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Romney and Ryan Set To Visit PA

GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney and Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan will campaign in Pennsylvania, just days before the general election.

Romney will visit Bucks County on Sunday. Reports the Philadelphia Inquirer, “he is holding a 5:15 p.m. rally at Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, his campaign announced late Thursday.”

Ryan, who campaigned out west in Moon Township two weeks ago, is scheduled to speak to supporters at the Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown on Saturday. Full details of Ryan’s visit are listed below. 

Romney and Ryan’s visits is the cherry on top for a major Pennsylvania push by the GOP. The Romney Campaign and pro-Romney PACs have dumped nearly $12 million in ads to try and sway voters toward the GOP Presidential Nominee.

The Obama campaign is scheduled to counter the GOP ticket’s visit with Biden…Dr. Jill Biden, that is.

According to the Obama campaign,The Second Lady is slated to make a stop in Media on Friday, and West Chester, Norristown, Germantown and NEPA on Saturday. Dr. Biden was scheduled to speak to supporters in PA on Tuesday, however, she cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Vice President Joe Biden also cancelled a scheduled visit to Scranton, originally planned for today.

Obama spokesperson Desiree Peterkin Bell blasted the Romney Ryan visit, calling it a “sheer act of desparation”

“In an act of sheer desperation, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going all in in Pennsylvania, following the lead of every Republican presidential candidate since 1992 who have made last ditch investments in the Keystone State,” said Bell. “Not one of them carried the state. With less than a week to go and consistently down in must-win states, Mitt Romney’s campaign is desperately trying to find a path to 270 electoral votes with no avail.”

Here are the details on Ryan’s visit:

Event:     Paul Ryan Attends Harrisburg Victory Event

Location:                  Avflight Harrisburg
Harrisburg International Airport
517 Airport Drive
Middletown, Pennsylvania

Doors Open:            11:00 AM EDT

Program Time:        1:30 PM EDT

Tickets:                     Tickets may be picked up at the following locations:

Lancaster County Victory Office
902 Columbia Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

Dauphin County Victory Office
4813 Jonestown Road, Suite 102
Harrisburg, PA 17109

Cumberland County Victory Office
1 S. Frederick Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

York County Victory Office
2453 Kingston Court, Suite 102
York, PA 17402

27 Responses

  1. After 4 years of attack on the poor and middle class with the doubling of gasoline, and 30 percent increase in tuition, Barrack Hussein Obama is done for. We students who old on to our Bibles, guns and God, have nothing to show for the last four years but the little change left in our purses. Obama has the unions and trial lawyers to answer to, so we suckers are left holding the bag. Example; he can afford private education for his girls in D.C., but he threw the poor kids who had school vouchers to attend the same school as his daughters to cave into pressure from the big boss unions.

  2. Thank You God. We need Romney/Ryan in the White Office. PA has an unemployment rate of 8.2%. It’s the highest in the US. Obama shut down the coal mines in PA. He vetoed the Oil Line that the Americans wanted to build and would have put so many people to work. He wasted billions of taxpayers money on energy programs that all went Bankrupt. Obama gave Trillions of dollars to the banks with no strings attached. Then the banks still foreclosed on millions of Americans who are now out in the streets. He loves all the terrorist in the Middle East and hates Israel. Obama has NEVER visited Israel as President but he went to every other country in the Middle East and bowed down to them. The price of gas was 1.86 dollars a gallon when Obama came into office. Now four years later it is double. He has set our country back in so many ways. Our children and Grandchildren will be paying all this free money this administration is giving to the banks back for years to come. Ronald Reagan and Reaganomics worked in the 80’s. He was able to turn our economy around in 3 years after Carter totally screwed it up just like Obama is doing now. Why would anyone vote for Obama again?? If he can’t do it in 4 years and in fact has made our economy worse why in the world would anyone vote for him??? All his promises while he campaigned never came to fruition. All lies,lies, lies. To top it off the White House is covering up the Benghazi gate scandal. As a veteran of the US Air Force I am appalled that Obama failed to allow back up to help Ambassador Stevens, his Aide and two Navy Seals after they repeatedly asked for help in June, August and in September 2012. In the middle of the attack Hilary, Obama and the rest of his cronies were sitting in the Oval Office getting real time news about what was happening and they new the Navy Seals were begging for back up to help them and they refused to send in troops to help them. One of the Navy Seals Father said when he went to Andrews Air Force Base to pick up his son’s body that “Obama would not look him in the eye, his hand shake felt like a dead fish and he said “I’m sorry” with no emotion at all.” Obama’s foreign policy is non existent. He thinks Al Queda is on run. Notice how he doesn’t mention that anymore in his campaign speeches.since the Benghazi attack.
    I am disgusted with this Administration. We need real change. Vote for Romney. Give him a chance.

