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Sanders To Participate in Fox News Town Hall in Bethlehem

Now enters one of the early frontrunners.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will be stopping in Bethlehem on April 15 for a town hall hosted by Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

In the city that inspired the Billy Joel hit “Allentown” – but didn’t have enough rhymes to make the cut – the town hall will focus on the economy and jobs. It will take place at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks. 

This town hall is apart of Sanders’ first campaign-related visit to the keystone state. On Sunday, Sanders will hold a rally in Pittsburgh. Hours before the town hall, Sanders will be heading to Wilkes-Barre to meet with the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals.

A recent Emerson poll shows that Sanders is currently one of the front runners in the state’s primary.

Sanders finished second in the crowded Democratic primary field with 20% support, only trailing former Vice President Joe Biden who boasts 39% in that poll. Sanders performs best with voters 18-29, polling at 33%, with Biden following him in this demographic at 18%. Biden leads all other age groups.

This poll was also conducted prior to the recent string of stories of women accusing Biden of inappropriate behavior. Biden addressed these stories in a video saying he will be more mindful about “respecting personal space”.

Sanders participated in the only Fox News Channel Democratic town hall during the 2016 presidential election cycle with Sec. Hillary Clinton.

Sanders pulled 44% of the vote in Pennsylvania in the 2016 primary against Clinton.

Those interested in attending can email for information on how to register.

It is also currently unclear if this visit will be apart of a larger campaign stop for the Senator.

Pa. holds its 2020 primary on April 28, right at the midpoint of the Democratic calendar.

This article was updated to include the information of the venue of the town hall, plus another campaign visit to Wilkes-Barre. 

21 Responses

  1. AMEN to that! Bernie should run for a Socialist party in Sweden…not a Capitalist country like the great USA. MAGA!!!

  2. Bernie’s a kook…and getting kookier. Now he wants felons to be able to cast votes from prison. Way to radical. Not gonna fly with reasonable voters. And I’m a Democrat.

    1. what is wrong with that? Seems like a good way to keep prisoners engaged with the world and their community.

  3. I wonder if Susan wild will be there? Bernie came up there and endorsed one of her primary opponents. That showed he had no coattails there. I wonder if the .fox host will make mention of that. Also that pa lead the Dems to the majority with a group of moderates, not democratic socialists.

  4. Bernie vs Trump in 2020 is not McGovern vs Nixon in 1972. It is RFK vs Nixon in 1968. If Bobby had lived, he would have beaten Nixon in a landslide. If Bernie lives (God willing), he will win in a landslide.

  5. Tim Ryan is the Democrat who can beat Trump in 2020. Solid Blue Dog from Ohio that will bring back enough of the Blue Collar vote that deserted Hillary in 2016. Raging leftists have to realize – get behind someone who can pull back middle America OR let Trump get re-elected to a second term. If Bernie Sanders is the nominee, the high point for his campaign will be the night he accepts the nomination – from there it will be backsliding to a 3 million popular vote edge but an electoral college loss again.

      1. There is no Democrat who will bring back the blue collar vote to that party. Trump will win easily!

    1. Thehuckbeast…you are correct in that Pa is a centerist state and Trump’s clever manipulation of political reality will effectively lampoon Bernie or any other progressive. The facts speak for themselves in Pa–since the 60’s Pa has had only 2 Dem Senators winning multiple terms. So, duh..maybe this wonderful state is not a bastion of progressive babble? It’s a centerist state and Dems are once again on the cusp of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by swooning of a progressive like they are a pop star.

    2. Who?!?! This is getting ridiculous now. I think I am the only Dem who hasn’t announced for POTUS2020.

      Tim whoever has only got a year to teach anyone outside OH who in the heck he is. And then he’ll have to raise $30M++ (so far) to even compete. He’d better get cracking.

      Don’t bother. No centrist will excite the left any more than Hillary did. Many of us have clearly learned nada since 2016. Fortunately, it seems the Dem primary electorate seems to have.

  6. “he should be real competitive” god the quality of the journalism on this site has taken a turn for the worse in the past few years…

  7. Without an enthused left, Dems don’t win PA or the USA. The center of each party will dutifully show up and vote their parties candidates. Because each wants the Dem or GOP win, period. The GOP is at least smart enough to realize this, and respond accordingly, with the farthest right candidate, beyond what any of us could have imagined 4 years ago.

    Within 3 days of announcing his run for POTUS, Senator Bernie Sanders has amassed an incomprehensible 600,000 committed supporters. That number now exceeds a million. Within one day, he had taken in an equally mind boggling $5.9M+ in donations! For comparison, so called ‘front runner’ (at that time) Senator Kamala Harris took in about $1M within her first 24 hours. Senator Warren took in $300k over same period.

    Now that the first quarter reporting has closed, TheBern stands at $18.2M raised from 525,000 donors, Harris at $12M from 218,000, and Buttigieg, $7M from 155,550. All 13 others = ?. They have not released this info yet. By I think April 15 they will legally have to. Suffice it to guess none are worth bragging about, or they would be bragging.

    #FeelTheBern2020. Or lose to TheRump again, PA and USA. It is that simple.

    Steve Todd
    2016 Bernie Delegate
    Candidate, 2020 Bernie Delegate

    1. Sanders will not win Pa in the Fall nor will he win the necessary states (non coastal) in the Fall. Trump is a master of finding weaknesses and he’ll have a field day with Bernie but only after being nominated. Pa has had two US Senators who won multiple terms since the 60’s–Joe Clarke and Bob Casey–and they were/are centerists. The R’s are praying for Bernie to be nominated. Time will tell.

  8. The reality is that it took a rock solid centerist like Bob Casey to win multiple US Senate seats in Pa. Before Casey it was Joe Clark in the 60’s who won multiple times. The point is that Bernie has zero chance of winning in the fall in Pa or the key non coastal states. This is not “keen insight” and all political people understand this fact. But you have the progressives swooning over Bernie like a pop star and willing to recreate McGovern vs Nixon of 1972 because they know squat about history. I am really am concerned that Dems not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and nominate an unwinnable candidate which I am guessing may happen. One young Dem pundit was on the cable news shows worried about 2024 and saying 2020 is in the bag.
    Goodness. The only upside of a Trump reelection is Pa State House and Senate will go Dem immediately upon Trump winning and Dems will increase US House and US Senate numbers.

  9. When will Bernie become a Democrat? He is tearing the Democratic Party apart. Between his supporters and Russia, Hillary lost the election.

  10. Of course Fox wants him. He’s easy for Trump to beat, and this video will help.

    1. Trump will not say a word about Bernie until he gets him nominated and then he’ll have a great time mocking Bernie till we have another Nixon vs McGovern 1972 reenactment.

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