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Romney Coming Back to PA

Romney speaks during a rooftop event in Harrisburg, April 2012

At long last, Pennsylvania’s drought is over! A presidential candidate – Republican Mitt Romney – will campaign in the state on Friday. It’s the first trip to the state by either candidate since early July, when Romney and President Obama both visited Pittsburgh.

A Republican source confirmed that Romney, who was already scheduled to be in Philadelphia for a private fundraiser, has added a public rally to his schedule.

The new visit was first reported by Tom Fitzgerald of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Romney will be speaking at the Valley Forge Military Academy near the border of Chester and Montgomery counties in the heart of southeast Pa. That’s a region which Barack Obama won by a significant margin in 2008 and that Romney will need to flip back into the GOP column if he hopes to win the state.

Romney’s Pa. hopes took a beating yesterday with the release of two polls each showing him at a double digit deficit to Obama in Pa.

Republicans and his campaign have insisted that the state is still in play, and that grassroots organizing they’re doing now will yield a close race.

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  1. the same tactic was used in the 2008 Primary claiming that Obama had closed the gap to 3% the weekend prior to the election, which Hillary won by nearly 10%…if you’re canvassing, you know that from people you reach, but the Obama Campaign has blithely ignored the will of the people and gone ahead and forced their Big Foot into Cinderella’s slipper. He not only wants to beat out the Big Dawg in our hearts and mind, he wants to be the prettiest and the smartest one in the universe too. Sadly, the O Cult does none of the work to relate to the needs of the Voters.

    Mary: here’s a tip – don’t mix your activist efforts with what should be bipartisan outrage over the Administration’s treachery in the misleading response to the murder of our Ambassador and three highly trained and valued US diplomats. It just makes you look as rabid as them.

  2. Anyone who doubts there is enthusiastic and passionate support for Romney should have seen the standing room only crowd at VFMA today.
    Unlike the sheep who follow the Democratic dictates the Republicans refuse to accept the Progressive media’s propaganda put forth by, among other tactics, bogus poll numbers.

  3. The tickets are free. Just click above on the words Philadelphia Inquirer in blue, then click on the link to Romney’s site on the blog page.
    Or, go directly to Romney’s website, choose the state of Pennsylvania, and look along the right hand side column under Events.
    It will take you to a ticket order page, but don’t worry, they are free. The other site is just for processing them.
    Good luck, hopefully I’ll see you there!

  4. Lisa, click on the Philly Inquirer link in the article above, then the link for the event on his blog page. I already have mine. So exciting!
    News today on Foxnews, the President knew within 24 hours that the embassy murders were terrorism, and continued to tell Americans otherwise.

  5. I just got a phone call from you. I would like to go the event at Valley Forge military academy on September 28Th. How do I get a ticket?

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