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Rutherford Returns to Attorney General’s Office

rutherfordBlake Rutherford has returned.

The former Chief of Staff to Kathleen Kane resigned in May of 2015 after just a few months on the job.

Now, the new Attorney General Bruce Beemer is bringing Rutherford back as a Special Advisor. Beemer indicated that this will be an unpaid, volunteer position.

“Blake has extensive experience in government and a familiarity with our office, which makes him well suited to help us in the coming months,” Attorney General Beemer said.  

The AG’s office provided the following biographical information on Rutherford:

Rutherford has extensive professional experience in law, politics and communications. He is currently a member of Cozen O’Connor, PC and Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, LLC in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Cozen O’Connor is a full-service law firm with more than 600 attorneys practicing across the country.

In his current role, Rutherford advises and advocates for clients across a host of regulatory and policy issues at the state and federal levels.

Prior to his earlier service with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, Rutherford served as Chief of Staff for the Arkansas Attorney General’s office. He also was the Vice President of McLarty Companies, a fourth-generation family office led by former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty. He focused on transportation, nonprofit, commercial real estate and financial services issues while also providing executive management, business and communications strategy.

In addition to his work for Cozen O’Connor, Rutherford has served as an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Media and Communications at Temple University. Rutherford studied political science at Middlebury College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. He earned his law degree from the University of Arkansas School of Law.

15 Responses

  1. Chester County LOBBYIST (well funded by Wealthy Elitist of Corporate, Inherited, and Sports Wealth) Novak and 1 term Judge Lamb have puppetized ALL Chester County Governments and Courts. Undoubtedly strategized/set-up the ouster of Kane. Undoubtedly strategized/set-up the ouster of Janet Shaner who committed suicide. Undoubtedly strategized/set-up to slither in their law firms AG wannabe Rafferty. Rafferty recently photoed politically stomping with porn promoter ousted Judge McCafferty. All no shame, no conscience. And so far to PA taxpayers NO JUSTICE.

  2. PLANT delivery to AG Beemer from Chester County Strategic Advisor LOBBYIST and 1 term JUDGE and wannabe AG Rafferty Law Firm.

  3. Tommy in Trappe …. after 30 yrs of Republicans in office, what makes you think having Rafferty (another R) in that office will make it any better? It will only cause the porn emails to go even deeper into oblivion only never to return to the surface. Is that what you want? Don’t you want to get rid of the immoral characters that are still there festering …………… Beemer is a Republican anyway and you see what has happened w/the emails since he’s been in ……… nothing!!!

  4. whoever heard of hiring an unpaid ‘volunteer’ –likely on the payroll of a big politically connected white shoe law firm — to clean up anything , let alone a mess like the AG’s office. something’s rotten here.

  5. Right on, Bob. You said it better than I could have. There are a lot of people with a lot to hide in PA (Rs and Ds alike).

  6. Whistleblower – Pennsylvania’s state government is not the same as the Federal Government. The AG is an independently elected office in Pennsylvania. Kathleen Kane was elected in 2012 – two years before Governor Wolf. AG may be an executive officer, but it is not part of the Wolf Administration.

  7. Insanity. Why is the media giving Beemer a pass on the porn emails? What is Beemer hiding? He was in the office during the time the emails were sent. Are he and his buddies among the senders? Was this why the guv and Senate were rabid to get Beemer in the because he is totally controlled by them and the porngate perverts now won’t get outed? It has been a month since the report was in and Castor poised to release them. Very suspicious all of a sudden Castor (who can’t be controlled and was beholden to no one) is out, Beemer is in and the email porn report is buried. This is the total corruption in Harrisburg. Leverage over Beemer, so he’s their guy. Media just a shill for Harrisburg Democrats. Disgusting. Now we know the true colors of Bruce Beemer: puppet of those who put him there. This should scare the crap out of everyone that the state’s chief law enforcement officer is a puppet.

  8. A disciple of Mack McLarty, one of the original Clinton sleaze-meisters? Oh, yes, Mr. Beemer, that will definitely erase the stench of the Kane years. It will give you some veneer of being honest and transparent — how clueless.

    It is this sleaze that has characterized Hillary Clinton’s run for president and is the reason that Dem Baby Boomers are frightened right down to their boxer briefs and Emily’s List to their granny undies that HRC is going to lose to the most incompetent presidential candidate in American history.

    And then, Mr. Beemer, you can decide how to avoid releasing the rest of that porn email list that Wikileaks will release later even if you do not.

    Almost makes Dems who care about winning think about why they ditched Bernie Sanders, who was thrashing DT during the summer in matchups while HRC was within the margin of error …

    Almost makes Dems who care about winning think about why they ditched Joe Sestak for a floozy airhead, while Sestak was solid in the primary until the D.C. four threw in $10 million for ads in SE Pa.

    Thanks, Mr. Beemer for elevating us to the trash.

  9. I think for Bruce Beemer made the right choice and I think for the next Attorney General should do the same is to keep him.

  10. Until there is a complete release of all porn mail information, this tap dance is nothing more than another cash for kids whitewash. Somebody find Chuckie Porter the rat so we can hear the truth.

  11. The bottom line is that Kathleen Kane used the AG office as a trash dumpster. It’s good that Mr. Beemer is cleaning up the gigantic mess that Ms. Kane left behind.

  12. Cozen O’Connor? The sleaziest big firm in PA? Nice choice! Plus he is a member of the old Clinton Mafia from Little Rock – you know, of White House Travel Office fame… (McLarty was a car salesman before and after his embarrassing White House stint.)

    Nice choice to restore integrity, Brucie!

  13. Why is it everything and anyone having to do with the Wolf Administration is anything BUT a FRESH START. ? Jesus God.

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