Rothfus Ad: Critz is Obama’s ‘Yes Man’ (Watch Video)

The Rothfus campaign released a scathing yet catchy new ad today, mocking Congressman Mark Critz for his support of President Obama’s policies.

The ad shows a bobblehead of Critz nodding yes, as the narrator rips through a list of policies that link Critz and Obama support, such as Obamacare, job regulations, and tax policies.

“Critz blindly supports Obama’s policies like higher taxes, harmful regulations and Obamacare which are killing jobs,” the narrator says, the bobblehead nodding all the while. “And because of Congressman Critz and President Obama, jobs have been outsourced and jobs destroyed. Family incomes are down by $4,000 and we still have record levels of unemployment.”

Critz Spokesperson Mike Mikus blasted the ad for its negativity and its “falsehood.”

Not the worst likeness. The hair is a bit off, but the nose is pretty good

“Keith Rothfus has completely given up saying anything positive about himself because voters in Western Pennsylvania are rejecting him,” said Mikus.

“He supports unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas and tax cuts for companies that ship jobs overseas. Mark Critz is one of the most independent members of Congress who has taken on his own party to stop overregulation of coal and natural gas so we can create jobs. The people of Western Pennsylvania know this. Keith Rothfus knows this too. Yet he continues with his blatant falsehoods.”

9 Responses

  1. Are we to assume that Goofus will not march in lock step with his leadership lords and all of its goofy Tea Party ideas??? Yea right!

  2. I don’t understand why this Mikus keeps repeating Keith’s main campaign issue. Keith is not ashamed to support outsourcing of jobs and the tax breaks that force ordinary Americans to subsize it. This is his position and why he was picked by the Club for Growth and the International Chamber of Commerce. Corporations are people, too, my friend. They need to reward their managers with huge bonuses which is why they must be paid by the middle class to ship jobs to low wage countries. That’s what will make America great!

  3. Dear Mr. Pa Politics,
    Can you please find out who the bobble head really is? Surely they didn’t make an actual Critz doll that looks like John Lithgow. C’mon please find out who is the real star of the blockbuster. And by John Lithgow I mean Third rock from the sun Lithgow not mean guy bent on world domination in the 80’s Christmas class “Santa Claus” starring Dudley Moore, Lithgow. Please it’s what I want for Christmas. Ps ask if it was made in China, Keith likes China

  4. No one can beat the critzer in Johnstown and somerset. Outside of there its a far different story, but if the margins are so large there it’s tough to overcome let alone considering Rothfus as the one to do it.

  5. Yes, the bobblehead does look like Rothfus’s former employer George W Bush. What did Rothfus do in the Bush Faith-based initiative boondoggle? See this video from David Kuo! Why isn’t any party examining Rothfus’s bio? It is like a Orwellian novel!

  6. That bobble looks like George W Bush. Cuts down on the effectiveness of the ad cuz it doesnt look like Critz at all. Not to mention that Critz isnt a Yes man for Obama. He’s a No man to this white house.

  7. Rothfus team of crack admen found a way to make mowerman ad look credible, a freakishly unserious cartoon of a spot that won third prize in the ninth grade art competition. Hey mowerman, you are wasting time and money. That said , its not a total waste of time, lets play “name that bobble head ” I say it looks like John Lithgow. But Harry and the Hendersons Lithgow not angry Cliff Hanger Lithgow.

  8. Rothfus was a Bush cronie involved in the botched Katrina response. Now he runs down to Tampa to walk the plank on the Romney-Ryan plan to kill Medicare. He is lockstep with Teaparty/GOP.

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