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Roll Call Names Casey 10th Most Vulnerable Senator

Six months out from the general election Roll Call released its list of 10 most vulnerable Senators including Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.

According to Roll Call Casey is the 10th most vulnerable Senator up for election this year.  They do acknowledge that Casey is “one of the least vulnerable Democratic senators running in states Trump carried in 2016.”  

“One of Trump’s early allies, GOP Rep. Lou Barletta, appears to be the likely nominee,” Roll Call says.  Barletta’s connection to Trump remains to be one of the question marks in the race, if he can push the Trump vote out like in 2016, it might be enough to overcome one of the expected blue wave in the midterms.  

Senators Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin), Jon Tester (D-Montana), Bill Nelson (D-Florida), Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota), Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana), Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri), and Dean Heller (R-Nevada) ranked as more vulnerable.

20 Responses

  1. Bob makes terrible votes constantly David! Glad you’re paying attention!

  2. You’re dreaming if you think Barletta will beat Casey. Pennsylvanians love Caseys, and Trump’s favorability is very low in PA. Voters in SE PA hate Trump, and justifiably so. As Milt and mny Repubs pointed out, he’s a con man. And that big tax cut for big corp will sink the GOP this Fall.

    1. Trouble is Casey has been a partisan piece of work as a Senator. He has not acted in our best interests. He voted almost 100% with Obama So yeah if your anti white, anti Christian, anti business, anti 2nd amendment, anti military, anti marriage, anti free speach… then hes your guy. If not lets look elsewhere.

      1. Nice try. Casey is neither of those things but the fact that you felt you needed to say that shows how scared you are of a blue wave. Casey will win BIGLY this fall.

  3. He beat a two term incumbent and he will win again. What’s wrong with a “nice guy” instead of a bombastic blowhard saber rattler?

  4. Bob Casey used to be a strong, bipartisan Senator that reflected the political make up of PA. Sadly, he is not a fraction of the man he used to be. The new Hyper-Liberal Bob Casey is part of the Nancy Pelosi left wing elite who is SO COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH WITH PA VOTERS that he has put his head down and is completely following the crowd in this “wave” when he has/had the opportunity to carve out his own political standing, much the same way Senator Toomey did in 2016.

    What does Casey have to show for his time in DC? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    Let’s send the Casey Political Family home for good.

    1. Not so. Bob made a TERRIBLE vote this year supporting the idiotic 20 week abortion ban. That’s not a left-wing vote (nor a defensible vote).

      1. Bob makes terrible votes constantly David! Glad you’re paying attention!

  5. Too bad Scott Wagner decided to run for Governor instead of the US Senate. The “boss hog” of York county could have really given Senator Casey a run for his money$$$! NOT!

  6. Lou Barletta is a one trick pony that got to where he is busting on immigrants. Funny isn’t it that someone named Barletta would build his political reputation being against immigrants.

    1. Yeah and getting pimp slapped by SCOTUS when he passed that stupid ordnance. And then losing to kanjorski the first time

  7. Who is more vulernable, Casey to lose or Yesenia Bane to get indicted for gas industry corruption?

  8. Sigh… I’d prefer he were first — and resigning to avoid losing the way Charlie Dent did to escape a primary loss.

  9. If His opponent raises money and conducts a vigorous campaign Casey will lose. Casey Jr. is a fraud! He ignored his constituents on Obamacare and the Iran deal. He has been an obstructionist on taxes and even some decent nominees for the cabinet. He represents the worst of the Democratic Party- and he is a prime example of the mediocrity that can win an election. Casey Jr lacks the skills and integrity of his father. The question in this race will be whether or not his Republican opposition can make it a horse race. The pundits are right- that is a big question?

    1. Casey, Sr. had integrity? Isn’t Senior the governor who inherited a $12 billion rainy day fund from Dick Thornburg, squandered it in his first term, and then stonewalled an audit until he was reelected? Some integrity!

      1. The thrust of this comment is on-point; Casey has been an empty-suit and, indeed, has dissed his pro-Live constituency [as have most allgedly “blue-dog” Dems] when supporting BHO’s disastrous agenda [e.g., ObamaDon’tCare].

        He portrays himself as a “nice-guy” who had no problem attending Toomey’s swearing-in brunch; yet, when stressed, he has demonstrated “the mediocrity that can win an election.”

        Barletta, to the contrary, is a sober/thinker who blew-away the 2 libs debating him, years ago, @ Temple Law [on the illegals issue]; with assistance from The Donald, he and Wagner will prove formidable as the “blue wave” morphs into a ripple.

        1. Nope. Wrong on all counts. You can’t wish your way outta the fact that Trump will negative impact both races. Neither Barletta nor Wagner get elected this fall and the Republican Party will continue to chip away at its own, failing brand.

  10. The non partisan political newsletter “Inside Elections” just moved Casey from “lean Democratic” to “Likely Democratic” column making his candidacy much stronger. This is a big deal as “Inside Elections” are judicious in moving races from column to column plus I sense they are not enamored of Lou Barletta.

  11. Only 33 Senators are up for election every 2 years so this puts him high mid pack. I think he wins without issue.

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