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Rothfus Ad: With Economy in the Rough, Critz Record Subpar (Watch Video)

In what is perhaps an unintended complement to a new anti-Critz paid for by the NRCC, GOP PA-12 candidate Keith Rothfus has released his second campaign ad today highlighting, again, his credentials as a “regular guy” who just happens to be running for Congress.

Much like his first ad, this video – called “Golf” – shows the candidate in his role as a father. Last time he was dropping the kids off at school and fixing one of his daughter’s bikes, and this time he’s playing miniature golf with them.

The ad isn’t all positive, though. The announcer takes the opportunity to take a swing at Obama first, then Rothfus’ challenger Rep. Mark Critz (D-Cambria).

The narrator, in a loud and booming voice says, “As President, Barack Obama has played over 100 rounds of golf. Keith Rothfus has played one round – of miniature golf.”

Video shows Rothfus getting a hole-in-one and celebrating with high fives from two of his children.

“Keith’s a concerned dad, a regular guy, and he’s running for Congress.”

Then the ad then turns to both the President and Critz, saying the pair are out of touch with the middle class and have allowed out-of-control debt, spending and unemployment.

“Rothfus will fight big government so small business can create jobs.”

Critz campaign spokesperson Mike Mikus said no matter how the GOP candidate tries to portray himself, people should know that he’s not an Average Joe.

“Millionaire Keith Rothfus supports unfair trade deals that ship Pennsylvania jobs to countries like China and India and that shows that he is anything but a regular guy,” Mikus said. “No matter how many lawns he may mow or how many rounds of miniature golf he plays, nothing will change the fact that Keith Rothfus supports policies that kill western Pennsylvania jobs.”

Mikus said Critz has worked to reduce the deficit and national debt while opposing the outsourcing of jobs.

While the spot is a slight shift from the all-positive first ad with Rothfus grilling in his backyard, even the negative features of the ad are coupled with shots of the candidate spending time with his family on a nice, sunny day and lacks the typical ominous music and grainy black-and-white footage to accompany any of its negative assertions about Obama and Critz.

7 Responses

  1. I would expect a millionaire to talk about golf and think it would relate to a working family. He probally filmed the orginal commercial at the Sewickley Country Club.

  2. Keith the Candidate rothfus is a regular guy, who went to Tampa to get his Beltway talking points and played the cancer card. rothfus has been MIA in Western PA’s fight to beat cancer and help cancer victims. Rothfus campaign this clip is for you:

  3. Dear Dr. Raso: 1. What did KEITH THE CANDIDATE ROTHFUS DO FOR NOLA during Katrina when he worked for FEMA under the Bush administration? Will your campaign say anything to get Mr. rothfus to return to the beltway?

  4. I love this ad. Positive. Family oriented. We are concerned about DEBT that we are leaving to our kids, massive SPENDING and deficits, and JOBS (that 3 letter word according to Biden). Critz learned from Murtha. No more needs to be said.

  5. Rothfus putt-putt golf ad is the WORST! Can someone explain what the point is? Seriously I don’t get it. But I’d like to know if that minigolf course located is in PA-12 or if he went somewhere else to film his campaign commercials. Doesn’t look local to me.

  6. Critz sounds like Obama, and that Mikus guy like Axelrod. Don’t they realize poeple in Western PA aren’t ashamed of an honest days work and don’t begrudge other peoples success? Critz needs to get real, “millionaires” who the hell does he think is funding his own campaign? Democrats in Western PA need to realize, Obama is no one to model yourself after. Get a life Mikus. Loser

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