Rubio Gaining Support in Philly

Marco-RubioMarco Rubio is winning the Philadelphia presidential fundraising race.

According to a study done by Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer, the Florida Senator has raised more money in the city and the surrounding counties than any other GOP presidential candidate.

In total, Rubio has received $148,482 from Southeast PA, more than even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was able to raise.

A major component of Rubio’s financial success has been the support of Bob Asher. Asher runs his family Montgomery County chocolate company and has a long history in Republican politics. The Party Chair from 1983 to 1986, Asher still is a member of the RNC.

“I said, ‘Who do I think can beat Hillary Clinton?’” Asher told Tamari. “The future of the Republican Party lays with somebody like Marco Rubio. There’s not enough old, white-haired males like me left in the country to elect the president.”

Rubio raised over $75,000 from events that Asher held for him and that was before another swing through the area in mid-October.

The Florida Senator is currently in third in the 2016 GOP presidential primary according to RealClearPolitics’ average. Rubio is considered a major contender by political prognosticators because of his ability to attract the party’s establishment and base voters.

14 Responses

  1. I can’t figure out who his supporters would be in Philly unless they were giving away free McDonalds gift cards to the bums!

  2. Rubio is being courted by old school Republican hacks Asher and Gleason, who haven’t won a State election in years and should be fired. Instead of raising and giving money to Rubio, they should have been focusing their time on the Republican judicial candidates, who were crushed in the recent election.

  3. “President Hillary Clinton”

    First-Husband Bill? Or will it be First Gentleman?


  4. Rubio is a nothing that would just add to the list of recent Republican losers. Onward with The Donald

  5. Rubio is a great communicator – the best positioned to explain why tired old tripe like “all of whom support the rich, donor class”, as apparently believed by Observer2, is nonsense. President Rubio – get used to it!

  6. Hillary will CRUSH Jeb too. But you are generally correct – in that he would have the best chance.

  7. JEB.

    Otherwise the party is wasting its time and handing the White House to Hilary.

    ‘Nuff said.

  8. Observer2, your position on identity politics puts you directly in opposition to your fellow Democrats. Dems live for the “first black president,” “first woman president,” etc. They were livid when Republican presidents appointed the first woman and first black to the Supreme Court. These days, actual credentials aren’t even part of the picture anymore. Sotomayor? LOL!

  9. People should run on their ideas, not their race or gender. Otherwise, politics is debased. I don’t share one idea that Rubio has expressed to date and likely have nothing in common with the philosophy of Asher. African Americans knew better than to support Lynn Swann and Latinos won’t be hoodwinked by Marco just because of his heritage. Rubio is just another Republican, all of whom support the rich, donor class.

  10. “There’s not enough old, white-haired males like me left in the country to elect the president.”


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