Romney Comes Out Ahead on Super Tuesday

Romney stats in yellow; Santorum in purple; Gingrich in red. Source: AP/Google.

Mitt Romney proved Tuesday night that all it takes is determination… and a huge financial advantage. The former Massachusetts Governor had the best night on Super Tuesday and ground his way to a win in Ohio, a key battleground of the GOP primary.

In addition to winning in his home state of Massachusetts by a landslide, Romney managed to carry Alaska, Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming, and Virginia. Since neither Santorum nor Gingrich qualified for the Virginia ballot, Romney faced only Ron Paul in the Old Dominion State.

Santorum carried North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee by comparably strong margins.

Control of Ohio teeter-tottered throughout the night between Romney and Santorum.  With just 78 percent of the votes counted in Ohio, Santorum led Romney by only .02 percent. The tables turned in Romney’s favor when 86 percent of the vote was counted; Romney earned 37.7 percent of the Ohioans’ votes, while Santorum was just .05 percent behind.

At the end of the night, with around 1,200,000 votes cast, Romney edged out Santorum 38 to 37 percent. That’s outside the 0.25 percent threshold for an automatic recount.

Pa. bordering counties ended up being the swing counties within the Ohio area. In Ashtabula County, Santorum led Romney by less than 2 percent; 36.1 percent to 34.9 percent . In Trumbull County, Romney and Santorum were within one percent of one another; Romney leading. Romney was the victor in Mahoning County with 37 percent of the vote while Santorum trailed by 2 and a half percent.

With little surprise, former Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich carried the vote in the Peach State; which his campaign portrayed as a significant boost.

Despite not carrying a single state, Texas Representative Ron Paul exhibited a stronger-than-usual showing in Vermont, emerging ahead of both Santorum and Gingrich.  Paul also captured a substantial portion of the vote in Virginia and a few delegates.

The candidates now move on to Kansas; its primary contest is Saturday along with a few island territories. Republicans go to the polls next Tuesday in Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi and American Samoa.

Here are the final polling results according to Politico, in order of delegate total per state:

Georgia – 76 delegates :
Gingrich: 47.4%
Romney: 25.7%
Santorum: 19.6%
Paul: 6.5%

Ohio – 66 delegates:
Santorum: 38%
Romney: 36%
Gingrich: 15%
Paul: 9%

Tennessee – 58 delegates:
Santorum: 37%
Romney: 28%
Gingrich: 24%
Paul: 9%

Virginia – 49 delegates:
Romney: 59.5%, 157,964 votes, 43 delegates
Paul: 40.5%, 107,506 votes, 3 delegates

Oklahoma – 43 delegates:
Santorum: 34%
Romney: 28%
Gingrich: 27%
Paul: 10%

Massachusetts – 42 delegates:
Romney: 72.1%
Santorum: 12.1%
Paul: 9.6%
Gingrich: 4.6%

Idaho – 32 delegates:
Romney: 76%
Santorum: 10%
Paul: 10%
Gingrich: 4%

Wyoming – 29 delegates:
Note: Wyoming kicked off its 3-day caucuses on Tuesday. These are the results so far, with 26 percent of the vote in.
Romney: 55.7%
Santorum: 30.5%
Paul: 2.5%
Gingrich: 0%

North Dakota – 28 delegates:
Santorum: 40%, 4339 votes, 8 delegates
Paul: 27.1%, 3186 votes, 4 delegates
Romney: 24.3%, 2691 votes, 4 delegates
Gingrich: 8.6% 962 votes, 0 delegates

Alaska – 27 delegates:
Romney: 32.6%, 8 delegates
Santorum: 29%, 7 delegates
Paul: 24%, 6 delegates
Gingrich: 14.2%, 3 delegates

Vermont – 17 delegates:
Romney: 41%
Paul: 25%
Santorum: 23%
Gingrich: 8%

Total Delegate Count to Date:
Romney: 386
Santorum: 156
Gingrich: 85
Paul: 40

1,144 needed

2 Responses

  1. One has conclude that Romney is rapidly becoming the defacto nominee for the Party. Rick is our hometown guy but I don’t see the numbers falling his way. While he may have sway with social conservatives(of which I’m one) I don’t see a lot of bonifides in other areas. We need a candidate who will force Pres. Obama to discuss his disasterous economic policies. I don’t want to debate abortion and gay marriage for the next 6 months. Those issues are not as significant as the government assault on the private sector, the spread of crony capitalism and a potentally cataclismic economic meltdown in 2013 or 14. President Obama would use the opportunity to infuse even more corrupt government control over the country. It is imperative R’s unite behind Mitt and put their search for a perfect Republican in some box in the garage.

  2. Gingrich came in 1st in his old home state and only 3rd or 4th in all the others (except his current home state, Virginia, where he didn’t even get on the ballot).

    Stick a fork in this guy, he’s done.

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