  3. Wow. My state of PA sure has a lot of Marxist moonbats posting here! Your time will come when the US will fall because if the changing demographic. You’ll regret it deeply too as you see your children enslaved by the Marxist/Islamic coaltion.
    But in the meantime I assure you victory is ours on Tuesday. There are for now still keepers of the Constitution alive who will fight to the death for what our Founders created and all of those Americans who gave their life for Liberty.
    God bless America!

  4. Jack R.

    Keep on drinking the FOX News kool-aid. No way in hell that Romney wins this election. All of the polling data says otherwise. Maybe you should try to get out of the conservative bubble and join us Real Americans in the real world.

  5. Welcome to PA! Romney-Ryan is the answer in turning the country’s economy around. Who do I trust to keep Americans safe? The answer is go FORWARD with Romney-Ryan!

  6. John, I believe you are the delusional one.
    As I see it it, Romney will be Pres for 8 years and Marco Rubeo will serve 8 years after that. And you will be better off for the next 16 years.
    Also Hilary will be disgraced after everything comes out on the Bengazi terrorist attacks on America on 9/11/12.
    Damn, you have 4 more days to feel great as a liberal.

  7. Well Lou I can read polling data and I can also do math and none of it suggests that Romney will sweep Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Wisconsin. Perhaps that’s what you hope and may even really believe since you live inside the conservative bubble as opposed to the real world. Or maybe you’re one of these nutjob right-winged conspiracy theorists who foolishly believes that any polling data favoring President Obama is skewed; while touting the very minimal polling data that favors Romney. Again conservatives are so dumb and delusional that they would be funny if they’re ideas weren’t so bad and dangerous for America.

    As I said before, this coming Tuesday get ready for 4 MORE YEARS OF PRESIDENT OBAMA FOLLOWED BY THE ELECTIONS OF PRESIDENT HILARY CLINTON IN 2016!!!

    Damn, it feels GREAT to be a Liberal.

  8. Look into your bag of gold tiles, Willard, and maybe pull a victory out of your magic under britches.

  9. Don’t waste your time Romney. Not all of us are drinking the kool-aid you and other rich men are trying to shove down out throat. The war on coal myth here in western PA has been created by who else but very wealthy millionaires and billionaires with everything to gain with a GOP victory. Playing on the fears of the average person in order to line their pockets.

    Romney touts pro-life but yet had money invested in stericycle. Somehow that got brushed under the rug once Romney was nominated.

    People like Romney and Tom Smith are running for nothing more than personal gain and will take us all down with them Why do you think the UMWA is endorsing Casey? They know Smith got his union card as a truck driver. Once he started TJS Mining, he ran a nonunion company and anyone that tried to go union was intimidated that they would lose their job.

    The GOP has changed from conservative to greed. I’m not falling for it.

  10. Ohio is Romney’s, Florida is Romney’s, Iowa and Wisconsin, Romney’s. John, you’ll be seeing a lot of RED on Wednesday. FOUR MORE days, FOUR MORE days, FOUR MORE days!

  11. Ahhhh silly conservatives you people are so dumb and delusional that I’m literally laughing out loud. In the real world, outside of the conservative bubble, we all know the Romney campaign is a sinking ship.

    Anybody who follows politics knows that whoever wins Ohio wins the Presidency. So why would Romney, who all polls show that he’s losing Ohio, take time and resources out of that state and try to fight in PA? Its called a hail mary because he knows that Ohio is a lost cause so now he’s trying his luck in PA. Romney is not campaigning like a winner and his negative ads that tell blatant lies about the President’s record don’t exude confidence but instead they’re scare tactics from a desperate candidate.

    The way things stand now, Romney is knows that he’s going to lose the election and now he’s hoping that coming to PA can be a game-changer for him because he’s thrown in the towel in Ohio. But its too little too late because Pennsylvania stands with President Obama.


