Saul Shorr Joins Donohue Campaign

christine-donahueChristine Donohue’s campaign is bringing in the big guns.

In an email to supporters, campaign treasurer Charles Evans reveals that Saul Shorr will be joining their team.

“Adding yet more momentum, Saul Shorr, a highly regarded Philadelphia-based media consultant with national credentials, has joined the Donohue campaign as a senior adviser for strategy and communications,” Evans writes.

Shorr is considered a rising star in the political media world.

In 2012, he produced the most famous commercial of the presidential election for the pro-Obama Priorities USA SuperPAC.

Then, Shorr changed the course of PA politics through Tom Wolf’s famous Jeep ads that rocketed him from the bottom to the top of the Democratic primary pack.

Donohue is seeking one of three open seats on the PA Supreme Court.

6 Responses

  1. Christine Donahue is an enemy of the state of Pennsylvania. Fact: She is a liar. Fact: She is a bigot: Fact she is highly dishonest. Fact: This woman is the bottom rung candidate only having a chance because of the corrupt attorney financing her internet campaign ads. Vote NO for Christine Donahue as her dishonest behavior is a consistent element of her true nature. She is a judge of evil intent. I dare you to prove me wrong.

    Judge Christine Donahue must be sent a message that her blissful ignorance will not be tolerated. The woman is highly dishonest and ignorant of the issues in Pennsylvania. She lied in one opinion that I know of. One lie by a judge indicates many past, present and future lies. Christine brags about her parents being a coal miner and a seamstress. This paints her parents in a bad way by associating her disgraceful conduct and name with theirs. She allows attorneys to lie in her courtroom by failing to read court orders by common pleas judges in the cases and appeals that she hears in her “court”. She also boasts that she ended bias of LGBT parents in custody cases but the truth is that she ignores the traditional and widespread bias for heterosexual men involving custody cases in Pennsylvania. That is factual unarguable child abuse by a jurist. This “jurist” protects judges reported for judicial misconduct, intentionally failing to restore credibility in the PA supreme court. She rode a political farce into a black robe supported by jurists and bar associations trusting that she was a team player and would lie cheat and steal to protect dirty judges, lawyers, big business, and likely organized crime. Vote no for Christine Donahue in both superior and supreme court elections. This is a person with an evil soul that surely hasn’t earned her respect or the trust of Pennsylvania citizens.

  2. Shorr is top notch and would not be on board if the money was not there…….so give her one of three, now two to be nominated.

  3. When you’re considered one of the top 2 media consultants in the state, your star is already risen.

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