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Saccone Wins PA-18 Nomination

State Representative Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) was nominated on the second ballot of conferees to be the Republican candidate in the special election to replace resigned Congressman Tim Murphy.  The special election will be held March 13th.  

Saccone was the most conservative candidate in the race for the nomination.  Saccone introduced a bill in the state House to post “in God we trust” at all schools in the state. Saccone is an Air Force veteran, and is an expert on North Korea, spending a year as the only American living in the country.  

Saccone was running for U.S. Senate until Murphy was forced to resign amid a scandal involving an extra-marital affair, allegations he asked her to get an abortion, and allegations of mistreatment of staff.  

The conferee process started with State Senators Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) and Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny) on the ballot.  State Representative Jason Ortitay dropped out before voting.  

The first ballot saw Reschenthaler finish first, followed by Saccone then Ward, but no one won a majority of voters meaning Ward would not go through to the second ballot.  On the second ballot, Saccone finished won with 123 votes, and Reschenthaler with 91.

PoliticsPA has reached out to Saccone for comment on this story.

Update: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party responded to Saccone’s win, arguing he is working to simply get into any seat in D.C.

“It seems like just yesterday State Representative Rick Saccone was trying to convince Pennsylvania he should be their next US Senator. Desperate to get to D.C. and implement draconian policies on behalf of President Trump, like giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of teachers and first responders, Saccone now wants to run for Congress. Pennsylvanians deserve representatives who will embody their values and will fight for them in Washington. Democrats are looking forward to nominating a candidate who will actually make the 18th Congressional District proud; one who will stand up and fight for jobs, health care, and education for every person in the district,” Pa. Dems press secretary Brandon Cwalina said in an email.

28 Responses

  1. The only democrat that has a chance is gina cerilli,the other canadiates are far to liberial for this district.

  2. Saccone is unfit to serve in any elected capacity. Our forefathers were very wise to separate the church and state. Saccone mixes church and state all the time with an emphasis on the church. It is candidates like him that have caused extreme polarizing of government today. What is needed is a common sense approach to government and not the rigid ideologies of the right and left wing nuts.

    1. Perhaps you might want to better understand Representative’s position on church and state. Have you read the history he talks about. Are you familiar with our Commonwealth’s founder and Pennsylvania’s heritage including the concept of freedom of conscience. This is part of the heritage that Pennsylvanians could benefit from.

  3. I am glad to hear that Republicans choose Rick Saccone as the Republican nominee for the 18th District of Congress . Congratulations to Rick Saccone !!

  4. Glad to see the good news. You have helped me with several requests and in a timely fashion. You can count on my vote. Missed you at the Windover Hills Spaghetti Dinner this year.

  5. PA Democrats: “Desperate to get to D.C. and implement draconian policies on behalf of President Trump,”. Yeah. Like not following the Baal worshiping Democrats to the gates of Hell.

    1. Saccone has his own record in the state House so when the PA Democrats can only try to tie him to Trump…it just shows how stupid they are.

  6. Also, will the others have the guts to take him on in the Primary.? Seems as if he is a “fake nominee” to paraphrase a fonrmer developer.

  7. Guy Reschenthaler is like the Little Rich Kid that never is happy with anything and always wants more and more.

  8. what short sighted thinking by the conferees. Kim Ward threw her supporters to Saccone over Guy Reschenthaler. A far superior candidate.
    So when republicans lose the seat in March and also in the general it’s on Sen. Ward. Democrats will never oppose Kim, nice job.

    1. News flash: No one can throw their conferees anywhere. This isn’t 1920. The race was actually between Ward and Saccone because they split the conservative nominees.

      1. Sure, that’s EXACTLY how it happened…every account of Ward throwing support behind Saccone is false…your version is correct.

  9. Always encouraging to see failed Harrisburg politicians get the opportunity to move up to the federal level. Hopefully voters will agree we don’t need a Harrisburg Hack moving up to be a Washington Whack.

  10. I want to say congratulations to you Rick because i think for you will win the general election against the Democratic Nominee for congress in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District in 2018.

    1. I think for a Democratic Nominee will win your State Representative seat for a special election in 2018 as well Rick.

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