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SCOTUS Denies Application For Stay of New Congressional Maps

The United States Supreme Court denied the stay application by the GOP over the new Congressional maps.

“The application for stay presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied” the order of the court reads.  

The decision, combined with the decision earlier today to throw out the case brought by the GOP Congressional delegation effectively ends the hopes of Republicans to have the map drawn by the state Supreme Court thrown out.  

The order by the Supreme Court comes just one day ahead of the deadline for Congressional candidates to file nominating petitions to be on the May primary ballot.

25 Responses

  1. So the new map stands. But in 2021 the same broken process will put the job of redistricting, based on the 2020 census, in the hands of legislators; and that is the conflict of interest no matter which party is in control! Both parties want to get their hands on drawing the lines to win the election. So Senate Bill 22 and House Bill 722 MUST get passed to fix the process, not just for Congressional but also State legislative districts. Come to the Rally in Harrisburg on April 16 organized by Fair Districts PA to send a message to legislators that we MUST fix the process and have an independent citizens commission in charge of drawing the future maps. also there is a Senate hearing next Tuesday March 23 in Harrisburg on redistricting reform. All are welcome!

    1. When there were 3 hearings for congressional re-districting in 2011 in Cranberry, Harrisburg & Philly any Citizen had a chance to present a plan with evidence based on census data. I asked the Chair of the State Government Committee if any one presented a plan in Harrisburg or Philly. Seems all people do at these hearing is complain, but never submit a plan. But in Cranberry Twp 2011 I WAS THE ONLY one that submitted a plan for Districts 3,12,14 & 18. The plan submitted was very closed to the districts for 2012-2016 elections.

  2. I suffered through some ridiculous defense of this warped system drawing congressional districts on PCN. This Harrisburg insider was going on and on about how the current system fosters “accountability!” Say what? Districts that look like Donald Duck being kicked in the backside by Goofy are not accountable to anything other than the political insiders and shaft the voters. This same Harrisburg insider said that redistricting commissions are not accountable! Another absurdity. Commissions can be decommissioned but this mess we have now with redistricting was done 7 years ago–Mr. Harrisburg insider you call that accountable? We need congressional redistricting commissions now to take the power away from political insiders and give it back to the people!

  3. Don’t tell me – Turdseye et al. have to compete in non-partisan districts?? Oh, boo hoo! I feel the vapors coming on…

  4. Sanity prevails! I guess the folks who wanted to impeach Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Justices are now going to go after Justice Alito?

  5. Turzai and scarnati could not even win over the GOP Supreme Court. How much taxpayer money wasted by the budget minded GOP leadership. Shameful.

  6. When will known criminal Cole Goodman drop out of the race for dem state committee?

  7. Federal judges are correct. This is a state issue, no Constitutional issue involved. We elect the Legislature. We elect the state judges. We get the government we deserve. Now if the GOP had a brain, the Legislature would postpone the Congressional elections, get together honestly with Wolf, prepare a FAIR map, and tell the court to shove its unconstitutional map.

    1. The new map is a great map. Better that the horsesh*t Wolf and the legislator Dems suggested themselves.

      If Wolf and GOP get together, they’ll just cook up an unfair deal to sell out the voters to special interest and put crappy incumbents in safe seats.

      1. The maps are done and finished. The legislature had it’s chance to vote on something, but figured it was better not to and then appeal whatever the court came up with. Big tactical mistake on their part. They listened to their donors and special interest groups instead of the voters. The issue is done and now it goes before the voters. No one to blame but GOP house and senate leadership.

  8. This is great news. “Make America SANE Again”… one step at a time. Things are looking up for the Dems in November.

  9. The “rigged awful map” drawn by Republicans is tossed out and now in the wastebasket of history where it belongs! It was never about anything other than fundamental fairness in that the vote needs to be respected. Gerrymandering does not help democracy in any way and perpetuates a cynical attitude by the public that their vote doesn’t count. Thanks to the U S Supreme Court this awful chapter is closed and thanks to the Pa Supreme Court fundamental fairness was injected into the Pa political process through redistricting. Now only if the independent commission can be formed to draw congressional districts to stop this nightmare from coming again in the future.

  10. Hey this is the Republicans big chance to WOO the voters, both Republicans and Democrat……They would have the opportunity to take full control of both houses with plenty of room
    Boy the Republicans can make Pennsylvania great again!!!!
    More taxpayers than teacher union members.

    1. Leftwing USEFUL IDIOTS like you, still angry that Maobama and his criminal gang couldn’t fix the 2016 Election for Clinton, and why Mueller is conducting a Coup on behalf of her.

      1. You’re very much the idiot. I see you enjoy Fox and Infowars and live in a world that has no connection to reality. You live in a bubble of nothing but conspiracy theories. That’s what happens when you are programmed to live in fear, paranoia, and lie after lie by the far right.

        1. You’ve got your face shoved so far up Maobama’s ass, that I can smell it through my smart phone.

          Still being brainwashed by the Clinton News Network and MSLSD.

          1. Sorry you delusional right wingers live in a fantasy world where the rest of, not only our society, but the entire planet, know you are pitiful morons (just like your sociopath in the White House)

  11. GOP Middle District panel 3-0 dismissal of PA GOP appeal and GOP Samuel Alito says thanks but no thanks to PA GOP. They took a whooping today.

  12. LIBERAL GOON Samuel Alito is trying to RIG THE ELECTION by allowing this R+1 map to stay in place!!!!

    1. Is the map actually R+1 overall?

      I haven’t been able to find anything on it regarding it’s average political construction.

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