Schooley Poll: Shuster 24%, Schooley 19%


Travis Schooley’s campaign designed and executed their own amateur poll of the primary in PA-9.

The results showed Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Blair) in the lead with 24.2%, but Schooley close behind with 18.7%.

“For us, it’s useful, because it establishes a trend,” Schooley told PoliticsPA. “We think there is some merit to this as being an indicator.”

Volunteers of the Schooley campaign called 252 Republican “super voters” within the district, and asked just one question: if the Republican primary were held today, who would you vote for? The choices were Shuster, Schooley, Another Candidate or Undecided.

In the release, Schooley allocated all of the votes for “Another Candidate” to Art Halvorson. That category took 2.4% of the vote.

“Unless these poll results are validated by a third-party professional pollster the results cannot be considered credible,” Halvorson responded.

The majority of those polled were undecided, 54.8%.

Internal polls, or polls commissioned by one candidate, are notoriously slanted toward the buyer, and this is likely especially so in this case where the campaign actually executed this poll with phone calls from campaign volunteers.

“I have a poll for you that some family, close friends, and a group of Kindergartners have been conducting across the 9th district over the last couple of days,” Shuster’s campaign manager Sean Joyce said. “I’m still entering the results into my excel file, but it basically says that Bill Shuster is receiving 98.9% of the vote.”

Schooley, a Franklin County businessman and U.S Army veteran, tried to run in 2012 but was forced to drop out when his ballot signatures were challenged.

Shuster’s other challenger, Halvorson is a retired Coast Guard Captain. Halvorson commissioned a poll from Gravis Polling last month that showed Shuster at 49.1%. Halvorson took in 22.5% of support, but 28.4% of respondents remain unsure. Schooley was not included.

According to Schooley’s campaign, only Republican super voters were surveyed. A number of voters proportionate to the 2012 Republican primary election in each county were assigned a sequential numeric key then randomly selected by excel RandBetween Function. Excel Vlookup Function was utilized to bring over the data from each corresponding voter record such as name and telephone number.

Most telephone numbers were not provided by voter records. The volunteers had to look the phone numbers up of each voter randomly selected where voter records did not indicate a telephone number. Volunteers went straight down the list from top to bottom. Approximately 2,000 telephone calls were completed to actually survey the 252.

10 Responses

  1. Bill Shuster is a filp flopper and votes how he is told. Art Halvorson is taking votes away from Travis Schooley by moving into this area (with money) and running. This is what is wrong with Politics today. You have to have money or Special Interests backing you in order to make it. Well I think It’s time for a change this is what America needs an ordinary Joe to make it to congress to encourage other ordaniary people to run.

  2. Keep up the good work Travis! Don’t worry about the petty attacks, that just means you are gaining traction. God bless.

  3. If only he were an independently wealthy transplant to the district that could loan himself thousands and thousands of dollars to pay off his campaign debts, all the while negating the fact that precious few others see him competitive enough to compel them to donate. If only we had an alternative candidate like that from which to choose.

  4. Not that long ago, Halvorson did a poll with Gravis Polling (a professional pollster) that didn’t include Schooley as a choice, and Schooley’s delusional followers dismissed it as unfair and inaccurate. Now, Schooley does his own poll in his basement that doesn’t include Halvorson and wants people to believe that it’s credible.

    The phone bill from doing this survey probably ate up his entire campaign budget.

  5. if that’s true, then why is shuster sending spies after halvorson and not schooley? if the only bad thing schooley can say about him is “my grandparents lived here and yours didn’t ” then i’m voting for halvorson.

  6. Actually, it’s the carpetbagger Halvorson pulling votes away from home-grown Travis Schooley.

  7. does he not realize that he’s just helping shuster by pulling votes away from halvorson? if he’s been running since 2010 and only has 19% by now, how does he expect to get to 51% by election day?
    shuster couldn’t be happier that this dummy is still running. if i was shuster i’d even give him some money.

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