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Sabato’s Crystal Ball: PA Remains A Toss-Up for General Election

Pennsylvania remains up for grabs in the presidential election according to the most recent ratings update from the election analysts at Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball

In an article published on April 2, Sabato’s Crystal Ball kept Pennsylvania as one of four states in the Toss-Up column for the general election, which is the same rating as their previous rankings. 

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes make it the state with the highest amount of electoral votes placed in this column. Other states included in the category are North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes, Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes, and Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District’s 1 electoral vote.  

One of the “key points” listed in the article was that their presidential outlook has not “dramatically revised” from their previous ratings. 

Neither party has the 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House making the overall presidential race as a Toss-Up, although Kyle Kondik writes that Democrats are “nominally ahead now.” 

Democrats have 248 electoral votes in their Electoral College tally, while Republicans have 233 electoral votes, and 57 electoral votes in the Toss-Up category. 

On Election Day 2016, Pennsylvania was listed as Leans Democrat for the presidential race between Sec. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

While the presidential race is currently listed as a Toss-Up, none of the Congressional races in the state are placed in the same category. The four closest Congressional matchups in the state are for Reps. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks), Scott Perry (R-York), and Susan Wild’s (D-Lehigh) reelection bids with all of them in the “Leans” category to earn another term in office.

Sabato’s Crystal Ball is not alone in characterizing Pennsylvania as a Toss-Up for the general election. The Cook Political Report’s most recent article on the presidential ratings published on March 23 had Pennsylvania as one of six states listed as Toss-Ups for the general election.

7 Responses

  1. Some have suggested that those running Biden should be jailed for Elder Abuse.

  2. News today is that #1 – Trump ignored intelligence warnings about the corona virus crisis and #2 that Trump has a financial interest in that drug he is promoting as a treatment. Also reports are that lupus patients that need the drug are facing shortages due to Trumps promotion of had drug.

    PA voters – shame on you if you vote for this idiot in November

    1. Trump didn’t get the intelligence and WHO indicated the virus was not transferable to humans at the time.
      Trumps alleged interest in the company is held by a mutual fund and not directly.
      Do a little more research before spreading the MSM news.

  3. How many lies must Trump tell before some people in PA wake up and realize that they’ve been HAD????

  4. Trump should get blown out but there’s enough people who are brainwashed by Fox News and fake Facebook articles that it will be close.

    1. Trump not getting blown out when the Dems put forth a candidate like Biden. That’s a head scratcher. That’s what the Dems are putting up out of the large pool of candidates?

      1. Biden’s only weakness is that he is so old. If Joe Biden was 60 and running against the lying failure of corruption and mismanagement that is the Trump administration, this would be OVER. Unfortunately for our country, in 2016 the Democrats allowed Hillary Clinton to capture the nomination. That was just a fantasy 40 years in the making by Bill and Hillary AKA “8 years of Bill – 8 years of Hill”. Historical hindsight tells us that any Republican nominee would have risen in the polls and defeated Hillary Clinton. The unexpected in the whole thing was that the Republicans went to the bottom of the barrel with Trump when they should have nominated someone like John Kasich and we would be in great shape now. Time will tell if Biden’s great weakness, his age, will eventually lead just enough voters to hold their nose for Trump again. Trump is a FAILURE and should be turned out of office in a landslide and 4 more years will just lead to more lies and ruin for the USA.

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