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Scott Walker Pledges to Fight for Republican Ideals

Scott WalkerOne of the leading Republican candidates for the presidency visited Philadelphia today.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gave the keynote address at the National Republican Leadership Conference.

Walker isn’t officially in the race yet, but he did lay out a fundraising goal nicknamed “The Road to 270” (270 is the number of electoral votes it takes to win the White House). Therefore, it’s safe to say he’s in. Supporters expect him to announce on July 13th.

A new national PPP poll released Tuesday showed Walker as the GOP front-runner. On an anecdotal note, I heard two separate attendees state that they would support any candidate but Jeb Bush.

In fact, the PA GOP conducted a straw poll through the three-day weekend of perspective 2016 GOP candidates. Walker won with 25.3% of the vote followed by Chris Christie (11.3%), Marco Rubio (11%), Rick Santorum (9.6%) and Jeb Bush (9.6%).

The Governor was introduced by fellow conservative (and foe of organized labor) State Sen. Scott Wagner. His biggest applause line came when he praised Gov. Walker’s ability to pass voter ID and “right-to-work” laws.

The guest of honor started off with a prayer for the victims in Charleston and a round of applause for military members.

Despite the presence of a podium, the future candidate chose to take the microphone and roam the stage as he spoke. A smart move that made it easier to connect with a crowd that constitutes the men and women he’ll need to be successful in his quest.

He further endeared himself to the audience when he said that as a runner, he loved being able to replicate the famous Rocky run up the Art Museum steps.

At another point, he mentioned that his Great-great grandfather emigrated to Philadelphia and worked as a blacksmith.

He even finished with a story about visiting Independence Hall.

Referring to the attempt to remove him in a June 2012 recall, he thanked all the GOP faithful who aided his retention effort.

“I appreciate the help for when we faced that recall election,” Walker stated before transitioning to the future.

“We’ve formed a testing the process committee, which is the next big step in deciding whether you’re going to run for President.”

The passionate conservative then laid out his pitch as to why he is uniquely equipped to be victorious.

“To win the center, you don’t always have to run to the center, you have to lead,” Walker asserted.

The Wisconsin native believes this mantra can play anywhere but can be especially beneficial in the Rust Belt.

“I believe the next President is going to come from the industrial part of this country and Pennsylvania will play a big part of that.”

Walker also dipped into what will surely be the accomplishments section of his future stump-speech, contending (as all Governors that run for President do) that what worked in their state can work for the country.

“If we could do that in a blue state. If those reforms can happen in a state as blue as Wisconsin, they can happen anywhere.”

Gov. Walker went on to outline the core of his speech with three distinct points: “Growth, Reform and Safety”.

Apparently, the Wisconsinan feels the nation’s leading Democrats are too focused on Washington.

“They think you grow the economy by growing Washington,” Walker said of Democrats like President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

Concerning reform, he said that Democrats measure the success of government by how many people depend on it, while Republicans measure it by how many people are no longer dependent on government.

For a man with no international experience, Walker was very passionate on national security issues.

He explained that he chose to identify national security as “safety” because overseas atrocities like beheadings had affected him so personally.

Walker also unequivocally came out against any nuclear deal with Iran.

“That is a country we should not be doing business with,” he asserted.

The biggest standing ovation of the day, in fact, came when Walker criticized the President for identifying climate change as the largest national security threat instead of radical Islamist terrorists.

“Our enemy is like a virus,” he said. “I’d rather take the fight to them rather than wait for them to take the fight to us.”

He finished by reminding the audience that he had fought the good fights and won the good fights and pledged that the American people “want someone who is not only going to fight but win.”

It was an impressive performance that reached the crowd of Republican die-hards in the Sheraton ballroom and may be able to extend far beyond there.

Still, the spectre of the biggest fight of Walker’s life hung over the event.

Through some playlist oversight, the most unlikely tune emerged from the loudspeakers just minutes before Walker took the stage.

The song was “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”.

21 Responses

  1. Some of the anti-Walker hyperlinks are filled with rhetoric, but others capture his reaction to the charges; this page is assuredly a “keeper” for future reference for those who also wish to probe the Clinton [“Crime”] Family Foundation and I’m wondering if its author has anything on the other GOP-POTUS candidates [such as Cruz, my current favorite due to his abhorrence of corporate welfare and adherence to the Constitution].

  2. If you are middle class and you want to work more hours, work for no benefits, work for lower wages, and have corporations control your lives then Koch Brother’s bought and paid for Scott Walker is your perfect candidate for President.

  3. At least we get to pick our “piece of sh%T, the Democrats are just getting it shoved violently down their throats and their being fooled into thinking it is chocolate.

  4. “The Weasel” brags about his two biggest accomplishments: the blatant lie of voting “rights” the “right to work for less.” Hillary will make this guy roadkill. Bring it on.