  12. Jack, you nailed it. To anyone not paying attention and sucking down the swill the MSM is selling them this will be a complete SHOCK. All of their polls with D+7 sampling will look ridiculous. Before you vote for Obama be sure you are comforatable he lived up to his 08 promise of Transparency (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, backroom dealing and bribes to ram Obamacare through on a Sunday afternoon after conning Bart Stupak that Abortions wouldn’t be a part of it, why are his college transcripts such a secret?,). Are you ok with his posiitons evolving while he calls Romney a flip-flopper? We the People are awake and will take a successful businessman with some flaws over a Chicago huckster any day!

  13. I’ve been talking about “the wave” all year on this site. Here it is Libs. Fitzpatrick is going to beat Boockvar by at least 8 points in the “swing district” of Bucks County. Tom Smith is going to crush Senator Zero. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The anger against Obama and the Progressive Ruling Class is off the charts. Barack Obama is going to wish he had Jimmy Carter’s numbers in 1980 when it’s all said and done.

  14. I am very excited about seeing the next president of the United States of America on Sunday in Bucks County! Governor Romney will restore America’s stature in the world by strengthening the economy and putting an end to out-of-control government spending. Our troops will once again have confidence in their commander in chief who will put their safety FIRST before his own political interests. In Governor Romney, we will have a president that speaks from the HEART instead of from a scripted teleprompter. Even die-hard Democrats saw that their Emperor Obama (as he would LOVE to be known as) had no clothes during the first presidential debate. I will once again be proud to be an American when Mitt Romney is elected president!

  15. So excited to see Governor Rommey. Have been working the GOTV for him, very encouraged by the voters who are making the effort to get to know him and what he will do for to help our country . Pay attention voters, find out how obama handled the crisis in Libya while 4 Americans died and their cries for help were ignored. Find out just what Obama will do differently to improve the economy and jobs (more of the same) find out how Obama will get US energy independent. And find out how Obamacare will affect you, your doctors, your job, and you financially. There is a reason majority of Doctors do not support Obama and
    are not voting Obama. Be informed.

  16. Romney’s not expanding the map. Campaigning in PA is a distraction, and an attempt to create a false narrative that Romney has a chance in PA. He doesn’t.

    Romney is not ahead in any PA polls. Voter suppression bill overturned.

  17. Clearly this is a desperation move on Romney’s part since he feels his chances of carrying Ohio are nil.

  18. It’s disappointing that Romney has had no presence in Washington County. Fox news said it was a pivitol county for the state and everyone has forgotten them!

  19. I believe Romney has an excellent chance to carry Pennsylvania. Romney is running on his record as an experienced business man and someone who knows what it takes to create jobs. Obama is running from his record of abject failure by attacking Romney.
    Obama’s vile lies and scurrilous smears don’t work for me and it won’t put food on my table.

  20. We just came from the Tom Smith rally in Murrysville. This was his 3rd stop of the day across PA and he was accompanied by Senator Ron Johnson of WI. Smith has been doing the heavy lifting for over a year and has cut a keyway for a Romney victory.

  21. The map has expanded for Romney in 2012 the way it did for Obama in 2008. It’s over Romney Is the next president.

  22. Remember when Obama took office in 2009 and he said he would be transparent and bring the parties together? We are more divided now than ever. Obamacare voted straight down party lines. Gas is double what it was 4 years ago. Real unemployment is double-digits. 1 in 6 live in poverty. Wake up, people. Another 4 years of Obama and you won’t recognize the America our grandparents fought for.

  23. Welcome back to PA, Mr Ryan! There are lots of us Catholics here, so be sure to explain as you did so well the other day, the conservative understanding of caring for the poor and disadvantaged. Be sure to remind PA of the irresponsible spending habits of this Administration.
    Thank you so much for your time!

  24. Good for Mitt and Paul. After 4 yrs. of huge domestic failures, a war on coal and oil, Obamacare, no border solutions, debt and deficits and now the horrid Benghazi-gate murders should tell all common sense Pa. and NJ voters, enough of this naif in the WH and the Reid type Senators in the Senate and Pelosi type House reps. There are no reasons for Pa. voters to keep electing a failure and a guy who doesn’t care about covering up with the liberal media a murder story like Benghazi.

  25. obama is gonna win ohio romney has nowhere to go but try to win pennsylvania.good luck can you say president obama 4 more years.romney should go to his hometown of michican.oh wait obama is winning there also. lol

  26. Please don’t. We’ve got enough problems in PA as it is. How much did you pay for a private plane to fly your horse to the Olympics, Mitt? Why not match those funds in triplicate for the Americans affected by the hurricane. You don’t want FEMA to do it.

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