of these folks are fine but could use some serious debating skills and a little more fire in thier bellys. I am not sold on the endorsed candidate as conviction and integrity are needed now more than ever, so being a Dem and then changing parties to run don’t sit well.

  4. State committee wants to keep Dave Christian OFF the ballot, clearing the field for the southeast vote to go Welchy boy. Pathetic. Why did you guys pick such a weak candidate to endorse????

  5. Truth and grassroots involvement got Mr. Rohrer 31% of the vote in his last primary (vs .68 for Corbett), so money is clearly a factor. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of Rohrer owning a business, as his professional history consists of 13 years in mid-level Marketing positions at Graco and 18 years in the PA House. His dealings with regulations were likely limited to watching their implementation from legislation that he supported. A vote for him is a vote for the status quo and the caliber of individuals that have created $15 trillion in debt, with approval ratings hovering around 10%.

  6. Permit me to rank the candidates.
    1. Sam Rohrer is a constitutional conservative with an 18 year voting history that is 99.999997% spotless. His statewide grassroots support is thicker than Mitt Romney’s hair. His only two faults are that he won’t kneel to the GOP establishment & lobbyists won’t be able to buy his affection with boozy dinners at the Palm restaurant.
    2. Marc Scaringi is a loveable libertarian conservative. Unfortunately his constituencies are either very shy or still on winter break. Let’s encourage Marc to keep his chin up & continue to seek higher office.
    3. I’d support Tom Smith in a county commissioner race. He’s like a kindly old (rich) grandpa who’s engaging around the dinner table but not the one you’d want making the case against Bob Casey on the Sean Hannity show.
    4. Steve Welch is pleasantly engaging, good on his feet, but needs to earn some conservative stripes before the GOP electorate stands him in a statewide race.
    5. I have no idea who David Christian is, but good on him for gathering 2000+ signatures in a crowded Republican field.

  7. Sam cannot defeat Casey. He has a grass roots following but he will not be able to pull independent ant democrat voters. My vote is for Tom Smith. He has the ability to draw from these two groups and he has the resources to see the race through and defeat Casey.

  8. The only candidate who can defeat casey is Christian. His stellar military career puts fear into the Dems and anyone running against him. Americans love heros and when a highly decorated veteran and businessman with charisma is running well all the other candidates should run away. Good for Rohrer but being he is a staunch man of religion he should get behind Christian.

  9. Many legislative votes are taken at midnight or later. Can any of us say that we’ve never made a decision that we later regret — that is the case of Sam Rohrer’s vote for the pay raise which he readily admits was a mistake. However, the vote for a pay raise was not unconstitutional. The Constitution gives the legislature the authority to vote themselves a raise in pay, but they cannot immediately begin collecting. They must wait until after the next election cycle. But the leadership in the 2005 legislature did not want to wait and held a second vote — one to allow them to begin collecting the pay raise immediately through unvouchered expenses. Sam Rohrer vigorously opposed and voted against this clear unconstitutional effort. Unfortunately, he was in the minority and the provision passed. Additionally, if Sam Rohrer’s actions were solely to keep him in office, why did he not run for his House seat while he ran for governor in 2010? Sam Rohrer is the ONLY candidate who has the experience needed in Washington, DC. He has addressed the out of control spending in Pennsylvania through offering four alternative budgets. Under Governor Schweiker, Rohrer’s budget was passed. Anti-tax folks in Washington are crediting Sam for pushing Corbett to the right two years ago resulting in two state budgets that don’t raise taxes. Rohrer introduced and pushed the Education Improvement Tax Credit. Sam Rohrer led a bipartisan coalition of state lawmakers to expose Governor Ed Rendell’s and PennDOT’s ongoing implementation of Real ID identification technology and the collection of biometric face prints from all new or renewed Pennsylvania driver’s license photos without public knowledge or legislative approval. Rohrer is a strong 2nd and 10th Amendment candidate. As a former business owner, he knows the detriment of over regulation and fought against it during his time in the State Legislature. Money does not win elections, it’s the truth spoken by the candidate and grassroots involvement.

  10. Christian is the only one who can defeat casey. I am sure casey is afraid of th idea of a David Christian running, merely because of Christians stellar military career. In most pennsylvanians mind a war hero and businessman is the perfect combo for the great State of Pennsylvania

  11. Tom Smith is the only person for the job as he is a true job creator. He knows first hand how excessive regulations can kill jobs and hurt PA families. Tom is the type of individual we need in leadership in Washington.

  12. Candidates like Sam Rohrer are part of the problem—not the solution. Career politicians that vote for Midnight pay raises and whose actions (or lack thereof) are based solely on keeping him/her in office, instead of addressing the out of control spending/regulatory climate that pervades our Government at every level or the multitude of other problems. While he possesses 651 votes of grassroots support, he does not have the resources to win the Republican primary, nor in any serious way contend with Casey in the General Election.

  13. This is the guy who wants to allow drunks, epileptics and addicts to drive without licenses.

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