  5. Must feel good to write a post where you don’t have to bring up porn mails, huh loser?

  6. The Republicans trying to decide on a GOP nominee is like a bunch of flies trying to decide what piece of sh*t to land on.

  7. Heads up y’all, Jeb Bush has hired hatchet man and lackey David James to tear down Scott Walker, especially in PA where Mr. James was a party puppet for many years.

  8. Despite the vast left-wing conspiracy against him, Walker continues to beat the Dem competition in Wisconsin where they know him best.

    They’re so scared of this guy they’ll say anything.

  9. First, the hyperlink to the above-cited article from Drudge contains the following assertion:

    The Republican Party does not have full control over data collected in the field

    Second, Carly Fiorina did not discuss Islamism on Friday; rather, I invoked a freshly-supplied e-mail address to confront a problem I’d previously unearthed [including the transcript of a 2011 speech].

    Third, EVERY session started with both an invocation citing Charleston and the Pledge of Allegiance often provoking recognition of the military; Sen. Lindsay Graham remained in his home state due to the former, which also yielded cancellation of an appearance with the high-rollers in the local Republican Jewish Coalition.

    Fourth, the “diversity” speakers were asked [by moi] to comment on outreach to the LGBTAIQ community [including “Asexual” and “Intersex” and “Questioning”] and specific [favorable] reference was made to the Log Cabin Republicans; there was no detectable friction when the faith-based speaker recounted efforts to rally the base.

    Fifth, the “Faith/Freedom” meeting in D.C. created a conflict regarding the ability of more POTUS-candidates to appear; those who were there [sprinkled within the Thursday-Saturday event] were warmly/politely received, and Rove’s “off the record” comments did not contrast with what he routinely says/writes via the WSJ on Thursdays and via FNC on multiple platforms.

    Sixth, the personal-stories of the POTUS candidates ranged from the above-quoted [very polite and appropriate] tales by Scott Walker to a rather gross door-to-door encounter by Santorum [along with his routine citations of ego-oriented crowd-pleasers, such as “Bella”]; contrasting with the others, however, was the ability of Walker to cite specific policy achievements when enunciating how he would approach occupying the Oval Office [noting, for example, that the “occupy” movement started in Madison].

    Seventh, again, in honor of the Christian Sabbath, I will “rest.”

  10. Documentation of Scott Walker’s Performance
    (just a sample too many to post, there is so much)

  11. A Social-media panel contained reps from Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter; a diversity-panel contained speakers touting myriad [“non-white-male”] backgrounds.

    The “macro” discussion of “Big Data” opened the Friday session, and a breakout panel discussion of the “micro” manifestations thereof was provided in the p.m. Media and super-PAC impact were the focus of subsequent sessions, and another break-out on $-raising was included [I didn’t attend, vide supra].

    Meanwhile, Chris Christie suggested abrogating the governmental pledge to Social Security recipients with annual incomes of $200K, dissing The Huckster for dissing this proposal; he falsely likened it to an insurance policy that had run its course, despite the fact that it actually was a “lock-box” pledge that had caused involuntary confiscation of monies during prior decades. As much as Huckabee is trying to be populist, he is actually reverting to his big-spender proclivities; nevertheless, even were such income to be accrued by wealthy individuals, it could be included in their estates to be provided to others who may not have been so fortunate.

    Carly Fiorino was OK, except for the fact [conveyed to her staff] that she repeatedly [falsely] praises Islamic rule during a millennium of actual hegemony; Karl Rove accepted the fact [during a book-signing chat] that a Reaganesque candidate could captivate [not necessarily an establishment-type].


  12. As long as this avenue to report observations @ the 3-day get-together is available, a few other observations are in-order.

    Santorum was directly asked whether he would pardon Jonathan Pollard [c/o a heads-up from a colleague]; he said he hadn’t reviewed the case during the past decade and, thus, would continue to decline. When he was reminded that Pollard has remained jailed during this period-of-time [and, thus, nothing has changed], he turned his back for a selfie.

    Steve King was well-received; he provided a 15-minute historical narrative depicting the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of American rule-of-law.

    The initial panel on terrorism included Phil English [moderator], Frank Gaffney, Kiron Skinner and Ed Turzanski. Phil provided tremendous insights during a series of conversations, Frank emphasized the risk of electromagnetic pulses [as detailed starting a decade ago by Brian Kennedy @ Claremont…Google it], and Ed [who is often on ABC Channel 6 WPVI on Sunday @ 11:30 a.m.] was his customary incisive self. The consensus, of course, was that BHO continues to erode America’s world-standing [except in the eyes of Cuber and Iran]; Kiron [from the Hoover Institution] detailed the pacifist ramifications of the “Obama Doctrine.”

  13. The assertions in the following article were refuted by multiple speakers…who were subject to WITHERING x-exam by yours-truly…and slides showed how info has been meshed; will test the system, but multiple people appeared eager to facilitate, as mediated through the state-level entities.


