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Saccone Circulating Petitions for New 14th District

State Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny), who lost in a close special election for the old 18th Congressional district, announced he is circulating petitions for the new 14th Congressional district.

“As we go through the process to ensure the integrity of the Special Election, we must also focus on petition circulation for the new district, PA-14. Please help us file petitions with a strong showing by circulating this weekend,” Saccone’s campaign Facebook posted.  

Saccone lost the special election to Democrat Conor Lamb by a few hundred votes, but is still exploring ways to force a recount.

Saccone is the first Republican to publically state he is circulating petitions for the 14th Congressional district.  

Nominating petitions for the Congressional primary are due to the Department of State by March 20th.

10 Responses

  1. I can run against Saccone as I am a registered Democrat though not liberal. Basically I can be the C. Lamb of the new 14th. I am going for signatures soon.

  2. check the new PA supreme court map. new 14 now includes pittsburgh and mike doyle is the popular incumbent. sack lost to lamb when only a small part of allegheny county (the rich SW districts like upper st clair and mt lebanon ) were included in PA 18. i find it hard to believe sack stands any chance in new 14 against doyle. all the polls rate new 14 SOLID D. save your money, rick (if you have any war chest left after paying the post petition challenge costs.)

    1. As usual, you’re wrong. The new 18 is Pittsburgh and Doyle. The new 14 is Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette and Greene and has no incumbent.

      Check the map indeed.

  3. For gods sake Saccone, give it up already.
    You lost!
    Let a young conservative have a shot at it.
    You can’t fund raise and outside groups spent how much???
    Oh so tired of seeing your face on tv everday and the never ending phone calls..

  4. Democratic registration advantage or not, the new 14th (if it stands) includes Washington, Greene, Fayette and part of Westmoreland counties. Still a rural “Trumpy” district that suits Saccone. As much as Lamb outperformed Hillary overall, if you look closely, he still lost nearly all of the precincts in those rural counties. Indeed, what should worry Republicans about Lamb’s win is not that he cut into Trump’s “base” — rather, it’s that he converted swaths of well-to-do suburbanites in Allegheny County.

    “Trump Democrats” delivered a surprise in some of the midwest/rust belt states in 2016. But after more than a year of this circus, a lot of “Romney Republicans” are abandoning ship.

  5. Saccone will win in the new 14th as long as he doesn’t get primaried by Kim Ward or Guy Reschenthaler, and I understand that they are not running.

    So after the $20 million spent on the special, we end up with (probably) BOTH Conor Lamb and Rick Saccone in Congress.

    Money well spent. Smh

  6. Now this is a winnable race,the entire city of pgh will be happy to vote for someone who said democrats don’t love god.the state should start drug testing elected officials.

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