Saylor Wins Battle for Appropriations Chair

saylorState Representative Stan Saylor will be the next Chair of the Appropriations Committee.

That’s according to Ryan Briggs of City and State, who is reporting that the York lawmaker won the battle for the most powerful gavel in Harrisburg.

Rep. Saylor was running against Scott Petri of Bucks County. Since retiring Chair Bill Adolph hails from Delaware County, this became a proxy battle between the more moderate Southeast Republicans and the party members in the rest of the commonwealth.

With such large majorities, it’s likely that the GOP no longer feels the need to pacify their moderate wing.

Additionally, despite a few challenges, there were no major changes in either party’s House leadership.

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8 thoughts on “Saylor Wins Battle for Appropriations Chair”

  1. Steve says:

    Bad choice by Southeast Republicans to put up Petri as its candidate. Regardless of the conservative v. moderate debate in the caucus, he simply is not well-liked. He comes off way too smug for most members. Saylor is a good guy and liked by most members. He will do a good job.

  2. Who, what now? says:

    Good thing Wagner can subsidize everyone’s campaigns. SE PA may not be donating to reelect people who don’t care about them.

  3. vince phillips says:

    I really hate to see this posting about Stan Saylor get hijacked by personality differences re someone not relevant to this post.

  4. Delco blue says:

    I guess Petri will have to keep his Big Bird side job at Sesame Place:) I must admit the kids love him.

  5. GOP Wagner says:

    I own everybody and everything in PA. I am bigger than Trump. Do not cross me. I will carpet bomb Harrisburg.

  6. Dikembe says:

    They don’t need to pacify the moderate wing but this will do wonders to pacify the twink vote.

  7. PennWasteLover says:

    You have to give it to Wagner. He’s increasing his political monopoly through subsidizing pols from his municipal monopoly.

  8. JohnnyBgood says:

    Bought and paid for by Scott Wagner.

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