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Scanlon Introduces Legislation That Would Criminalize Intimidation of Election Officials and Poll Workers

On the same day that presidential electors convened to make President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory official, a Pennsylvania Democrat launched an effort aimed at protecting election officials and poll workers. 

On Monday, Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Delaware) introduced the “Protecting Our Election Workers Act of 2020.” This bill would make intimidation of election officials and poll workers a federal crime. 

Scanlon also sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr on the same day requesting that the Department of Justice investigate threats made at election officials during the 2020 election. Her specific letter points to the threats made toward GOP Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt as an example. 

“In the wake of the 2020 Presidential election, election officials across the country have become the target of threats and intimidation by individuals seeking to undermine our democratic process,” said Scanlon. “Today I sent a letter requesting that the Attorney General investigate these contemptible acts against our public servants in Pennsylvania and beyond. I’ve also introduced the Protecting Our Election Workers Act of 2020 to provide additional tools to the Department of Justice to protect our elections and election officials.”

7 Responses

  1. Any meatheads who think PA pollworkers are corrupt, or that this work is easy, or that we are just a bunch of old ladies who don’t matter, how about instead of making threats you get your lazy ass down to the polling place and actually work a day on your local Election Board at least once?

    Be sure to arrive at 6 AM and plan to stay until at least 9. That’s nine PM, fools. And bring your own lunch and dinner, ’cause this means fifteen straight hours and there’s no time off.

    That god that someone finally recognizes that election workers at least don’t deserve to be shot as our thanks for keeping the dam polls open. Shameful that she has to.

  2. This is outrageous. Somewhere in the Bible is a quote waiting to be abused so I can illustrate to the loonies within the Republican base how Conservative I am. I need to find it and make a speech about how Mike Ward and I are going to get Trump elected by overturning the election by threatening the families of Republicans not violating the Constitution.

    Let’s go beat up election workers, Mike Ward! Let’s get your mom arrested and Fetterman to the Governor’s office!

  3. I remember as a kid being scared when dropped off to a South Philadelphia polling place going against Vince Fumo.
    For decades Republican poll Watchers have been intimidated and threatened by Democrats in Philadelphia, now when it seems to be inconvenient for Democrats it’s a federal crime. Yes I realize Schmidt’s a republican but this involved helping a Democrat be elected

    1. Dipshit (aka Stuart)-
      The GOP secretary of state of Georgia is getting death threats to him and his wife… due to Trump’s attacks on him for doing his job.

      This isn’t just about poll-workers on election day, but about state and county officials who count and certify the results.

      As for Schmidt… six years ago he was floating voterID fraud election conspiracies himself to curry favor with then Gov Corbett, who appointed Schmidt to PPA.

  4. What about the protection of poll workers and watchers ? It’s the election officials we have to worry about particularly in Philly.

  5. I would think these already were criminal violations at the State level. Wouldn’t this federal law only apply to federal elections?

  6. Seeing these weekend warriors on tv in Michigan and other places acting like tough guys with poll workers and public employees this proposed law seems like a good idea.

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