  14. CLARIFICATION: He attacked BHO [not “him”] for attacking Israel, as has been documented in Oren’s book; the Internet [both in Israel and in America] has been abuzz regarding this event, which threatens to shuffle the party-distribution in the Knesset.

    Specifically, whereas Kahlon [his party-leader, after he left the Likud and joined Kulanu] disavowed his comments, BB remained silent [even after US Ambassador Dan Shapiro nudged him, on behalf of BHO, to contradict these claims]; this renewed schism occurs just as BHO is trying to complete an Iranian “deal” [read “capitulation”].

    The GOP wants a “winner” and his achievements [winning elections despite overwhelming odds in a blue-state] coupled with his reform efforts [now including efforts to break the back of the Education Complex by wresting control over tenure from only academics] have translated into reduction of state expenditures [a model he would project upon D.C., threatening the entrenched].

  15. First, it would be desirable for the above attack-memo to be documented, inasmuch as the unchallenged narrative seems to have been that he balanced a deficit-budget [in the billions] and paid-off the gigundo pension responsibility in the process.

    Second, it should be recognized that he was treated as might a rock-star [including when, unlike all other POTUS-candidates, he mingled with the crowd before his speech]; this was reflected in the straw-poll results.

    Third, he hit all the key-points that resonated throughout the ballroom [600+ registrants] when, for example, he compared “containment” as a goal regarding the USSR with the need to defeat the Islamic State; he also attacked him for attacking Israel, a point that Michael Oren has documented in his new book [which he will be discussing @ the Free Library of Philly on Wednesday].

    Fourth, if I heard him correctly, it seemed he enunciated a Freudian Slip [that suggested BHO is purposefully relaxing his guard] when he said, “We need to defeat them over there instead of OUR threatening America” [instead of “their” threatening us]; this suggested that BHO has abdicated his “Commander in Chief” responsibilities CONSCIOUSLY, as reflected in the fact that the FBI has now repeatedly reported these Islamists are active in all 50 states [plus, presumably, D.C.].

    Fifth, the “Buzz” was that most everyone views him as the front-runner and, perhaps more importantly, as most people’s second-choice; his negatives are negligible, for he spoke without notes and was repeatedly interrupted.

    Sixth, his opener was to seek recognition of the South Carolina deaths…and then of those in the audience who had served or had relatives who were serving in the military; it seemed 1/4 of the audience rose to receive sustained recognition; it is this approach to the “base” that promises to sustain him, even were he to stumble in the debates.

    Seventh, in recognition of the Sabbath, I will “rest.”

  16. Scott Walker’s Resume

    Walker just lost 8 points in a Wisconsin poll since November. 58% disapprove of his policies and 41% approve, down from 49%. Wisconsin is 40th in jobs and just came out 50th in economic development. Walker couldn’t balance his check book. I just love how his handlers are promoting him with sound bites. Walker brags about breaking unions, but he never campaigned on it and the legislation was written and voted on in the middle of the night. He compares public employee teachers and nurses with ISIS and brags he fought 100,000 demonstrators. Fact is he never showed his face and slithered out of the capital via a tunnel to his awaiting car.
    Did anyone document his $2.2 billion deficit, his delaying paying off $108 million loan he took to balance his last budget, the $1.3 billion he is borrowing for the transportation funding, the $1.9 billion in tax breaks that broke the budget, hacking $127 million from our K-12 schools, expanding voucher schools that leave with taxpayer money in the middle of the night, pulling $250 million of funding from the UW system.
    Walker wants to give $250 million taxpayer dollars for billionaire NY hedge fund owners for their new NBA arena. With interest, it will cost $400 million. Based on a survey, 79% of Wisconsinites do not want it. Oh and don’t forget our $5 dollar property tax break this year and next. Since Walker took office the average taxpayer break is $12 a month.
    Then there are the two John Doe investigations. With Doe I one, 6 felony convictions of Walker’s top staff, 3 went to prison, stealing $60,00 from a disabled veterans fund, child enticement charges, campaign finance law violations, campaigning on taxpayer’s dime while at work, secret wifi in a closet a few feet from Walker’s office to bypass open records and coordinate activity.
    Doe 2 is a “criminal scheme” to coordinate campaigning with outside PAC organizations, involving Karl Rove. A $1.5 million donation by John Menard, who later got $1.8 million in tax credits and a $700,000 donation by a mining company that re-wrote environmental laws, all documented in e-mails. Walker just shut down his economic development corp he is the CEO of, millions $ of taxpayer money has disappeared with no accountability. Loans given to campaign donors with no over sight to failing companies, including those who outsource Wisconsin jobs. Since this last debacle came about a week ago, he is shutting down the loan program, which wrote off $7.6 million in loans. There has been a request for a federal investigation.
    Walker makes Joe McCarthy, the 1950’s Wisconsin senator look like a choir boy. He has trashed the state of Wisconsin and now wants to work his magic on the whole country.

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